Even if Coetzee manage to win against the French, Italians and Wales it does not justify for him to stay in charge of the Springboks.

In fact he should have been showed the door after 2016 but for some reason he put forward some lame excuse of not enough time to plan for 2016.

From day one Coetzee made mistake on mistake at the helm and spread his nonsense around at every press conference to justify his decision making and justify his selections.

Picking the bulk of the Lions stars helped a bit against a poor French side in June but we soon went back to what we saw and got used to from him in 2016.

Manage only two wins in Rugby Championship against the weakest side in the tournament which is the only side worst than the Springboks.

Only he and his two cronies will know why players like De Allende, De Jager, Dreyer, Rhule, Coetzee, Cronje, Jantjies stay in the team and why some of them even stay in this group.

We were told the fairy tale that Coetzee will pick players on form, but these form players are left out of the squad or left signing deals with overseas clubs.

It is not even worth talking about Coetzee game plan, because there is non.

It is not that we do not have quality coaches, we sit with coaches like Ackermann in Europe and Stonehouse in Japan.

Coetzee should have been appointed in the first place on a 1 year deal to be evaluated for extension.

In any team a coach with his record would have been long gone but it seems we except mediocre coaches in our rugby.

Ackermann has taken Gloucester and in a short space of time to number 3 on the Aviva Championship log, only seven points behind the leaders Saracens.

He has proven to be one of the better managers in our system and is a coach that can build on the limitations of players and bring a winning culture back in a team(old school ways).

Coaches that surrounds them with professionals usually succeed. To think for one moment you can get to the top with mediocre assistants and by your own ability is just plain stupid and naive.

SARU needs to get out of their contract with Coetzee and get a coach that can take the Springbok forward. A coach with vision and understanding of the qualities of players and not on reputation.

The only way is to get rid of Coetzee now and give a quality coach all the opportunity to give us firstly an opportunity in 2019 and secondly to get Springbok rugby back to the challenge the best in the world

If Coetzee stays on as coach we most properly will win some matches, may even be able to win a test against the All Blacks, but comes 2019 we will not win the World Cup.

We will still be losing quality players to Europe and Japan but the worst of all of this will be the coach taking over after 2019 will be left worst off than what Meyer left the Boks in 2016.

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  1. Jacques, I see you list Jantjies on your list of players that need to go. Who would you pick in his place? Pollard showed on Saturday he is nowhere near the required form for international rugby.

    As for the other players in SA, probably only Du Preez currently looks to be in some form, but he has not really performed in Super rugby yet. Unfortunately he has been getting injured at the most inopportune times. Hopefully he can get a full season under the belt next year and show us what he can do.

    As for other options, there is Lambie, but he was out most of the season with concussion, only came back now in the French league, would have been difficult to pick him.

    So who would you have picked for the tour?

  2. @Craven: Not so much to go…I am of the believe that if Jantjies is world class with Lions in SR why not with Boks?

    That means it is Coetzee…

    10’s to look at?

    Lambie, Steyn, Du Preez, Pollard, Willemse, Jantjies, we have enough

  3. @Jacques:

    “Only he and his two cronies will know why players like De Allende, De Jager, Dreyer, Rhule, Coetzee, Cronje, Jantjies stay in the team and why some of them even stay in this group”

    This comment indicates otherwise.

  4. @Craven: The current game from AC and the way he play Jantjies will never work, Jantjies is not such a player, that is why I will drop him.

    Coetzee is idiot who cannot see the strong abilities of his players, if he could he would have used these abilities

    I am not falling for Springbok rugby is a level to high for Jantjies, Springbok level with AC useless game plan is not working for him.

    Maybe this boertjie English let him down in explaining it in the article mail

  5. @Craven:

    Yeah… thanks to AC or not… he has now had his time IMO… I would not drop him entirely from the 23 or squad. But when your 10 has terrible exit-kicking, tactical kicking is starting to miss PK`s not to mention the fact he has to be hidden on the wings (who cannot tackle either) then this persistence makes no sense whatsoever. Pollard needs more starts and best they start thinking about bringing Lambie back into the mix and Robert DP to get some exposure at the very least. I am not sold on Bosch (yet) to be frank… but he could at least get some game-time against Italy as 10/15 cover.

  6. @Jacques: At the Lions Jantjes is given the calls.
    AC wants to revert to his Fourie Du Preez days when the scrumhalf made calls.
    He also expects Jantjes to play inside a strct structured game plan that does not suit Jantjes’ style.
    Spot the stupid.
    If you want to see what Jantjes is capable of… watch him rip Beauden Barett a new asshole in the SR semi final Lions v Hurricanes…
    THAT is what Jantjes did ALL season… suddenly under Coetzee he is kak…
    I know where the kak is and it is not the player. I predicted this when that twat took over the Boks. Jantjes would never flourish under him.

  7. @DavidS: As much as I agree that Coetzee is the cause for Jantjies to struggle, I agree with the call to drop him. Jantjies is brilliant, no doubting that, but he doesn’t suit Coetzee’s plan, if there is such a thing. The problem for Coetzee is, that we do not have a 9 that is a playmaker. You need that for the game plan Coetzee wants. It does not matter who you play at 10 sadly, he will fail in this structure if you do not have a 9 that cannot be playmaker.

    The stupid thing is, pienaar fits this style of play but isn’t even in the group.

  8. @DavidS:

    Or she should not persist with selecting him.

    Coetzee`s purported game-plan also deems he has a back three that are big on defence, powerful, good under the high-ball… look what he selects

  9. DavidS

    I’m v surprised for your outright support of jantjies cos I thought you were a racist fundamentally.

    I agree that jantjies is good in super rugby, at moments he looks outstanding, but he also has had so many chances at test level. I think this coach is crap and is making these players look v bad, but I’m also not sure jantjies or Cronje are worldclass players.