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July 7, 2014
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Rugga Warriors Finding passionate people and organisations that what’s to grow the development in sport is rare these days. We find more and more the majority of kids interested in playing video games than outside especially in sport which turned professional.

By: Benedict Chanakira


Rugga Warriors and LIMA High performance training are in a bid to not only unearth our future stars but build a social, physical and mental side of young athletes.

They have a highly qualified team with Ryan Lok, Liam Peterson and Andrew Howit.

Rugga Warriors

Rugga Warriors

With sport forming an essential part of life, so many aspects of life can be taught through playing sport. The qualities and disciplines that can be taught on the sport fields can be applied in our day to day life. Sport is a universal language and can be taught to anybody, no matter your background or where you come from, on the sport fields we are all equals.

At Rugga Warriors they have the passion and love for sport and in particular rugby, and they want to pass their knowledge and passion to the stars of the future. The main purpose is to let each athlete leave the training grounds as a better equipped athlete and to let the athlete be an improved and hone the skills needed to be successful. The first holiday clinic was held at False Bay Rugby Club and was a huge success.

Although the weather was extremely cold and wet it did not hamper the enthusiasm of all the boys attending the clinic. At this stage these clinics only operate during school holidays but expectations and vision are to extend this into a full Sporting Academic were kids from all sports can attend and learn these valuable life skills. Rugga

Warriors target age group are all rugby players from age 6 to 16 years, but will cater for a bigger age group and extend their sport codes to other sports than just rugby. Rugga Warriors strive to be the best solution for our young athletes and want to be different than any other.

In their clinics they concentrate on targeting and training specific sporting skills that need to be learnt but most of all they have the high performance training being run alongside the skills training. They also concentrate on the overall conditioning of the human

Rugga Warriors

Rugga Warriors

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