Peyper admits he made mistakes


South African referee Jaco Peyper has admitted to a series wrong decisions he made during last week’s draw between Australia and New Zeeland.


New Zeeland couch Steve Hansen, who requested a meeting with Peyper, told, Peyper “put his hand up” and confessed he was wrong with the yellow card and several free kicks. Hansen quickly admitted that this was no excuse for his team’s poor performance against the Aussies.

He went on to say that the All Blacks had an off-day and although they were outplayed by the Aussies the referee did not help in some of his decisions.

“I know why we didn’t perform at the weekend. There were certain areas of our game we were very poor at,” said Hansen.

“We’ve spoken to the referee about the scrummaging. He put his hand up, said he got the free-kicks wrong.

“The first yellow card (against prop Wyatt Crockett) was wrong — the ball was out.

“It was a good conversation, I respect the man for his honesty. He’s no different than players. Some days you have a bad day. He had a bad day at the office and put his hand up.

“But I’ve got to emphasise, it wasn’t just his problem. We had a hell of a bad day ourselves so we’ll forget about him and concentrate on what we can do.”

Hansen  would meet with French referee Romain Poite, who is handling Saturday’s match, before kick-off on Saturday.

The All Blacks have made two injury-enforced changes to their team for the second test, with Liam Messam and Ryan Crotty coming in for Jerome Kaino and Ma’a Nonu, while Conrad Smith returns to outside centre .


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  1. I think it’s a nice gesture but also a mistake. I think it opens him up to all sorts of trouble further down the road.
    He could have said his view may have been obstructed or whatever…
    Bottom line is AB coach Steve “Puffy” Hansen is not priest Jaco – keep it to yourself. He’s gonna use it to his leverage in the future.

    George Bush Jr could apologize or admit to zillions of things post presidency. Think he has copped to anything?
    No way.
    Yeah he may have let slip ” I shoulda eaten more ice cream while President – it was free then ya know” but that would be about the extent of it.

    It will be interesting to see in future how Puff Hansen & the NZ media turn the screws on Jaco. Hope he isn’t left shaking his head later scolding himself mumbling….”I shoulda been more like George Bush Jr”….
    Can you imagine?

  2. @Americano: lol “Puffy” Hansen. Not sure he would laugh at that one as much as he laughed at comments in his press conference. One thing Hansen did say which made sense was that if you want to win a test, you have to be good enough to take the ref out of the equation and that the AB’s weren’t good enough last Saturday. Another thing grudgingly admitted in NZ is that the Aussies were damn good and that blaming Peyper might be just a smokescreen.

  3. Outwide –

    I don’t think NZ was blaming the calls for their performance. It is a test though and tiny things get magnified. The notion your performance needs to transcend by enough margin the calls is day in day out in the states.

    But Puff ain’t no dull knife in the drawer. He will use this in a nuanced way in the future with Mr. Jaco. Ref has an aura of infallibility & if you are one you best stick with it if not everything is up for question every time. Knowing in your heart is fine. Just keep it to yourself geeze.

    I’ve got no malice against Hansen. I call him “Puffy” or “Puff” (Steven vs Steve?) as a term of endearment.

    He just doesn’t look healthy. Overworked, bad diet – I dunno – but someone close to him should be calling this out – not me for crissakes.
    Do I have to do everything? Of course not – here’s where you come in….
    If you run into him at the pub suggest to him a regimen of juicing, even Bikram yoga.
    Lemme know what he says.
    Till then Mr. Outwide….