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Start with Willem Alberts


Start with Willem Alberts – Schalk is just not the player of ten years ago, even when he goes through a ton of work.

“Statistics are like bikinis, they don’t reveal everything,” writes John Goliath in the Cape Argus, and then has an in depth look at the stats of Man of the Match in the very narrow Bok escape versus Wales.

Schalk made 26 carries – 11 more than the next best player. But how many of the carries actually gained success over the advantage line? Only 11.

Schalk just does not dominate the collisions like ten years ago. He now backs into most tackles and gets driven back. He also gave away a silly penalty and kicked away posession when the Boks had an overlap. That little pop-pass when he takes it to the line is as predictable as a episode oof Egoli. Wales could tackle the Boks because they knew what was coming next.

The fact that the Boks uses him as first receiver is one of the reasons their attacks are suffering. Like all our ball carriers he should rather be running off Pollard, the playmaker, the one wearing number 10 on his back.

The All Blacks love defending against one-off runners, especially those coming to them from a standing start because they can tackle him back. Because the Boks won’t be able to create the All Black magic of nine tries against France, I would prefer Alberts to Burger on the side of the scrum – he can match their physicality. It will also give the Bok loose trio some balance because it will free Louw from his carrying duties to concentrate on possession on the ground.

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  1. Bold Boertjie. HM wont dream of such a call. Like the SB idea. They not maximising it well. Poor execution. Its smart and needs the real game breakers to get the ball in space not any other tom , dick & harry Like you say. HP has been too 1 dimensional for me too.

  2. Very much agree with this but BC is right it’s too bold for HM – this is why we keep coming unstuck.

    As for pollard, give him quick front footed ball like Carter gets and he’ll show you a completely diffetent player. Same as WLR. But when their roles are limited , then you may as well pick less extravagant players.

  3. We are judging players like Die Ellende, Kriel and Pollard on the instructions they are playing to.
    They are much better.

  4. depends on match strategie, alberts coming off the bench but LIL earlier is pretty scary for any tiring opposition. ESPECIALLY if we play the way HEYNEKE been paying…maybe just get him going earlier…. to build for a platform for our backline…

  5. There’s a pic on FB I can’t paste here, too complicated for me.
    However, the pic is of HANDRE POLLARD
    and the caption says

  6. Remember the Rugby Chapionship game when….
    SA had to beat NZ at home & get a bonus point?

    That game you saw HM really open things.. I also believe the SunKing was at wing.
    I think HM may decide he has to take chances on attack to swing this one.

  7. Got to believe, anything can happen! Boks have to make up for that Japan loss! We have to over come the odds indeed.

  8. Jeez this current playing style is killing our poor backline players.

    And why was Fourie’s service so damn slow at times on Saturday? It afforded the Welsh loads of time to reset their defences after which Du Preez passed to a static forward who then tries to build up enough speed to get over the advantage line.

    Is this really the best we can come up with after four years with Heyneke at the helm? How come Hourcade managed to up Argentina’s game in two years in charge?

  9. Du Preez was slow with his service over the weekend. Lot of it can be blamed on the Welsh disrupting our ball, but we need to learn this week to clear the rocks with controlled aggression.

    What I have a gripe with, is how long Fourie took to arrive at the rocks in some instances. That slowed our ball down. Hopefully he is at his best this weekend. For us to win, the players have to play the game of their lives and add a lucky bounce or 2.

  10. He’s slow because he’s old and that is the Boks main problem. but the other problem is yes previous, as soon as he’s herakded as the greatest, he coasts in his laurels – which is exactly what we don’t need.

    At one stage in the game on sat, barnesey told him to play more and complain less, and he was right. Just shut up and go full tilt.

    We’ve avtually beaten no one of note at this RWC. we’ve scraped through against Wales showing a lot of character but if you think a last minute try with such a massive blindside will be left by the ABs, no chance – it’s going to require a totally different mindset with some innovation.

    As for the 2 French refs, this is not looking good – why not Owens? The French are inconpetent. It’s not just 3 or 4 decisions they get wrong, it’s all of them.

    But actually the Boks must not make any excuses – this game can definitely be won. I sure as shit hope we don’t rolliver like the French and buy into all the AB hype, but after the Japan loss anything is possible

  11. This match is going to make or break the RWC, Meyer and all the oupa legends.

    The one good thing is that the Boks have nothing to lose, because they’ve already lost to Japan. It’s just got be full out from the get go. Like argentina v ireland – the argies showed how it should be done. No big reputations, no need for all that experience – just a young brave team going full out for the win from get go.

  12. So, the way I see it and this imagery subjective, but here goes. For us to beat the AB’s, we need to play balls to the wall full tilt for 80 mins. Playing conservative rugby will get us close, but I don’t think it will win it for us. But the problem lies in the white afrikaans male psyche. When under pressure, we revert to nature, which is conservatism. We can speak a good game all we want, but if we get cornered we will fight tooth and nail, but conservatively. Don’t expect to many surprises this weekend. For that reason alone, we will Run NZ close but not beat them.

    JT and Brand, this is more your level of expertise, but can we change the approach in a week. Get the self.belief that is needed to beat the AB team? We have trained enough now, just how much time is being spent on the psychological aspect this week? Most of the team are like me, afrikaans white guys. Is that why we reverted to a conservative approach after the Japanese loss? It worked well and works well in knock out rugby but I don’t think it will be enough to seal it come Saturday.

  13. @Aldo:
    IMO You Need a collective Change of attitude and Approach to the game – often it can take one sentence at the right time by the right guy to instil that seed – but for it to take HOLD collectively is a tough one.
    Gameplan is fine if played at PACE, with INTENSITY and variety! Skip Schalk now and again! get quick ball with Players running at PACE onto the ball. If you can stand on your feet after 80min you let the Team down!

  14. Fourie was extremely nervous before the game already. I have never seen him that nervous before. Maybe it is that old thing of captaincy influencing the players standard. Didnt he struggle being the Bulls captain in 2009?

  15. @Aldo: you can completely change approach in a week Two or three factors need to go your way as well but its Possible. Kruger has the biggest task this weekend when he deals with the WHOLE SQUAD.

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