Coetzee to be fired, Coetzee to pick is “strongest side” for Italy, Frans Steyn club making it difficult for him to play for Boks and Jake White saying Springbok will not be a force in 2019.

This is just some of the news surrounding the Springboks so far this week while they prepare to face Italy, a team that beat them last year this time.

Atleast we got the good news yesterday that Rassie Erasmus has started his new job at SARU and this is us hoping that there will be change but to think one man can suddenly change the fortune of the Springboks and South African rugby is a little bit naive.

One of the major concerns this last couple of months was that Coetzee was not willing to give the fringe players a change to proof themselves and it seems that he is continuing on that trend for this weeks test against Italy.

One can understand that Coetzee is under pressure but this pressure he brought onto himself.

Coetzee has plenty of problems but these two stands out….

  1. Selections
  2. Gameplan

In some way these two go hand in hand and unfortunately both play a part in the poor showing and record of Coetzee Springbok sides the last two years.

Every coach and his assistants will have a game plan they believe in and to a point we as supporters need to except it and support them in this plan. The problem for Coetzee has been that his game plan firstly changed from last year and when he did not get the results in the Rugby Championship, he reverted to what they knew best.

It is the most frustrating part of a supporter to see how a game fail week in and week out and everyone else can recognized the failure expect the coaching team. Brendon Venter even started blocking people on social media when they did not agree with his opinion.

Selection of your national teams should be firstly base on merit and I do not believe Coetzee understand the meaning of the word.

Merit is defined as the quality of being good or worthy and when you think of merit you think of words like excellence, goodness, standard, quality, worthy, eminence, value, distinction and deserving.

Now how many of those words can be associated with the current group on tour?

Now it is easy to blame players but then I looked at the past few games and realized these same players under different Super Rugby coaches performed and under Coetzee game they have failed. One perfect example is Elton Jantjies and Ross Cronje.

I am not convinced on statements that they are just not good enough at this level, they have been exceptional in Super Rugby and with a different game where they are allowed to express themselves on the field.

One cannot force a dog to clime a tree, he is most effective when he is on the ground, the same goes with Coetzee game, you cannot expect a attacking flyhalf to suddenly start playing Naas Botha rugby and expect him to be great at it.

As with the Stormers Coetzee have yet again managed to screw-up Jantjies game and he is fast doing it to Cronje as well.

If you want to play 10-man rugby and kick sides backwards as an attacking plan then pick Morne Steyn or Patrick Lambie at ten or even get Liefing back on the rugby field.

Coetzee game plan can be sum up with Roxette hit ” Crash, Boom, Bang”.

Italy would have been the best opportunity to let Gelant and Am loose but unfortunately Coetzee has other plans, maybe someone can change his mind as with Vermeulen.

I am maybe alone in my believe but I do disagree with Jake White that we can not be a force in 2019. If we get a quality coach he can turn our quality players around in two years nut it starts and end with what decisions SARU makes in December.

One want to ask why NH sides are so much better theses days, well England has Eddie Jones(Australia), Lions had Gatland(NZ), Ireland Schmidt(NZ), Wales Gatland(NZ), Montpellier TOP leaders Cotter (NZ), maybe it is time to realize we need someone outside South Africa because we simple do not have the quality within.


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  1. Coetzee has plenty of problems but these two stands out….

    1. Selections
    2. Gameplan

    South African rugby has one problem… Alistair Coetzee. Coetzee is is easiest to solve.

  2. What exactly will Rassie’s job at SARU be?
    Hopefully a real job and not another made up fake title such as DOR, High Performance Manager, Database builder or Consultant of consultancies like before.

    Firing the coach will accomplish nothing.
    SA rugby’s problems goes much deeper than a struggling coach.

  3. Lots to agree with in the above, especially the supposed failure of Cronje and Jantjies in the national team. So why is this and how does the Springbok gameplan differ from that of the Lions? Not entirely sure but one thing that sticks out as a point of difference is use of hard won possession. The Springboks tend to hand possession back to the opposition too easily with endless tactless kicks that are too deep to pin opponents in their half whereas the Lions are more tactical when they kick and prefer a New Zealand style of play that involves plenty of ball retention, offloading at contact and attacks up the middle and around fringes.

    Teams starved of possession can have a hard time winning. On the weekend the AB’s struggled to overcome the Scots who had 60% of the possession and Wales have already said they intend to emulate the Scots this weekend.

  4. @Timeo: He will oversee all National coaches, teams and player contracts as far as I can get it.

    Also heard some birds saying that he will be much more involved in the Springboks than we might think, suppose more will be come clear in December.

    He is already busy with the planning of next year and priority will be the 3 test against England in June

    Nienaber will be directly involved with Boks, which is blerrie good news

  5. ps. Coaching by New Zealanders has fuck all to do with NH success

    “Outside South Africa” just buys into the English South African myth that we are never good enough

  6. David all of them outside SA, Nienaber will be with Boks as High Performance Department manager, if we lucky Rassie will be more involved

    Dawie Theron, seriously you so desperate?
    Jake will not coach a Bok side again….and he is not in SA

    @Timeo: I beg to differ I think stay tune will have some more news in the next couple of weeks…

  7. @Jacques:

    Mallet, DOR at WP. Fail
    Rassie, DOR at WP. Fail
    Woodward, DOR at England. Fail
    Gold DOR at Sharks. Fail
    Muir, DOR at Lions. Fail
    Meyer, DOR at Bulls. Perhaps this was not a fail though the Bulls have been a fail since.

    I think there’s enough examples to be sceptical.

  8. @Timeo: wel i do mot mot know what those guys job description was but what I heard out of SARU It is exciting for me

    Suppose Rassie will have to proof the believe I have in him
    Maybe the same title but job is not the same as those guys you mentioned

  9. South Africans can be v good coaches, best in the world, along with kiwis, we steeped in it. Problem is those domdoos backward drolle. Get A coach with innate confidence and ingenuity, not arrogance. Only one I seen is rassie and mallet, and maybe Ackerman with all he’s learnt from Mitchell but with his own skills. White comes with too many issues and baggage.

    One thing timeo makes a v good point on is are these saviour going to get their hands dirty? Saffas v quick to distance themselves from a sinking ship – not much grit.

  10. @Jacques:

    Here’s the problem, as I see it.

    If they appoint a DOR expecting him to make the team better, finger pointing between him and the coach, in case of failure, is inevitable.
    In case of success, the coach will want to take the credit and the bosses will figure they don’t need the DOR after all and fire or sideline him.
    This is what happened to Rassie before and this is what happened with just about every DOR I’ve heard of.
    It seems like every generation of rugby administrators insist on repeating every mistake by their predecessors.

  11. @Timeo: ^This is where I believe it will be different.

    Normally team sign off and direction of team was done between coach and President, that is now coach and Rassie.

    We have a rugby man signing off on teams, contracts and the way all National teams will play.

    As far as Rassie at WP, just checked the Geo story the other night, how fuycking good was that WP and Stormers teams of 2009, 2010 and 2011. WP still produce some of the best U19, U20 teamns each year, we loose them all but we still produce them.

    That is still Rassie structure in works at WP rugby.

    I must say history shows DOR is not working but from what I hear out of SARU at the moment is that Rassie is doing it his way and at this stage it sounds great.

    Maybe it is because Christmas is around the corner but I think next year this time our rugby will be 100% better.