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Joost vs Fourie vs the World



The debate will most properly go on until the end of days and it is a question that we will ask until then….

Was Fourie Du Preez better than Joost van der Westhuizen?

In fact, are there anyone better than Joost van der Westhuizen?

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  1. Yip, joost the best, Hougaard could’ve been similar, before they tried to turn him into box-kicking fdp clone. Fdp was phenomenal 10 years ago, also lightning speed and sniping tries before he was converted and elected to box-kicking pseudo-flyhalf Generalismo.

  2. Joost was brilliant but Fourie read the game better. Difficult choice as both was the best at their time, but for me it is Fourie. He had the uncanny ability to know exactly who to pass to, speed the game up at the right time and slow it down when needed

  3. FDP for me, he was the match winner and including a record of winning vs the all blacks more than he lost. Not many players can boast that, especially over the last 15 years… in fact who else can ever?

  4. FDP all the way… one of the most complete half-backs to play the game…

    FDP to start with Joost off the bench if needed…

    2015 even with his 3 year long old shoulder injury showed FDP is STILL the best half-back in South African rugby…

    Joost was equal IMO with a few damn good peers in his era… sometimes out-playing them… many times not… but that has a lot to do with a few average players in his team when they needed and entire 22 of world-beaters…

    GRegan, Kelleher, Marshall…

  5. On a side note, after the beating NZ got after 2009 they tried to identify a FDP clone, and since 2012 Aaron Smith has has no rival and as a FDP fan if not the biggest, Aaron Smith is the heart and soul of the All Blacks and the huge difference between the boks and the rest of the world and the All Blacks.

    In my honest opinion, Aaron Smith will go down as the all time great.

  6. Joost for me – he redefined scrumhalve play and scored some tries that NOBODY would even attempt. He could also single-handedly change the outcome of a game (e.g. against England on muddy Newlands)and his passing was sublime.

  7. Old friend of mine and a rugby writer on his day says FduP all the way. Places him with Gareth Edwards and Sid Going as the best he had seen. Had he seen Catchpole, he may have replaced Going.

  8. Fourie Du Preez is simply the best scrumhalf who has ever played the game.

    Cab you are an idiot. Edwards couldn’t tackle or kick… so stop talking kak… his sole claim to greatness was a superb pass and in his own words “living to serve Barry John”.

  9. The only idiot is you if you write off Edwards.

    I can only thank the lucky fucking stars that Jacques and BC are running this website and that a gdam moronic imbecile like you is left to scratch your arse and get all excited by my every comment.

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