RWC 2015 MATCH XV ball launched


Innovation and tradition is at the heart of MATCH XV, the official Rugby World Cup 2015 match ball, launched by Rugby World Cup suppliers Gilbert today By:
New Rugby World Cup 2015 ball
New Rugby World Cup 2015 ball

The MATCH XV will make its debut in the English Premiership and French Top 14 later this month and will be used in top level Test matches throughout the rest of 2014 and 2015, meaning the world’s best players will have plenty of competition time with the ball.

A modern classic, the MATCH XV is the latest in a succession of balls stretching back to 1995 to be engineered by the industry-leaders specifically for Rugby’s global showpiece tournament and is packed with innovation. It is also the most-tested Gilbert ball in history.

An extensive two-year development process has delivered a new surface compound to enhance grip without compromising subtlety or durability. The surface design has also been improved to enable quicker water dispersion.

Rugby World Cup Limited Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “From the playground to the Rugby World Cup podium, Gilbert has been a key player in spreading Rugby enjoyment, competition and growth around the world.”

“The Rugby World Cup 2015 MATCH XV ball is the pinnacle of Rugby ball evolution and we are delighted to be launching a match ball that does not just look great, but will deliver another advance in performance for players competing at our showcase event.”

“Preparation is key to ensuring Rugby World Cup is a success and without question ensuring that all the teams have the best possible Rugby ball to play with is certainly one of them. We are enthused by how well the MATCH XV has been received by players and coaches.”

Gilbert Sales and Marketing Director Richard Gray added: “We are proud of our partnership with Rugby World Cup and the opportunity to provide the world’s top players with an innovative, yet evolved ball that will assist in showcasing their talents.”

“With England 2015 staged in the birth country of the sport, we are also proud that the MATCH XV will celebrate the rich heritage of Rugby and Gilbert, by recognising the very first hand-crafted match balls that graced Rugby school and fields the world over from 1823.”

“With its strong features of tradition and innovation, we are confident the MATCH XV will soon be recognised as a modern classic.”

Official Gilbert Rugby World Cup 2015 replica match balls have been selling well online at and in store via official outlets around the world.

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