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We all have opinions, but how many of us have the insight of BRENDAN VENTER? by Boertjie


Sorry, there is no transcript, but this may be worth your while listening to an expert chatting with Nick Mallett. Duration 17:00.

And before we totally despair, remember there were other tough times in Springbok rugby:

1964 lose 6-8 to France. Followed in 1965:  6-9 Ireland; 5-8 Scotland; 3-6 New Zealand; 0-13 New Zealand.

On the 1965 tour they lost four and drew one of five matches including the three against provincial combinations from Scotland and Ireland.

The Sixties ended with the demo tour to the UK and Ireland when the Springboks did not win a Test. They lost to England and Scotland and drew with Ireland and Wales.

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  1. Good positive and honest stuff. “Nobody will take this job …team at bottom of cycle …no development of thenext generation” – yip, unfortunately that is where we are at the end of a wasted 4 years.
    Will be interesting to see how SloFlo repay AC’s loyalty – hopefully another week of genuine conditioning will show improvement.

  2. @Christo (Vetgesmeerde Blits): Well, everybody wants the Boks to “play what is in front of you”. Us fans can only comment on the crap dished out “in front of us on the tele”. I guess they should promote the upcoming games in SA then as “builder / experimentation” test – and adjust the ticket prices accordingly? Also have Kurt Skeeloog reggae a few songs; have a few monkeys in WP clothes and fire a Kings player from a cannon – because clearly it is unreasonable for us to expect any real entertainment on the pitch then…

  3. @Bekke: The biggest problem is Bekke we do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

    If only the public knows how much a Springbok coach have to eat up not from fans but the people that supposed to support him in the first place

    We need more people like Venter and less like Nick, every other F*** idiot is like Nick these days and nobody wants to except the exact points Venter is making in this Interview, Even Nick at the end agree with Venter.

  4. I liked it as well – got confidence in his view that AC is on the right track (and that he should have got the job after Jake). I do not think the majority of comments on this site (or many others) are unfair – the Boks belong to the public and as shareholders we should be quite vocal when our share value plummets. But as Bunny said: One would expect the Chairman to stand up then and give us detail on where the CEO is going / the behond-the-scenes update. Something I have highlighted in many other posts: We do NOT have a Chairman at SARU at the moment, as Oreo Hoskins (who it now transpired is Aldo’s dog all the time!!) is gone, Teflon Hurie is doing an accountancy course in Nigeria, and “All the President’s men” are stuffing themselves with pudding!

  5. Such a disappointment that someone like Venter is not more involved in rugby in this country. We need real rugby people running the show for the good of rugby.

  6. I also can’t see him getting involved. He was in trouble almost constantly for his post match interviews in England. Seems the power that be, doesn’t want honest opinions.

  7. Mallet knows his stuff but he is an engelse so he is fkd and he told saru to go get fkd (so he is doubly fkd). I’m happy for Ackerman to be the dude who takes us forward at least it’s not backward shit.

  8. I like what Venter says, but it isn’t totally water tight, unfortunately.

    Just a reminder, Jake started off in 2004 with a whole lot of new caps, and a whole lot of inexperienced capped players.

    Those who had been capped apart from Os and Monty had all come from the disastrous 2003 year. It was a whole new team, coaches, invironment etc, and they won the tri nations that year, and hammered New Zealand the biggest score yet.

    All the aspects now being used as excuses to understand Allister, what was different then?

    Jake hadn’t even coached a superrugby team, some of the players hadn’t even played any super rugby yet.

    The difference is that Jake had balls, and he showed it early on. He chased Matfield away mid tour for being a cocky prick.

  9. @Welshbok die Brandwag: great perspective. Yes, we may have moaned sometimes about his kicking gameplan, but the AB’s feared him, tried to ridicule his plans – and now still employ those same plans to perfection. RESPECT

  10. Exactly Welsh , Coetzee should’ve cleaned shop long time ago. i liked white, he did it his way, but ultimately he was too conservative, started off well, we need to fucking attack, it’s in our blood. Not defend. What the guck is that

  11. I don’t think all is well in the Bok camp.
    Apart from the fact that I cannot blame the players not having confidence in the inexperienced coaching staff.
    I also have it on some authority of a Bok who is now part of the injuries. It may be a bit third hand, but I was told he told some friends the gees was excellent in the days before Louw and Vermeulen joined the camp before the Ireland tests with their attitude of “fuck them, I play my own style.”

  12. @Timeo:
    He was just pissed off for having the same kind of discussion after every match. Brendan, Rassie, Nick and Naas our best rugby brains. Throw in Ackers and De Bruyn.

  13. @ Bekke – the Boks belong to the public. True, but it is tiring having the armchair critics run through the side and rubbish so many players – usually with no mention of who these experts would put in the place of the players they dislike. It wouldn’t happen in NZ where there may be mention of something like Todd should have started and Ardie Savea comes off the bench from Cantabs but once the selectors and coaches have made their pick, the country is 100% behind them and the AB’s know it.

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