Pollard part of the white Afrikaner privilege?


A mixed reaction have followed with the Springbok touring squad that was announced this week by Allister Coetzee.

Coetzee decided to send youngster Curwin Bosch back to his union and included Handre Pollard in his place as backup for Jantjies and also a midfield option when we take on the Aussies and All Blacks in the coming two weeks.

Coetzee also included Ross Cronje and Dillian Leyds in his touring squad.

It was a tweet from our good friend Rob Otto (Sharksworld) that spark the debate.

Pollard who has been out of competitive rugby for years and not months have not shown that he is fit and match ready to take the field. In right respect

Pollard last played for the Springboks at International level on the 30 October 2015 against Argentina in the World Cup. He has been injured for the whole of 2016 and almost the whole of 2017 as well.

He has not played for the Blue Bulls for more than two years at Currie Cup level and although he was picked for the SA”A” side he never played also due to injury.

Coetzee has explained to News24″Sometimes people wonder why he hasn’t played Currie Cup, but our intensity at which we train, is more than match intensity,” Coetzee said at Cape Town International Airport after arriving back from Argentina on Tuesday.

The way he has responded gives me a lot of confidence to select him.” Coetzee believes that Pollard is 100% fit and ready for selection.

Handre has made tremendous strides since he joined us in Stellenbosch and then for the two weeks in PE,” Coetzee added. “I was tempted to select him then, but I thought another week with regard to his extra conditioning work, kicking out of hand and kicking at poles would be better.”

The question then is why did Jantjies had to proof himself but Pollard walk into the national side after not playing for them for more than two years. Jantjies has been the best 10 in South Africa for more than three years and had to fight all the way to secure his position as the number 1 ten in the country.

Then one can understand why people are starting to using words like “Whites, Afrikaner and privilege few

We just had the Springboks played in a red jersey to mark 25 years of unity but how much unity do we really have in rugby today?

Statements and questions like Rob mentioned on social media will never go away if we do not tackle these issues head-on.

It does not really matter how we feel about the transformation processes or the way Government stick their noses into the game, we need to get to a point where we stop asking these questions and start making sure transformation and white afrikaner privilege becomes part of our history and not the way we manage our game 25 years after unity.

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  1. What an utter load of crap. I have never thought I’d see the day facts become irrelevant on Ruggaworld.

    Firstly “Pollard who has been out of competitive rugby for years and not months have not shown that he is fit and match ready to take the field. In right respect”. Wrong, he played 6 superrugby games this year.

    Secondly, Rob hates himself because he us white, all the way from white England.

    Question Pillars’s inclusion, as he hasn’t played enough nor did he play well enough to represent the Boks. Then we can argue for and against. But this belongs in an Antifa protest with white people holding placards saying whites suck.

  2. Let’s start with who should replace pollard as back up flyhalf in the squad. Bosch has had 4 horrible minutes of international rugby, Willemse none. Cronje is playing in Japan. Lambie is injured. Pollard has at least played at this level, the team is already very inexperienced, now you want an inexperienced back up, should EJ get injured? Bollocks. Don’t think an article has ever pissed me off as much.

  3. “we need to get to a point where we stop asking these questions and start making sure transformation and white afrikaner privilege becomes part of our history “.

    Highly unlikely that the question will stop being asked with snowflakes like Rob around to always bring it up. If the bok team had only one white Afrikaans player in the squad, he would post the same.

  4. So which faction of Afrikaner forced AC to pick Handre? Afriforum? The old NP, maybe front national? Is Allistair not a coach and therefore picks the players? Are you saying AC is bowing to political pressure by an unseen enemy? Spineless coward that is afraid of white monopoly? Do you work for Bell Pottinger Rob?

    So tell me, guys like Rhule, who can’t defend nor kick, DDA that is there even though he hasnt shown a hint of form in years, or chiliboy ralepele who isn’t even first choice at the Sharks, they must be white Afrikaners? Making an unsubstantiated comment like this, posting as a rugby site is bullshit Rob. Proof is in the pudding, please come prove that AC bowed to white Afrikaner privilege. Or are you just another Andile, who spews nonsense but then fail to back it up with facts?

  5. diablo Touchy much Aldo?

    The fact is that Pollard have not played at this level since 2015

    Fact he has been out of rugby for more than six months

    Fact Cronje has been the best 10 in the country with Jantjies this year by far

    Fact the reason that he plays in Japan has nothing to do to not select him, we do select overseas players.

    Fact Jantjies had to fight for his place for three years and still fights for it even though he is the best 10 for the past three years, Pollard play on a reputation of 2015 WC.

    Fact when Pollard did play for the Bulls he has been crap and that is putting it lightly.

    And just so that you know Ruggaworld is a medium where we can express anything and everything about the game, we do not have to agree on it.

    I do not even say I agree with the whole argument in a whole but I do see that their is something not lekker with this whole Pollard situation.

    This is not a Pollard Curwin issue but and issue how certain players gets fast track and others not.

    What I do want believe in is that after 25 years I am gatvol that we still bring up terms like white privilege, transformation and other political shit.

    We need to move past this and as I said we need to make these words part of history and not the way we look at our sport today.

    If we still use these words then government bodies is not doing their jobs, simple….

    By the way…I would have picked Cronje 10 times over before I pick Pollard right now….

    Do not know what has made him so special

  6. Jacques you make my point for me. Argue the merits of his selection, I agree with most of those points, but call it white afrikaner privilege? I call kak. Because that is what it is. As for Cronje, you forgot, policy from July this year is that a player playing overseas have to have had 30 or 50 bok caps. Can’t recall the number now.

    Yes Pollard hasn’t played. But also yes we do not have world class flyhalves with experience that are fit. So argue against his inclusion, but the whole afrikaner privilege thing is bullshit and I will call out snowflake Rob for saying it and you for posting it

  7. Absurd argument by Rob. A while ago Rob said Hugh Blaiden is racist because he pronounced Howard Mnisi’s name wrong. Cant take him seriously after that.

  8. Bunny,
    I’m probably a bit harsh on you, but Rob’s personal crusade against all things white, even though he is white himself, is really getting on my nerves. I treat him with the same disdain that I do BLM, BLF and Atifa.

  9. @Aldo: No worries, I am also not his biggest fan, he is a real suurgat Sharks supporter.

    When the Lions won the Sharks in QF he said he will not support the Lions the next few weeks, says allot of the man doesn’t it

  10. There are better ways to argue the point than reverting to virtue-signalling twaddle!

    Rob Otto is the embodiment of the self-loathing white leftard cuck so prevalent in today’s society in the West.

    Too much of a coward to call out the unconstitutional detrimental enforcement of racial quota’s in sport by a beyond corrupt government. Too much of a coward to call out the fact that not only is this skin colour based discrimination on the increase… it has turned even more medieval reverting back to the’pencil test’ era where unbelievably the selection goes one step further discriminating on who is more black than who and who is more African than who.

    Yes the decision has me somewhat stumped… no more than the exclusion of Combrink, Frans Steyn no more than the inclusion of the Rhule and Damian De Alende and Lood De Jager.

    But only a self-loathing, virtue-signalling twat tries to make the decision by a black coach to select a talented white player… of whom he has clearly been a fan boy of for quite some time… not to mention practically guaranteed the fans that he is back to peak fitness… something more than it clearly is.

    I expect nothing less from ‘white knight’ identity politics dolt that is Rob ‘You cannot talk politics on my blog if it does not suit my narrative’ Otto!

  11. @Jacques:

    No offence mate… but you’re kidding yourself if you think that this was not a Bosch vs Pollard thing to the author.

    I’d actually go as far as to say had Lambie (English) been in the camp for the same time as Pollard (Afrikaans) or even half the time there would have been no such emotive triggering from said person.

    I’d have agreed on Cronje getting a run, albeit I’d have liked him there sooner and personally think he’s suited to test rugby even if only off the bench… fact remains he is no longer eligible to represent the Boks.

    It would have made more sense to me that Francois Steyn (who was the bench option in June) would have reclaimed his position. In fact he would be my first choice even in a perfect world where Lambie was not a ticking time-bomb medically, Cronje or Goosen were eligible, Pollard was as fit as he was half-way through the season and Bosch was where he is now.

    If Alister Coetzee is to be believed then it’s pretty obvious, considering all above… why he’s chosen Pollard… and it’s got sweet fanny adams to do with him being a white Afrikaner.

  12. @Christo (Vetgesmeerde Blits):

    Hahahaha hard to make that stuff up… but yep nothing surprises me with his type anymore… stuck in their vacuous, Utopian, echo-chambers… I’m pretty much expecting him around here very soon, veins throbbing… calling all and sundry ‘Nazis’! bravo

  13. LMAO – Rob is just totally one-eyed for all things sharks.

    Pollard is bladdy good, so is Bosch. I do find it another v conservative decision if we’re looking to build towards RWC, and with Pollard playing so little. I would’ve taken both and left someone else out.

  14. Oh the irony that is Rob Otto!

    Lashes out on SW’s Twitter account (not his blog where he bans politics that doesn’t suit his narrative) the moment Pollard/Bosch is announced like a petulant spoilt little rich kid…

    Screaming ‘white’, ‘Afrikaner’, ‘privilege’ because he clearly knows better than the decision by the black Springbok coach doing the selecting…

    Then he realises he’s made an absolute arse of himself in front of his peers on the account worldwide and deletes said temper tantrum… but shows his true colours again by turning his angle from just ‘white’ privilege to his real angst and labels it ‘Afrikaner’ privilege despite being shown up yet again by said peers on the account from all over the world.

    The man is not only self-loathing… the worst trait a man can have… but also on top of being self-righteous he’s a downright bigot.

    Freud would have had a field day with him… self-loathing, anti-Afrikaner with an elitist bent… clearly a product of being bullied at PBHS and years of indoctrination by the likes of The Guardian since arriving on their shores.

    He’s much akin to the outright minority of brain-washed cultural Marxists here in Australia that have denounced ‘Australia Day’ in their left-wing moon-bat constituents as ‘Invasion Day’… despite the views of the outright majority, refusing to acknowledge it’s against the wishes of the Aboriginal Elders in their electorate… because they no better than both the majority and the traditional owners of the land. Self-righteous, dunder-head, elitism… everything they’re supposed to be against.

    All the traits of a ‘Corbynite’.

  15. Bryce, like I said, he belongs in an Antifa March. White people holding a posters that say white people suck etc. He’d feel right at home in a group of fascists, calling themselves Anti fascist. The irony though, is lost on these little snowflakes.

    He wouldn’t have said a word had it been Lamboe though, because Lambie is English.

    Like I said, I do not even support Pollards inclusion, but then talk about that, not some bell pottinger shit

  16. @Aldo:

    Yep indoctrinated vacuous echo-chambers they are… although I would not put him in the Antifa category… more the SJW’s at the march that stand back and condone their actions whilst wielding the usual dime-a-dozen oxymoronic placards.

    But I think we’ve said enough

  17. @Aldo:

    Ne’er point trying to educate this type… they usually get their red pill moment somewhere along the line when the consequences of their actions hit too close to home.

  18. Hate to break it to you both, but white South Africa is all about privilege and elitism. wtf u think apartheid was? An all-inclusive tea party?

    Read the article and Bunny’s words. A v good point is being raised for discussion – why is a white player with no game time being selected ahead of a non-white on form player? Especially with all the political sensitivities raised in red with the ‘unity’ game.

  19. @cab: what white privilege is their in 2017 Cab? My father with all his degrees and experience being forced to work in Lesotho for the last 10 years because he couldn’t find a job for 2 years in SA because he was retrenched for being white? Or maybe the white police officer getting overlooked for promotion with over 12 years in the force, for a young black person with no experience?

    What about an enforced quota on sports teams, whether there are enough players of international quality to meet this number or not? Or poor white people not able to get bursaries for their children because they are not seen as previously disadvantaged? No Cab, white privilege is a rumor and trap that sadly many a white folk believe.

  20. And on Bosch, did you see the junior world cup? He was found wanting and dropped for Willemse. No doubt he has talent, but he needs another season or two before being played at international level.

  21. Rob got the same white privileges as everyone else, and he is plain one-eyed when it comes to the sharks, but that’s not the point of the article written here.

    Instead of discussing it, you’ve gone off into a self-defensive paranoid hissy-fit and spat the dummy many times…

  22. Aldo – I can’t comment on the current situation, but me and you both had privilege, and our fathers certainly did – no doubt about it.

  23. @cab:

    A> You’re way off base on what South Africa is today!

    B> You’re clearly missing the point of a virtue-signalling self-righteous ‘white’ twat screaming ‘white Afrikaner privilege’ in one breath… then assuming he knows better than a black coach’s selection criteria on the other.

    C> you clearly did not see the said twat get schooled by all and sundry from every angle with ‘facts’ on the twitter feed with most of it deleted.

    D> All said options and possible reason have been discussed above in a clear and un-emotive (sic) manner.

    Move along nothing to see here!

  24. @cab: Cab, the article had nothing to do with his sharks bias. He chose to bring in Afrikaner privilege to defend his poor disadvantaged Sharks boy. Don’t cry when facts then point to the contrary.

    You’re dead right in not being able to comment about SA now and saying they were privileged before does nothing to change that we are not anymore. White privilege is a lie.

  25. Bryce – You are no better placed to comment on what SA is now. I got one thing think it’s an amazing country, all things considered, and a v nice place to live.

    As I said, I agree Rob was wrong to single out a group. He was just as privileged as were you and I.

    I don’t care who the coach is. The point remains if we acknlowge that ‘unity’ is an issue to try improve, how can you leave a talent like Bosch out over Pollard?

  26. @cab:

    Oy Vey this has been done to death…

    Whether you think RSA is a great place to live is moot. It’s a totally different entity 25 years later.

    If ‘unity’ was an issue there would be no quota’s.

    If ‘unity’ was an issue there would be no increasing quota’s.

    If ‘unity’ was an issue quota’s would not have stooped to new lows of depravity reverting to literal ‘pencil tests’ the Apartheid era.

    Quite frankly the whole Pollard/Bosch debate is now so stale… if you take your blinkers off for a minute you might see that Bosch has in fact been dropped for Dillon Leyds who has had more games for both the Boks and Bok ‘A’ has also been in form, not to mention covers more positions off the bench.

    I would have chosen none of the above three mentioned above. But I do have to give AC some form of kudos for sticking with his favourite despite the baying for otherwise from all sides.

  27. Rob Otto stole this site’s member data base and mailed them all to join him while he secretly set up a rival website called Sharksworld and then left our site. It is a far far cry from calling him a Friend of Ruggaworld.


    National Convenor of Selectors…

    Ladies and gentleman Peter Jooste…

    Oh fuck he’s black

  28. Well there must be a white face in there somewhere…

    In terms of his own employment contract THIS guy has final say over ALL selections and can veto or overrule ANY selection…

    Oh fuck he’s also black

  29. Bosch spent most of the season as full back and played as third choice flyhalf at the kak Sharks behind Pat Lambie and Garth April.

    He was crap to be perfectly honest.

    His few moments on the field as flyhalf for the Boks in PE were utter kak.

    In 2015 Marnitz Boshoff and not Elton Jantjes was the best flyhalf in South Africa yet he got overlooked in favour of Lambie and Pollard. Up to 2016 the media always said Jantjes had “a suspect temprament”… totally unjustifiable criticism but there you go.

    Pollard HAS played as Bok flyhalf. He HAS produced the goods. He has been on the winning side instrumental in beating the All Blacks. He has PROVEN himself.

    Personally I would NOT have selected him but one can understand why two black selectors would choose him as a Bok utility.

  30. And we have cab who lives in France telling us what a wonderful place South Africa is and we have Rob Otto in England telling us all us whities are privileged after he told me he left South Africa because of “the situation with the government and safety” …

    How about a whole piling wad of shut the fuck up unless you are actually here.

    And I’m not talking DAtopia Cape

    I am talking here the suburbs of Johannesburg and surrounds. Where you have eight foot pallisades around each house, you must have more than one big dog you need to train not to eat any food from strangers, you ahve 24 hour armed security response teams, you have to look out your yard every time you leave because this could be the time you get hijacks, and the same when you come home, where your kids can’t walk to and from school because kids in our neighbourhood walking to and from school have been robbed of cell phones and bicycles. Every time I see a green traffic light I slow down just in case some fool drives through a red one. Every time I stop at a traffic light I make sure my gun is easily accessible and there are no weird loiterers hanging around the intersection. Where every time you stop at an ATM no mater where you need to have eyes in the back of your head to make sure you don’t get robbed. Every morning you make sure you kiss your loved ones extra hard good bye because fuck knows you may never see them again. Where I do disciplinary hearings and then get phoned up at 1 am in the morning and told that if I fire anyone I will be killed… and my family too. Where you can name up every member of my family and I can tell you that every single one of them has been subjected to AT LEAST ONE violent crime, or like my wife four times. Where I read through job applications and 90% of them say EE or AA so you know no white applicants. Where a company does not want to do business with me regardless of my expertise and excellent reputation because I cannot produce a Level 1 BEE certificate even if I am a micro enterprise.

    Where the government gives my kids’ school one teacher per 40 kids and an empty forty year old school building. And that is ALL they give us and all contribute to their education. We parents provide sports kit, we mow the lawns, we maintain the buildings, paint them, improve them, pay lights and water, phones, paper, copies, internet, feed poor kids, provide extra uniforms for the needy, subsidize poor kids’ school fees ourselves, provide our own school doctor and nurse, coach kids, transport, extra teachers so we have a 25-1 ratio….

    While in townships they receive computer tablets to work with on computer white boards, meals delivered to the schools for staff and kids, finance to pay overtime for teachers, new schools, regular maintenance, extra classes provided by government for kids, extra teachers, government assisted examination preparation, transport to and from school, holidays paid for by government for school children and teachers at resorts.

    Take your white privilege and fuck it.

  31. There are kids in our school who live with a single parent in a one bedroomed Zozo hut in someone’s backyard. Whose father died and mom can’t get work because she just has standard eight but hey I guess she’s privileged just because she’s white. Who has to rely on handouts to feed their kids and clothe them for school.

    Otto can go fuck himself.

  32. @Jacques:


    Schalk Burger and Bryan Habana have walked into a Bok jersey after not playing for a season or two as well…. so daar kak daai een

    > Fact

    Cronje is white and played for SA A so daar kak daai een

    > Fact

    The reason why Jantjes “fights for his space” is because there exists in South Africa a favouring of incumbents and quite rightly his temprament has been called to question. As a Lions fan I will even blame the temprament issue on Cape rugby fans.

    > Fact

    Saying Pollard has been crap this year two sentences after you said he didn’t play for three years proves you’re a bullshitter.

    > Fact

    Raymond Ruhle, Skumbuzo Notshe, Trevor Nyakane, Sibusiso Nkosi, Scarra Ntumbeni… fuck me did you not note that “fast track” is primarily a black player thing? If you did not then you’re in cloud cuckoo land, which appears clearly to be so given the stupidity of those remarks.

    In my view RW is NOT a place where bullshit like this belongs.

  33. Here is an issue I have identified


    You socialize in a pub. Some doos slurs “The Shpringboksh are shelected for their white privileedsh” *hic*

    You suffer the consequences when someone bliksems you for being an idiot.

    Thus society conditions you to what can be regarded as normal behaviour and decent opinions. You learn by consequences.

    With the advent of social media suddenly those consequences are no longer there. You can say what you think without worrying that the bar may disagree with you.

    Then you get Rob Otto. He is 18 000 kilometers away behind a phone screen and he can squeal about white Afrikaner privilege without worry that some white Afrikaner working class boilermaker who works 10 hours a day of hard labour putting three kids through school with his sole income and hands as thick as Mayweather’s wallet taps him on the shoulder and says “Verskoon my maar wat het jy nou net oor Afrikaners gesê?”

  34. @Aldo:

    Aldo, honest question: I am amused by white South Africans going on about statements like this:

    “I treat him with the same disdain that I do BLM, BLF and Atifa”

    Movements in the US seems to have a lot of white SAns all riled up. How on earth is stuff happening in the US ruining your life in such a way? Or have you moved to the US?

  35. @cab:

    I’ll tell you what motherfucker

    When you interview someone with unwashed hair who has walked three kilometers in the rain with her kids some of whom are still in pyjamas to come for a subsidy interview and she tells you the kids haven’t eaten breakfast yet because there is no food in the house and still wearing “jammies” because they don’t have enough clothes for the weekend and live in a rented room then maybe we can talk white privilege.

    Until then shut your fucken self at me.

    Or call me when you land in Benoni then we can have a F2F “chat”…

    Maybe afterwards I can take you to Bredell to see your fucken “white privilege”

  36. @Craven: craven. BLF is a South African organisation, based on the vile groups in the US. Me getting riled up is not because of what they do in the US, but what they represent worldwide. I am not okay with a group telling me I am ecumenical because I am white. Frankly you should be worried about the popularity of these groups as well. Saying I shouldn’t get riled up about what happens in the US, says we should’ve kept quiet over Nazi Germany, or we should be happy old Kim in North Korea is testing nuclear missiles elsewhere.

    Fascists are on the rise and they are more dangerous then we think.

  37. @Craven:

    I was actually impressed that Aldo is so in tune with what is happening in the self-imploding West (I don’t consider RSA the West)…

    What has been happening from the EU to UK to CAN to the US and here in AUS (where we are fighting it tooth and nails) when it comes to cultural Socio-Marxist identity politics indoctrination at every level of our education systems is down-right devolutionary (sic)… and the likes of the Salafists and their Soros enablers must be chuckling over their truffled potato mash.

    However I’m not going to continue this conversation here…

  38. @cab:

    Come now… don’t be a princess… read what he’s actually saying outside of the few ‘hurtful words’ mate… he’s got his finger on the pulse.

    The Bunster has one thing right… this truly is a free platform… where rugby conversation is pushed to the boundaries of social commentary and then back again without (any that I can see lol) editing.

  39. Missed you Dawie… I knew this thread would poke the bear… have you spotted my non-de-plume on the spectator.com.au ?

    But let’s get back to rugga here.

  40. Hi,

    Occasionally give the website read without commenting. Find it becomes to time consuming. That said, thought would make an exception on this occasion

    This is not an attack, rather a thought for consideration

    How does a pretty much homogeneous group, self critique itself with balance and honesty? In me opinion, would be very hard

    Or put more simply, the topic is the “perceived or not” privilege of group X. Pretty much all the participants critiquing / discussing the topic matches profile of group X. The conversation lacks other parties points of view in order to give the discussion real balance and honesty

  41. @noeg: Thanks for your input. Yes if someone from a different group comments, maybe their view would make sense, I would welcome it if said people would come with their views, but then try and back it up as well. Don’t just make a comment and disappear. For this to be a discussion, both sides needs to bring their side.

    Anyway, comment more often please, this side is in need of some new blood in the comments section.

  42. @bryce_in_oz:


    I got a lifetime ban from playing golf at age 18 for blikseming the Lebanese club captain at Germistin Country Club… apparently he thought that being five foot high it was a good idea to try beat an East Rand thug acting smart who had just completed s nice long sint in national service and had more aggression and testosterone than blood pumping through his body.

    I got life ban from Black Steer a few years later when some fat bot Briton tried to tell me he was an officer in the Brtish Army and tried to stare me down after I told him I didn’t like the way he allocated restaurant sections based on girls good looks instead of waiter effectivity.

    I have gad so many lifetime bans from various sites. I see in the last two weeks two more of my Facebook VPN personas have been “deactivated” by facebook… fucken schlepp to create new ones. Worst is getting new cell phone numbers.


    So what input would you give bud? You have one white trash expat English twat saying a player got selected because he is a privileged white Afrikaner and other white folk telling him he’s fucken crazy for saying that.

    I presume from the tone that you are of Group Y (to use your phraseology) so please enlighten what would you view it as?

  43. @Aldo:

    Funny you should mention Nazi Germany, you did not include the neo Nazis and KKK from the US (only BLM and ANTIFA) in your concern groups that drive you up the wall, any particular reason for that?

  44. @DavidS:

    “BLF is South African…
    Blacks First Land First headed by Andile Mnxitama
    *cough cough*”

    Jip, you are of course correct, apologies for not excluding BLF from my question about South Africans getting worked up over US based groups.

    Care to comment about the 2/3rds of the groups mentioned that are not South African?

  45. @Craven: Haha, real funny Craven. Divert an redirect.

    No there is no specific reason other than those are the names also associated with falsely calling everything and everyone who do not agree with them, Racist. Neo Nazi’s and the KKK are pretty pleased with calling themselves racist and the world agrees they are a problem.

    Rob, like Antics, BLM and BLF is in a different league. You see, where we all agree that Neo Nazis and the KKK are wrong, these groups use violence and race mongering but the left liberal cheers them on as champtions for the greater good. Funny that their policies and utterances are exactly like that of the KKK, AWB, whatever else you want to call it. But somehow they get away with it. Must be because it has become fashionable to target the white male.

  46. Jeez I’m impressed that I even replied to that Craven, must be feeling generous because that is an age old tactic you used, which should not even be replied to.

  47. @Timeo:

    Er just a wee guess it’s because BLM is nothing more than a George Soros funded vehicle for creating race hate, anti-Republican and anti-free speech demagoguery!

    Rioting, looting, mass violent assaults on Trump supporters and proponents of free speech, several police deaths and critical injuries!

    Like Antifa and BAMN… nothing more than domestic terrorists!

  48. @Timeo: Timeo, if blm really was only to raise the fact that Black Lives Matter, then I wouldn’t hate them. But they have incited violence, they have attacked white people, they have on numerous locations made it clear that they are not about the promotion of one race lives, but the destruction of another.

    By the way, if BLM was all about Black Lives, shouldn’t we have seen truckloads of donations and volunteers helping out black displaced people in the aftermath of recent hurricanes? Their silence and show of support is deafening. But then again, that is not what they are about, is it?

  49. @Aldo:

    Aldo there’s a saying…

    “Black Lives Matter only when the killer is white”

    These Soros funded degenerates have attacked Blacks, Hispanics and other non-white races at free-speech and pro-Trump rallies. One of the police-men shot dead and several injured were black.

    I said above it’s demagoguery and their puppet-masters intentions are obvious and BLM, BAMN, Antifa are not the only groups being led by their strings not just in America but worldwide in the West including here in Australia.

  50. @bryce_in_oz: we have them here as well. A sad stat for BLM that prefers to ignore is that 93% of black murders are committed by black people. Not by white police as they always cry out.

  51. @Aldo:

    Antifa is only really strong here in Melbourne the Socio-Marxist capital of Australia. Albeit now that Patriots (of all colours) have recently begun to fight back after they attacked women, children, pensioners and pro-Australia rallies physically, with flag-poles, urine and faeces the last few years… so they’re a bit weakened. Not to mention unlike Berkeley et al our police don’t stand down on orders from higher powers and don’t tolerate them at all. Only a matter of time though before outfits like them become better funded and the typically brain-washed masked uni-students start being replaced with bussed paid degenerates with far more sinister tactics. Exactly like what is happening in the particularly sanctuary states in the US.

  52. @Aldo:
    Black Lives Matter was formed specifically to highlight the issues of police violence and mass incarceration in the USA. This is a very real issue and it dispropertionately effects black males and it ties in directly to a narrative of fear of that goes back to slavery and jimm crow. Your reaction to them ecactly mirrors that of the white racists over here. Those who believes that the black male needs to beaten down, lest he rises to ‘take their woman’.

  53. @Timeo:

    Key word there ‘was formed to highlight’!

    With all due respect you’ve been living in ‘MSM la-la-land’ for over a year now if you think that’s still what they’re about.

    Once George Soros and numerous Democrat entity’s started to throw hundreds of millions of Dollars at BLM in the run up to the elections and still to this day… they became another entirely different entity altogether!

    There are hundreds of youtube videos of blatant rioting, looting and anarchy by BLM members trucked into cities for Trump (and anti Trump) rallies America wide!

    There are hundreds of youtube videos of BLM members screaming ‘death to whites’, ‘shoot the cops’, ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’!

    There are hundreds of youtube videos of BLM members breaking police barricades and violently attacking Trump supporters (of all colours) and participants (of all colours) at ‘free speech’ rally’s!

    There are hundreds of youtube videos of BLM randomly attacking innocent white civilians, pulling them out of their cars at traffic lights and beating them within an inch of their lives because of the colour of their skin!

    There are hundreds of youtube videos of BLM shooting at police officers, the infamous stalking set-up and several deaths of both black and white police officers and critically injuring several other!

    There are the infamous videos of BLM members kidnapping a disabled white boy and torturing live on FB for hours for being white!

    The list goes on and on and on!

    “Your reaction to them ecactly mirrors that of the white racists over here.”

    Oh spare us… there are hundreds of youtube videos of black civilians, police officers, civilians and former BLM members calling them out for all of the above!

    So save the rhetoric that they have not devolved into a huge nation-wide violent street gang of deluded and degenerate puppets mobilising for their masters pulling the strings for every cause deemed necessary at a moments notice!

    With all due respect of course.

  54. @Timeo: Haha, call me a racist for not liking a racist, violent organization. That is pretty special, but not surprising. You either agree with BLM, Antifa and the like, or get called a racist. We have an organization you’d like here Timeo. It’s called BLF, according to them black people cant be racist and all white people are inherently racist.

  55. DPRK is the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea. That is what they are called. So if you don’t agree with their actions Timeo, then you are against democracy. About the same level of argument as you used.

  56. @Aldo:

    Have you ever read, To Kill a Mockingbird?
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Fynn? Uncle Tom’s cabin?

    Or perhaps, Cry the Beloved Country.

    Do yourself a favor. Great books and very easily readable. All works of fiction, but similar events really did happen and much worse.

    A black taxi driver told me once that some years before he was warned to leave my home town before nightfall. In the 90s!!!!! About 10 miles from my house, 4 blacks were once lynched by a white mob. Twenty miles to the north is a county where the whole black population was driven out of their homes and out of the county over a few months. This was after a lynching. Not far away is a town where ancestors of current city council members drove 100 miles to remove an accused black man from the state prison, brought him back and hanged him in the town square. No trial and none of the perpetrators had to face justice either.
    The lists of such crimes from the past goes on and on and on…
    Yet white people rarely speak of it. None of it is taught in schools. When I point this out to my friends and neighbors they stare at me with blank eyes and change the subject.
    Yet everywhere in every town are monuments to “Our heroes” who fought to preserve the Confederacy.

    Try for a moment to walk in someone else’s shoes. The world will be a much better place if decent people can find it in themselves to acknowledge the injustices of the past and do what they can to correct for it.

  57. @Timeo:

    Nothing you have said above changes the fact that BLM has devolved into a ‘hired’ violent murderous mass mobilising protest group that will attend any rally their puppet-masters employ them to and they have no qualms with rioting, looting, critically assaulting anyone there… no matter what their race.

    Hundreds if not thousands of former (black) members have distanced themselves from the BLM of today… as have many (black) politicians, celebrities, peers that once supported them.

    So no amount of you harping back to the ‘ills of the past’ is going to change the fact that they’ve devolved into domestic terrorists for hire!

  58. @Timeo:

    Aldo’s a big boy who can defend himself… but quite frankly your condescending assumptions when mentioning those four books is downright supercilious!

    You do know that two of those books are ‘still’ on the syllabus in South Africa and three have been for decades.

    But it’s plainly obvious what your haughtiness is inferring and a shame.

  59. @bryce_in_oz: haha Bryce, no need to worry. It comes as no surprise that the next thing to say would be that I’m not smart enough, nor well read.
    @Timeo: Timeo, I have read all of the above, even saw the movie of one or two of them. I fail to see the relevance of any of the above to BLM. Maybe to the organization that the founders of BLM wanted to be, but very little else. I also fail to see how you answered any of my comments. You point your comments on me but then do not answer a single thing that I have said. Not one.

    Yes many injustices happened and were overlooked in the past. Yet in your mind that seems to excuse BLM for torturing a disabled boy for hours on video, for the world to see. It excuses their attacks on white, black and Hispanic people who do not agree with them on an issue. It is Also okay today for a white family to be slaughtered on farms with politicians laughing at it.

    Maybe you should read some more, like the couple that were tortured to death on their farm for a cellphone and R500. When a request for a moment’s silence for this couple, who coincidently were very actively involved in helping out black people of the area, much like the son of the one father in “Cry, the beloved country”, the notion was openly laughed at by ANC, EFF and DA council members.

    And that is not even my point. BLM is a terrorist organization, very little else. It started in 2013 as an impassioned plea that black lives matter as much as white lives do. And it was a noble plea. This has sadly fallen away.

    As for police violence against blacks. 2015 stars show that in the USA, shootings of white suspects is 50%, yet of black suspects it is at 26%. So that just does not even begin to justify the levels of violence we have seen from BLM, nor Antifa.

  60. “None of it is taught in schools.” What utter bollocks. You speak from a point of complete disillusion. Maybe before telling me what to read, enlighten yourself with the current curriculum in our schools.

  61. Timeo, you’ve asked questions and I have answered. Now please entertain me and answer two questions. Are you aware of the violence committed by BLM? Then if yes, why have you not denounced said violence?

  62. @Aldo:

    Oh why bother it’s pretty obvious from the to-and-fro what both his answers and deflections will be.

    It’s pretty much about time this thread was shut and back to the rugby methinks.

  63. Bryce,

    You seem to be in dire need of some quality reading. Start with Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It may help you cope with all the random nonsense you read on the internet all day.
    Is your situation still that you surf the internet and day trade while your wife has a real job?

  64. @Timeo: if all else fails, resort to insults.
    @Timeo: you talk about occurrences in SA, yet then suddenly talk about US schools? Bull Timeo. Anyway, care to answer my questions?

  65. @Timeo:

    You’re weak pal and oh so predictable… nice deflection…

    You’ve been owned around several times above so you try and get personal.

    ‘Day-trading’ lol… have you watched too many Hollywood movies? Investing not a ‘real’ job… no it’s not… I’m not bound by the constraints of average Joe yet my pay ‘cheque’ is considerably more.

    As for Talib… he booted out from his practise after piggy-backing on his junior traders… I’ve outperformed their fund on average every year before he was given his marching orders.

    As for reading… pal I’ve read more insightful books than you’ve had hot dinners…

    Now give yourself an uppercut and be on your way.

  66. @Aldo:

    Textbook reply… could set your clock to it.

    No greater example of a frustrated puppet of the MSM. No clue what’s going on in his own country.

  67. @Aldo:

    Found them.

    I steer clear of such discussions because I probably do not consider your information sources credible. I guess you feel likewise about mine. Unless we can agree on a source of information we both consider credible it is pointless. I suggest The Economist magazine.
    It’s also the reason why I prefer to use classic books as my idea guides. Things that’s withstood the test of times are less likely to be random noise.

  68. @bryce_in_oz:

    Good for you then.

    I had a friend here who’s wife had a real job while he was supposedly self employed and doing great, but was mostly descending into the alt-right cesspits on the internet. Eventually his wife got so embarrassed by his irrational rants that she left him. Everyone except him could see it coming and the problem for him was that he was, by then, practically unemployable.

  69. @Timeo:

    Sure you do pal…

    If you’re ‘really’ familiar with the works of Nassim Nicholas Taleb you would have seen him say in many interviews “you never win an argument until they attack your person.”

    Your over-inflated opinion of self worth is almost entertaining if were not such a desperate show of flagellation.

    Run along back to your Bilderberg induced Utopia son.

  70. @Timeo: divert and redirect. So actual video footage is not credible. Yeah you’re probably right, we won’t agree on what is credible so let’s be generous and call this a stalemate. Because I will obviously only get divert and redirect and never an answer.

  71. @bryce_in_oz:

    Hey, if it’s all just an internet persona I applaud you, but you have to acknowledge that all this ranting and raving about Soros and the Bilderbergs and Black Lives Matter sure sounds like a couple of white guys looking for someone to blame because their lives had gone to shit lately.

  72. @Americano:

    That’s an interesting little essay, but his premise
    (“If your private life conflicts with your intellectual opinion, it cancels your intellectual ideas, not your private life”) is a bit of nonsense.

    Does the fact that Jefferson owned slaves cancels the validity of his intellectual opinion “….that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…..”?
    I think not. For us today to hold that position would be absurd.

    Same goes for Newton dabbling with alchemy and Kepler starting with the mystic premise that the orbits of the planets must fit into the perfect platonic solids, do not in any way cancel out the validity and the determinism of the laws of physics they became famous for.

    Intellectual ideas may be valid independently of whether the person expressing them is a hypocrite, misguided or just not brave enough to live up to them.

  73. Timeo, I posted it as a response to you recommending the reading of the authors books. Ya don’t have to be some Taleb-pert to recognize that there is NO WAY he would take the cabbies story to you without a wheel barrow of salt as the incentive for the story ( & a boo-hoo sympathy that would come from its wildly abhorrent nature – should show a bit better in the tip at the end of the ride – especially from a guy with an accent) has ZERO downside for the cabbie.
    To USE that anecdotal point as far as a basis for your argument – I think you’re too smart for but hey it’s easy I get it. What IMO made it irresistible for you to use it was the virtue signaling it allowed you to ( & make no mistake about this) INDULGE in. Instead of being right or not knowing you chose to feel righteous & that’s a very boring look.
    Taleb is a TRADER & that’s what animates /pickshis math.
    As far as one thing not cancelling out another – from real life to theory – I get it as a dichotomy that exhales CO2.
    Alchemy didn’t need to linearly connect to physics to have value and be foundational to modern science.
    Alchemy gave us Willie LeRoux……& that’s enough