Crusaders keep winning ways against Huricanes


The Crusaders stayed unbeaten when they beat the Hurricanes 20-12 on Saturday.

It was a game that was made up as the game of the weekend with two top teams facing off in New Zealand.

The first half was a tight affair with both teams having opportunities but defensive systems from both good enough to hold both teams without a try in the first forty minutes.

The Crusaders did look better with ball in hand and had most of the ball as well in the first half which gave them more opportunities as well.

At the end, it was the boots that dominated the scoreboard as both teams went into the break with 9 point all.

The Crusaders dominated the set pieces and used it to significant effect throughout the match.

The second half was much about the same as the Crusaders seemed to get better and controlled the game.

They score the first try after a great drive from an attacking lineout to take the lead 14-9.

The Hurricanes kept struggling to get their hands on the ball for extended periods of time and making some handling errors which gave the Crusaders ball to attack from.

The Crusaders extended their lead after 58 min with a penalty to 17-9.

The Hurricanes finally got on their first points in the second after 60 min with a penalty to reduce the lead to 17-12.

The Hurricanes seemed to force everything they do in the match and it was all about the pressure the Crusaders have put them under with brilliant defence.

The Crusaders made the score 20-12 after yet another penalty with just a few minutes to go.

The Hurricanes just could not get pass the defence from the Saders and the Crusaders well deservedly won the game.


Crusaders – Try: Matt Todd. Penalties: Richie Mo’unga (5).
Hurricanes – Penalties: Jordie Barrett (4).

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