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Lambie request to be released from Springbok and Sharks


Patrick Lambie is looking set to go to France after he officially requested to be released by SARU and the Sharks.

Netwerk24 reported that he wants to joining French giants Racing 92 and to do that he needs to be released from his contracts at the Sharks and Springboks.

He still have another two years contract with the Sharks and Springboks.

It is unsure if he has been given the green light yet. With the French Top14 started yesterday he would want this to be resolved quickly to join them


Lambie has said in this week that the headaches is no more and that he is doing well.

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  1. holy crap! Put BC on suicide watch ( lol just funnin ya BC).
    Springboks wearing Cherry singlets, now Lambie yelling for release from C-Cells & SA like fire ants are in his tent.
    Only getting weirder folks…..Bitcoin breaking $10K gonna seem ho-hum really.

  2. @Americano: He could be playing Pro 14 rugby Americano..but NOoooo. He wanted to stay in Durban. Now he could end up in France, Next to Carter.

  3. Probably a good move with jantjies, Bosch and pollard – we are better sorted to move the ball around with these 3. Jantjies played v well on Saturday. He is missing pace tho, that beauden Barrett a brilliant flyhalf imo. I would’ve liked to see Bosch get some game time in RC starting.

  4. @bryce_in_oz:
    Bryce – 6.5 – 7K correction dump to 4-4.5 then up. Target next year for me is $15K usd. Bitcoin now 1% of gold market cap. 5% of gold market cap = $17K – $25K. Just 5%! That’s no Japan beating Springboks odds either. I think it’s a gimme.

  5. @Americano:

    Other than the extreme volatility that comes with BTC it’s been pretty straight forward TA trading on top of holdings, but have preferred to add on bounces after being caught out a number of times shorting to add profit. A few interesting Segwit dates still to come which could see a few more chances to add on dips and then it’s another ball game once stabilised.

  6. @Benedict Chanakira:
    That’s the problem BC. Lambie took the comfortable way out. Stay in hometown Durban avoiding the grit & lifestyle change in Cheetah – ville. Now he winds up going to France playing next to Carter & enjoying all the cushy French girls wine & whatever else is in France probably chateaus & stuff. The avg Joe would of course say – SIGN ME UP !
    But here’s the thing….Lambie had the opportunity to blaze a trail, sharpen his blade & to lead Cheetahs in their invasion of Europe. That’s historical stuff. Unfortunately he chose to to be a comfortable passenger instead of a Conquistador – & I think it’s a waste. In the end I don’t think he cares – after all…..he’s got great hair.
    Shame ! Life goes on.

  7. @bryce_in_oz:
    Bitcoin now is pre-season. Nothing counts till next year when investment ramps are made by Wall Street to allow avg Joes a easy way in. It’s like the All Blacks before they were named that. Gonna blow minds when sidechains are deployed. Crypto right now is 160 billion market cap. Next summer – 1 trillion. Stoked !

  8. @Americano:

    100% free-carried on BTC now but I’m sure there’ll be some volatility to add on dips coming into SegWit lock-in, activation and then hard-fork. ETH has been gunning along as well.

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