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Brilliant Blues second half to good for Vodacom Bulls


The Blues put a brilliant second half performance together on Saturday beating the Bulls 38-14 after the two teams went into the break at 7-all.

The Blues quickly put their marker down with a try in the third minute after they used quick hands down the line to get pass some ordinary Bulls defense.

This gave them a 7-0 lead and put the Bulls on the backfoot early on.

The Bulls tried to play with ball in hand but played behind the advantage line and with no real urgency in their back play which made it easy to defend.

With perfect conditions on the pitch both teams handling was a bit shocking and too many mistakes on attack which made the game very scrappy.

Pollard put the Bulls in the perfect position with a penalty kick and with a great drive from the Lineout the Bulls worked their way over to get their first try and level the scoreboard at 7-all.

The Blues got back in the Bulls half straight after the try and gave up a penalty kick for points to go for the line which they were unable to convert into a try.

The rest of the half both teams had their opportunities but every time they seemed to build on something, handling errors or penalties stop the good work being done.

They went into halftime with the score at 7-all and still all to play for in the second forty minutes.

The second half started again like a heavyweight boxing match with the two teams trying to find that punch.

The Blues got into the right area of the field again and with some poor defense from the Bulls they found the gap and scored the second try to take the lead to 14-7 after 46 min.

With the Bulls given away silly penalties they gave the Blues again the opportunities in their twenty-two and they worked hard but got their third try to take the lead to 19-7 after 57 minutes.

The Blues did receive a yellow card to give that slight believe that they can comeback in the match after a neck-roll on Kriel.

Just as you thought the Bulls had the upper hand they let a 14-man Blues side rip through some poor defense and score their forth try.

The Bulls seemed to fall apart in their defense at this stage as the Blues just kept ball in hand and scored their fifth try to stretch the lead to 31-7 after 70 min.

The problems continued for the Bulls with a brilliant try from the Blues as they almost run the full length of the field to score another try and made it the worst second half performance from the Bulls this season.

The Blues too the lead after that try to 38-7 after 75min.

The Bulls did manage to score a late try through Paige but that had little defence to a great Blues performance in that second half.

The Blues won the game at the end with 38-14.

The scorers:

For Blues:
Tries: Pulu, Duffie 2, West, Moulds, Nanai
Cons: Francis 2, West 2
Yellow Card: Tupou

For Bulls:
Tries: Gqoboko, Paige
Cons: Pollard, Schoeman

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  1. What else can you expect when you play “bokke” Nyakane, Smurfie and Kriel? Overrated club players, elevated by dom donner Hak Hak.

  2. Remember how all the pre-season conventional wisdom was that ZeeBulls were the class of the SA side of the tourney?
    If you believed that to be the case then there is only one culprit for this Improvised Explosive Device of a season thus far:
    Sweets Marais + Bikini Strauss.
    Throw in ZeeBulls admins for the noxious cherry on top of the gross dessert.
    ZeeBulls have neither shame nor accountability.
    They should be banished from Super Rugby NOT Cheetahs!

  3. That is pretty true Americano. With a squad like we have, we should be competing for home semi’s. At the moment we are struggling to compete for bottom 2.

    Fatcats at Loftus has been running the show for too long and have run out of ideas and excuses. The Bulls need a revamp, sadly it seems the Bulls mafia are pushing for one of their own to take over from Barend van Graan.

  4. @Aldo:

    At what stage do you admit Nollis is not the answer?

    Can you guys not call Heyneke and tell him all is forgiven he must please return?

  5. @Craven: Craven we all know Nollis is not the answer, but sadly the Mafia in the boardrooms believe he is. Serious issues with Bulls rugby and management. You can see in the way we contract and release players as well. Nollis is out of his depth, not only is he out of his depth, but his entire coaching team is inexperienced. There is no one to lead them. That is the cause of the mess we see week in and week out.

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