‘Saru broke promise to Steyn’ – Update


Photo: Anesh Debiky/Gallo Images
Photo: Anesh Debiky/Gallo Images

Frans Steyn’s father has confirmed that a contractual dispute is one of the major reasons why the Springbok centre walked out on the national squad.

Report: SARUGBYmag.co.za

Steyn has played a lot of rugby of late, and is set to play a lot more when he joins a Japanese club later in the year. However, it’s been revealed that money was another reason why he left the Bok squad on Tuesday, just four days before the first Test of the season against Wales.

Steyn’s father told Die Burger that Saru did not adhere to a contractual promise that they had made to his son. This agreement was made prior to Steyn leaving French club Racing Metro in 2012.

Piet Steyn also told the newspaper that there were other reasons besides money for his son’s abrupt departure.

‘If it was only about money, then Frans would never have returned from France to play in South Africa. He is in top form and is playing some of his best rugby. He has matured and makes thoughtful decisions.’

Steyn has stated on many occasions that he is passionate about the Boks and hopes to play more than 100 Tests. At this stage, however, it is unclear when he will return to add to his current tally of 53 caps.

Jake: Was Steyn under valued? – News24

Sharks Director of Rugby Jake White says Frans Steyn may not have received the respect he feels he deserved at the Springboks.

Steyn, 27, shocked the rugby fraternity on Tuesday when he pulled of out the Boks’ Incoming Series matches this month. It is believed that Steyn left after a dispute over money with the South African Rugby Union (SARU). His dad, Piet Steyn, confirmed that a broken monetary promise from SARU was one of the reasons his son left the squad.

However, Steyn snr made it clear that money was not the only reason behind his son’s decision to pull out. He said there were “other issues” that cannot be disclosed.

And White, Steyn’s provincial coach at the Sharks, believes a lack of respect may have been a contributing factor. “Maybe it’s a case of Frans still being viewed as a 19-year-old and not the 27-year-old man he is. He has a child of his own,” White told the Beeld websiteWhite feels Steyn is not in the right space mentally and therefore wants to take time to reconsider his international future.

White continued by saying that there was never a problem with Steyn at the Sharks where he was very comfortable. White said he told Steyn to inform him if he wanted to rest, but that the player was happy to play in every game. “I’m someone who knows how to get the best out of him,” continued White, who was the Springbok coach when Steyn made his international debut as a 19-year in 2006.

Steyn will finish the Super Rugby season with the Sharks before heading to Japan. It remains unclear when he will again be available to represent the Springboks.

Source: News24

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  1. waar’s die kontrak Piet? if you didn’t get it in writing, stop winging and learn how to do business.

  2. I am getting fed-up with this sing along now….go, stay just do what you want…luckily rugby is a team sport and no player is bigger than any team….

    Steyn is a good player but the Boks have enough to take us further to the world cup and beyond.

  3. @Jacques(Bunny): Agreed time to move on and Fat Frans needs to be now left out till the RWC if we dont find a suitable replacement. He has been acting like a brat for 3 or more years now.

    One you cannot trust SARU and two this is he said she said.

    As for Bryce I watched the second half twice and I am not sure of what good game or big hits Frans had. Total BS mate

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FXZUVKff8c another rugby channel

  4. Ironic that the dispute according to the media is about his ‘image’ rights.

    Well his image has gone for a ball of kak now with the majority of the SA public.

  5. It seems to me the “other issues that may no be disclosed” are that Frans Steyn is a bit immature and that Jake White is deliberately stirring things up in the Bok camp.

  6. It is easy to talk from the sideline, but it
    Would have probably been better for all involved(Frans included)
    If he withdrew before or after these 3 games, not in
    The middle of a test week. As much as Saru had the responsibility
    To treat Frans fairly, Frans had a responsibility towards
    His team mates and coach. Especially in a position that he knew was thin
    Because of injuries.