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Child Cancer
Child Cancer

As Crusaders captain Kieran Read prepares to face the Blues tomorrow night, he is also contemplating having to turn up to training wearing a Blues jersey!

Read is one of four Child Cancer Foundation ambassadors taking part in the One Day ambassador campaign.  Each has been set a challenge by the Foundation’s One Day child face, Quinn Hautapu (8). The ambassador who raises the most money will carry out their challenge at the end of the month.

Read has accepted the challenge to go to a training wearing a Blues training jersey if he brings in the most money.

Three other ambassadors have also been challenged by Quinn and have accepted her pretty crazy experiences.  Fellow All Black Jerome Kaino will wear a Mystics netball dress to one of his training sessions.  TVNZ and Newstalk ZB newsreader Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has agreed to read the ZB morning news in a onesie, broadcast by the station’s webcam.  And Silver Fern Katrina Grant has a very stiff challenge. If she raises the most money she will hold “the plank” core strength testing position for an incredible four minutes.

As well as asking members of the public to support their fundraising by donating to their challenge at the ambassadors are also urging members of the public to choose “one day” in July to raise funds for children with cancer, their own way. People can get involved as an individual, group, workplace, club, school or business.

There are many challenges you can take up to help children with cancer overcome the challenges they themselves face every day. For example nominate people you know to only talk in a positive or complimentary way all day, sing their lessons or conversations, or dress up for the day. Hold a funrazor head shave or mufti day, host a breakfast or donate a percentage of profits from a service. These are just a few.

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