Had a few days to ponder over the loss against the All Blacks and it did not make it any better.

I see there has been allot of talk from the coach, his assistants and some players and even the media on the so-called positives out of this test.

Are we going mad? Positives?

Only positive was that they only got 57 points and not more.

Want to hear some positives Allister? Well it is easy get your blerrie selection right firstly and secondly pick the blerrie right game plan against the teams you playing.

Just maybe then we will have something positive to talk about…

His team is not the best we have and in a time when transformation is always being thrown around why the hell do we not pick the black players who are far better than the some players we have in this squad.

Let’s first look at the backs….

Hougaard must just go back to England and go and make his money because that is the highest level he will be good at now. I know Paige is not the greatest nine we have every seen but he is a shitload better than Hougaard.

Agree with the comments over the weekend that Jantjies does not get his support and cannot produced the same level as he did at the Lions with players around him just not good enough.

Serfontein is a good player but need someone that will complement his game. This is were it is beyond me why Kriel is in this team when you sit with a great player like Am.

Combination of Am and Serfontein will not just bring more attacking play but surely will bolster the defence as well.

The wings have been dreadful with Rhule definitely not a test player, he is barely a Super Rugby player. With players like Combrinck, Nkosi, Senatla and Kobus van Wyk just to name a few why is he still in the team?

At fullback we have not found the answer in Andries Coetzee. He has been dreadful under the high ball and has offer nothing on attack really against the Aussies and All Blacks. We sit with a Gelant who has been great in Super Rugby and Currie Cup.

He is by far the best 15 in the country and has been all year.

I can just imagine a backline with Cronje/Paige, Jantjies/Pollard, Serfontein, Am, Nkosi, Skosan with Gelant at Fullback.

That will be something to be positive about, Allister.

While we at it tell Brendon Venter to bugger-off and get Jacques Nienaber in this system to sort out our defence. We do not need people who does not want to commit 100% so we do not need Venter.

It is also time for Van Graan to go back to his daddy at the Bulls and leave Springbok rugby alone, he has been crap with Meyer and has done nothing since joining Coetzee.

Against the only two better test sides we have played this year we were crap. We should have won by plenty against the Aussies and it would have even been nice to score a point against the All Blacks.




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  1. I’m not buying AC’s continuing ‘building for the RWC’ and this is a ‘young team’ bollocks as an excuse for the legacy of broken records he is enabling. The AB’s don’t simply discard the Luke Romano’s, Dan Coles, SBW’s, Jerome Kaino’s, Charlie Faumuina’s, Kieran Read’s, Ben Smith’s, Wyatt Crockett’s to name but a few… when they’re past 30 years old. They retain form world class, no matter the age whilst building at the same time.

    There is easily a handful of capped Boks (without including the likes of Combrink) that have simply been discarded when they are still in peak form and better than many currently in the squad and at the very least would add huge value from the bench if not starting.

    BDP (bench or rotation)
    Duane Vermeulen (8)
    Frans Steyn (at 12 with Serfontein at 13, back-up PK and exit support for Jantjies… even utility bench option instead of DDA)

    For starters.

    But selection is moot really… it seems to be getting worse… no matter how much of a drubbing in those weak areas they get. Rhule is a case in point… 9 almost consecutive miss tackles in one match… terrible positional play… zero boot throwing long looping passes with space in his 22 back to the almost unsuspecting 15. When your winger has had the worst defensive stats in SR… and now the worst in the entire TRC… and the coach is still positive… it says it all.

    Game-plan is no better… the sheer lack of even basic homework on the AB’s rush defence and the BIL’s offensive defence is an indictment of how poor the coaching unit led by a muppet and supported by Venter is. Clearly they did not watch the BIL’s, Australia (2nd test) even the Argies in Argentina. Arrogance or ignorance or both.

    It’s difficult not to get riled on all of the above (and that was only quick synopsis)… it’s coming very close to being more passively accepting and moving on (to another team). For the first time I didn’t really even want to watch that AB’s test… and boy were we punished for it and the ignorant coaching comments following.

    “Even the All Blacks lost to the British & Irish Lions earlier this year and they didn’t become a bad team.” said Coetzee (47% win rate) about the AB’s under Hansen (90% win rate) dash

    ” one must not only focus on the storms, but look at the rainbow as well.” That’s starting to sound eerily ‘Snor-ish’! help

    What other coach in world rugby, breaking so many ‘bad’ records, with a win % like that retains his job? Not even Cheika has hit those lows and his predecessor got the flick for falling below 50% in one season.

    Methinks last chance saloon is Rassie Erasmus and Nienaber and booting AC (not carrying him)… I’m really surprised they’re actually coming back to this mess.

  2. “also time for Van Graan to go back to his daddy at the Bulls and leave Springbok rugby alone” why would you pick on the Bulls?

    Seriously though, I agree with the Venter comment. Ludicrous that a coach can be involved with the Boks and then go coach a team we are playing against. We still lack a game plan. Heyneke bought into the, run everything plan and that cost us dearly, AC just seems clueless as to how he wants us to play. We rely on defense to get us turnover ball to play with, yet our defense does not rush, rather wait. And if they do rush we miss one on one tackles.

  3. @Aldo:

    Heyneke at least had more than one plan. He bayed to public pressure to play ‘attractive’ rugby and Eddie Jones tore that apart with Japan. He went back to Bok strengths and they were a handful of points away from a RWC final which I care say they could have won.

    Coetzee and his excuses and player-blaming last season and most recent ‘Snorisms’ show him for what he is… a passenger who is being carried.

    There is no doubt this seasons scrums have been better, there is no doubt the morale and team spirit has been better. But if Venter takes the credit for defensive systems in the five wins and draw… then he has to be the first to put his hand up for the total folly that was not changing tactics against NZ rush defence and attack.

  4. @bryce_in_oz: that was my point. Heyneke gets seen by some as where the rot started, but in 2014 we actually had good structures and game plans, sadly he fell to public pressure and became his own biggest enemy. Sadly Japan did not happen earlier

  5. @Aldo:

    Only the blind mate only the blind.

    It’s very clear where the ‘rot’ started and it was not from the coach that had the most successful win % since Nick Mallet and went one better than his predecessor in what’s supposed to be the ultimate barometer (which I don’t agree with) namely the RWC.

  6. Japan! Fokof with Hak Hak, only white entitled Afikaners can still long for the days of that idiot! He was a moron at selections, and his only hope was for a bunch of old ballies to somehow carry him. No matter how many “what if” scenarios you throw at it, he was doomed to be a good domestic Coach in the 90s – full stop.

  7. @Craven:

    Nobody is ‘singing his praises’ merely showing the teams are like chalk and cheese now!


    This ‘entitled Soutie’ says that’s crap… he achieved far more than being a ‘good domestic coach’ and nothing you can say will change that.

    But let’s not defer from the topic at hand. Shite selections, shite game-plans, shite coach and a 47% win ratio which could even be worse by seasons end.

  8. @Craven:

    HM didn’t back himself. He didn’t think ” Jesus loves me so F*** it I’m gonna go with my gut”. Constant playing it safe. I say this with his WC picks it’s as if he wanted plausible deniability as far as conventional wisdom selections.
    He ONLY chose the Messerschmitt to come into the side OUT OF DESPERATION as he KNEW his team was a still-born offensively.
    THAT is what St Peter will give HM a hard time about before entrance into the Pearly Gates. HM…..we believed in you – if only you trusted that……& in turn trusted yourself.
    Anyway….. next life I suppose.

  9. Just an interesting thought, Jake’s new young inexperienced team of 2004 won the trinations that year, and gave NZ the highest score ever recorded against them at Ellis Park, 40/26.

    They came within a pubic hair breadth of klapping NZ in NZ that year as well, with Mealamu scoring that controversial try right at the end, and NZ winning 23/21.

    The same reason Jake wanted to see Thabo Mbeki before the world cup is the same reason Coetzee is the coach, is the same reason Combrinck,Kwagga, Bismarck, Frans Steyn, Vorster isn’t there, is the same reason the whole country looks like it does.

    Go figure….