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Press release – Ex-players meeting


The Free State Rugby Board of Directors take note of the needs and concerns of ex-players and other parties with a vested interest.

We were planning to start with a process this week already that would involve all the parties from wherewe will provide a platform for them to vent their concerns. This platform will also be used to ask for their cooperation to help with furthering and growing the Cheetahs which is the pride of all loyal supporters.

In answer to an article in the media that some ex-players feel that they were afforded too little time mobilise, the proposed meeting and information session will be moved to September (date to be confirmed shortly).  There will be ample opportunity for all parties involved to take part and attend these events.  We have personally extended an invitation to certain representatives and offered to carry their travel costs for the original meeting, but unfortunately they were not able to accept our offer.

The Board of Directors and management are positive about the future of Free State Rugby and we view the current attacks from certain groups as serious.  We would like to ensure the public and all Cheetah supporters that this issue enjoys our urgent attention.  Free State Rugby is close to our hearts and we are committed to taking the necessary steps to make Free State rugby an even morepowerful player in South African Rugby.

We would like to ask the ex-players, public and all our supporters to give us the opportunity to communicate our strategy to you over the next two months through the press, information and work sessions.  We ask of all parties involved to please attend the different work sessions.  Together we can ensure a brighter future for Cheetah Rugby.

Board of Directors – Free State Rugby

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