New App Availible from Skillset Rugby – Pass O’ Meter


The Skillset PassO'meter
The Skillset Pass O’meter

How may times during a game does your team pass the ball, and how many of those passes are accurate?

Their are a few fundamental basics any player needs to learn and master so that he or she will be able to play the game of rugby. One of those basics is passing of the rugby ball, which in most cases coaches believe comes natural to any player and does not need to be teach or monitored.


Brendon Shiels have develop an app that will help coaches and players alike to improve this skill set and measure your teams performances.

The Pass O’meter will help you measure your teams performance on match day and inspire your players to pass more often and pass more accurately. You simply describe each pass on the app with a push of a button and let the Pass O’meter do the rest.

Skillset App
Skillset App



google-play-logo-1The Skillset Pass O’ Meteris availible right now on Google Play and you can get it by clicking on the Google play Button

The Apple App will be released soon!! 

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  1. That is my own laaitie on the promo pic. Americano will appreciate his dress sense.

    I made this app so my dads team can be challenged to pass the ball more often and take better care when passing and making sure the ball travels to the next player without breaking his/her momentum.

  2. I also have on Goolge play (and app store within the next month) a similar tackle app and I am trying to raise enough funds to complete the trilogy – with a set piece app the last of the range.

    This will allow even under 9 coaches to track how well teams pass and tackle and how many set pieces they contest and their success rate in them.

  3. It will be very cool if you guys can spread the word about these apps to any school and club coaches you know!

    Thanks Bunny for posting this. I appreciate it!

  4. Nice one CC…

    So the coach (or his leckie) has to manually import each pass during the game and rate it’s success rate… or how does it work (in layman’s terms)?

  5. Bryce a parent or assistant coach just interprets each pass with the push of a button. Is a pass too high or on toes of receiver? Was it behind receivers back or too far in front or was it a goos pass, ie a pass where runner does not lose momentum catching ball.

    app then calculates amount of passes and accuracy.

    Very simple but my hope is that under 9 laaities start passing more and making less contact!

  6. I UTTERLY appreciate your kid’s fashion sense CG.
    What better jersey to sport for a passing app demo then that of the Fun-N-Gun Cheetahs.

    Can’t wait to see your kid demo the kicking edition – no doubt he’ll be wearing ZeeBulls for that one ( Aldo HAD to do that one

  7. Improving the quality of passes is a great idea.

    Increasing the number of passes, no so.

    Think about it.
    By law, passing must be backwards. IE. With every pass, a team gives up territory already gained. The same ground must be covered, over and over and over again.
    This lowers ball carrying efficiency. Less meters gained for more meters ran.
    If the aim is to carry the ball into the opponents in-goal, then passing should be minimized.

  8. @Timeo:

    Timeo I interviewed over 30 coaches in Ireland of kids under 11 years and the single biggest concern was that kids do not pass the ball. They all just want to run with it.

    Go and watch an under 9 match when you get a chance and then see for yourself how many tries do not get scored as a result of players simply not passing to a man with acres of space on the outside.

    You argue from the point of professional rugby, when schools rugby is almost an entirely different game. To not make an effort to get kids to pass more is akin to killing the game.

  9. @Cheetah Glory:

    On second thought then, you are correct. I’ve not watched little kids played in aeons, but from what I remember they all tried to score by themselves all the time.

    Smartphone Apps do provide wonderful opportunities. You can have a number of different Apps recording different events in a match and because all events are accurately time-stamped, you may bring them all together after the match into a game analyser.

    Did you program the App yourself, or do you design and let others program?

    I’m looking for an App to accurately set a grandfather

  10. I dont mind the reference at all Americano and would love Brendon’s kid to wear a Bulls jersey for the kicking app. We all know rugby champions play 3D rugby. Defend attack and kick well, it’s team that lacks in kicking that fail more often than not