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Frans Steyn

n Sweer tussen Frans Steyn en sy werkgewer, die Suid-Afrikaanse Rugbyunie (Saru), het gister aan die vooraand van die Springbokke se eerste toets van 2014 oopgebars.

Steyn het hom gister op eie versoek onttrek aan die Bok-groep wat Saterdag in Durban teen Wallis te staan kom en aangedui dat hy nie vir die Bokke se toetse in Junie oorweeg wil word nie.

Hy het gevra om tyd gegun te word om oor sy Bok-loopbaan te besin en die kans bestaan selfs dat hy eers weer vir sy land sal speel as die geskil opgelos is.

Steyn is volgens ’n bron naby aan die Bok-kamp ongelukkig oor ’n belofte wat Saru aan hom gemaak het toe hy vanaf die Franse klubspan Racing Métro na die Haaie teruggekeer het.

Weens die geskil speel die 27-jarige Steyn glo tans sy rugby vir minder as die helfte van die vergoeding wat hy oorsee kon verdien.

Dis nog onduidelik wat die presiese belofte aan die speler was.

Volksblad verneem egter Steyn en Saru was reeds twee weke gelede, tydens die Bok-oefenkamp in Durban, in ’n woordewisseling betrokke.

Steyn het glo toe sy ongelukkigheid uitgestippel, in sy motor geklim en nie langer aan die oefenkamp deelgeneem nie.

Dié Wêreldbeker-wenner het gister in ’n nuusverklaring deur Saru gesê die atmosfeer in die Bok-kamp is “fantasties”.

“Ek wil dit ook benadruk dat my verhouding met Heyneke Meyer (die afrigter), die res van die bestuur en spanmaats baie goed is,” het Steyn gesê.

Hy sal na verwagting ná sy Super-verpligtinge by die Haaie sy rugby in Japan gaan speel.

Saru se uitvoerende hoof, Jurie Roux, het in dieselfde nuusverklaring gesê hy het lank met Steyn oor sy versoek gepraat en besluit om dit toe te laat.

“Hy het vir tyd gevra om sy internasionale loopbaan te heroorweeg en ons moet dit respekteer.

“Ek wil dit duidelik stel dat hy nie uit internasionale rugby getree het nie, maar ’n onderbreking daarin versoek het.”

Roux het gesê Steyn het versoek dat sy privaatheid gerespekteer word.

Hoewel dit volgens Roux nie die ideale situasie is nie, glo hy dat Meyer en sy keurders in sy afwesigheid ’n plan sal kan beraam.

Steyn se agent, die Kaapse prokureur Gerrie Swart, wou gisteraand geen kommentaar lewer nie en het Volksblad na Saru se nuusverklaring verwys.

Deur: Die Volksblad

For the English guys here is your version of this report

A dispute over money appears to be the reason behind Frans Steyn’s decision to pull out of the Springbok squad.

Steyn, 27, shocked the rugby fraternity on Tuesday when he pulled of out the Boks’ Incoming Series in June.

Steyn – who is expected to take up a contract in Japan at the end of the Super Rugby season – said that he wished for time to reflect on his Springbok future.

According to the Volksblad website, Steyn is upset about a promise the South African Rugby Union (SARU) made to him when he returned from French club, Racing Metro, to play for the Sharks in 2012.

Due to the dispute with SARU, Steyn is currently earning less than half of what he could have made overseas. It is still unclear exactly what SARU’s promise to the player was.

Steyn’s withdrawal should not come as a surprise though, as it is reported that he already had an argument with SARU during the first Bok training camp in Durban two weeks ago. There he expressed his unhappiness before he got into his car and left the camp.

It remains unclear when Steyn will again be available to represent the Springboks.

The Boks tackle Wales in Durban on Saturday, with Jan Serfontein expected to be named at inside centre in place of Steyn.



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  1. @Jacques(Bunny):

    So the gist of the speculation of the media report released yesterday is that SARU have gone back on a ‘belofte’ over his contract?

    What is a ‘bron’?

  2. A bron is a source. But the thing with unnamed sources is that more than half the time they are full of it.

    If it is true though, cant see myself blaming Steyn. Even with the amount of money these guys make, when promised something by an employer, they must bring their part. If not then the June tests are ideal to consider his future. Not the most difficult tests on earth and we get to see if Serfontein can make the step up, come TRC, we know if Serfontein is good enough and we’d know whether Steyn is available or not.

  3. @Aldo:


    What is disconcerting is…IMO the Rugby Championship is the most important competition of the year, with the EOYT clean-sweep second…

    Yet reading all the ‘brons’ on the Steyn topic… we are definitely looking at another situation where the likes of JPP/JF/FDP and a few others will yet again be picking and choosing which games they play…

    Total lack of consistency in the team in that situation… ie your best team at home and then a handful depart the team when they go onto the away leg…

    And then the same guys are back for the EOYT… this is not good enough IMO… either they’re playing the series or they are not…

    This is the negative aspect of HM’s current OS player debacle…

    Not one of New Zealand nor Australia would allow this disruption during the Rugby Championship…

    It can only be detrimental on quite a few fronts…

  4. My question is this – where was his agent in all this? Where is Gerrie Swart? Why did Steyn/Swart not have the ‘promise’ by SARU in writing – black on white to give them an iron clad story?

    Why does it get to the point where a player leaves a bloody training camp in his car? Should we be blaming Steyn or Swart or SA Rugby?

    In my view rugby agents are highly overrated, mostly lawyers who want to catch a bit of limelight, by association with rugby players.


  5. @Aldo:

    With you on that dude, if it was negotiated and promised, a deal is a deal.

    Fok hulle op, and Tina, please find yourself another agent! You’ve been shafted dude!

  6. So apparently Tina wasn’t going to play in the June tests anyways… well then there is definitely a need for another 12 playing now rather than later…

  7. Mooi Steyntjie.
    You have a limited shelf life .
    Play your rugby where they pay you
    as agreed.
    As for his agent-what a poepol.

  8. If it’s about money, why did they call it a “private matter”? Salary is only private for us mere mortals and at corporations that like to pay different salaries for the same job. For superstar sport personalities, salaries are public domain and part of how you drive it up.

    “If you pay him $$$, you should pay me $$$$$”

  9. And I think it’s unlikely that he is the only player with money issues. Perhaps Jake was correct, if the Bok camp deteriorated into a contract dispute session, then it probably was a distraction.

    In the USA many players maintain the highest level of professionalism on the field whilst their agents slug it out with the owners over contracts. A few act like Frans and it normally ends poorly for them.

  10. And at the places I work, a guy who jumps in his car and drive off in the middle of a job is normally not invited back.