KingPaul in early lead of SuperBru Round 1


This year we have are running an exciting SuperBru with the Currie Cup, the winner will take a partner or friend to the lovely Sekoma Island Lodge on the Zambezi in Zambia.

Sekoma River Lodge
Sekoma River Lodge

Sekoma River Lodge is a “Robinson Crusoe” island, it teems with indigenous fauna and abundant flora and boasts more than 70 different fish species.

The waters surrounding Sekoma Island are only navigable by mokoro (dugout boat) except the northern point area which has been coverted into the Lodge’s harbour and clients, therefore, have total exclusivity.

Round 1 is finished and we have our first Yellow Cap Leader in King Paul…

Yellow Cap Round 1
Yellow Cap Round 1






We already had the surprise of the Steval Pumas beating the the Toyota Cheetahs in Nelspruit so you  need to think long and hard on your predictions in the coming weeks.

Here is our Top 10 of Round 1

Round 1 Top Ten Leaderboard
Round 1 Top Ten Leaderboard
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  1. Congratulations KingPaul.
    It really is good to be King. you & Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux now have this in common.

  2. Bunny –
    I cannot wait to see SA in action this weekend. I don’t really watch CC I don’t think we get over here so easy but I’ll check. For me its pretty much S15 & Test.

    I’d like to see HM pull Willie soon. He doesn’t need to be hanging around @ #15 like a pinata when SA is going to put 25 past Arg. Remember what happened to BDP vs Arg.
    Besides good for HM to see some combos if the unthinkable ever visited the SunKing. If Willie is out SA offense is in a ditch.
    Bring on the RC !
    I predict SA to win it !