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Vermeulen apologises to Stormers and supporters

Elma Smit interview with Vermeulen on the Player of the year award.

DHL Stormers captain Duane Vermeulen met with Director of Rugby Gert Smal on Monday morning, to sort out the events that transpired in France last week.

Elma Smit interview with Vermeulen on the Player of the year award.

Vermeulen visited French Top 14 club Toulon late last week and was unveiled to the local media as their new signing – a move which certainly caught Western Province Rugby by surprise.

“I was extremely disappointed in Duane’s actions. He is a senior and respected player in our squad and, most importantly, he is our captain,” said Smal.

“Not only did he let his teammates down in a very important game week, but he let down his coaches, the union, our stakeholders and, crucially, our supporters too.

“I had a sit down with Duane this morning and he knows in no uncertain terms that his actions were not acceptable – it is not something we will ever condone at Western Province Rugby.

“But I have accepted Duane’s side of the story and his apology too. He will be addressing his teammates and management tomorrow, to apologise to the entire DHL Stormers squad, and he will also be disciplined internally by us.”

Vermeulen said: “I was initially meant to undergo a medical at Toulon and return to Cape Town by Saturday morning to undergo a final medical check in the case of the DHL Stormers progressing to the Super Rugby semifinals.

“When I arrived in France, however, I found myself in the middle of an unexpected press conference, which, it turns out, was to be my unveiling to the local media – despite there being a confidentially clause surrounding my move. This is certainly something that I will be taking up with my agent.

“However, all that said and done it still does not excuse my actions. I did not go through the necessary channels to clear this trip with the powers that be at Western Province and for that I would like to apologise profusely.

“Not only did I let my teammates down in what was a huge week for them, but I let down the management and coaches, the union and our proud supporters,” added Vermeulen.

“It certainly wasn’t my intention to cause a furore of any sort, when all the focus should have been on our match against the Brumbies, and for that I would like to apologise to everyone who might have felt let down by my actions.”


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  1. Really did not understand why the big fuzz was all about..but ye maybe senior players need to work through right channels…No harm was done…

    Just be ready for RC and WC Thor

  2. Agree Sasori. However there are procedures and protocols. Duane failed to follow them. #blameAgent

    Well Thor better be ready for some smashing in the RC & RWC!!

  3. @Ruggaworld: yes. Someone inside said he knew the plans and still went on to avoid scuppering the Toulon deal. Again its a rumour. #agents

  4. I for one cant understand the hooha. Everybody in the squad already knew he’s going, so no surprise because he gets unvailed now. Can’t see how that would’ve caused any problems, but then again I’m a Bulls supporter and we’re known for taking the brandy early, so you’ll never know if that cup of coffee was as innocent as it seems.

  5. Me either what the actual f**k did he do wrong… except maybe not telll his bosses he’s looking for another job… last I heard it’s okay to do that…

    Kleinserige dose

  6. With Gert Smal here.
    Ver-Duane just disappeared without his union knowing.
    To do a medical whilst he is officially injured?
    Schalk and Jean were there with their moral support, their
    captain was signing fat cheques in France. Very bad timing.

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