Although we beat Italy with ease it was not a great test with still too many issues in the team.

Cronje was better this week but in my mind is not the answer to our problems at nine. Paige was sharp behind the pack when he came on but that was with a tiring Italian side so not fair to compare.

Pollard had a much better game than against the French but you need to take the opposition into account.

In the midfield we still need that little bit extra and hopefully Coetzee will give Am a change this weekend but against the Italians it would have been the perfect opportunity to get him into the setup.

On the wings we can only look forward to a guy like Ruan Combrinck coming back next year and hopefully Nkosi will get his change when he is fit again.

Gelant took his opportunity with both hands and twice almost scored against the Italians. He is that X-factor player we need in the backs and may this be the start of his permanent inclusion.

Coetzee is not good enough, he almost never link up with any players and always go dead with ball in hand and his tactical kicking has been poor to say the least.

To say that this win against Italy was a turning point is just for those living in a fools paradise.

Actaully love this time of the year with the silly season where everyone is speculating what is gong to happen, specially with Allister Coetzee failing as a coach for the second year in a row.

What is that saying? ” Where there is smoke their must be a fire” but really people need to realise that it is not as easy as that.

It is almost Meyer and 2015 all over again where more than half the supporters want to see the back of Coetzee.

Money will also play a vital roll if a decision to release Coetzee from his duties. With most great coaches also contracted one can expect that SARU will have to cough up a payout for Coetzee and the one they want to take over.

Maybe they will just cut his wings a bit and let Rassie control his mouth, game plan and selections only time will tell but we can be sure allot of media speculations will still come till SARU meets in December.

Here is the highlights of the Italy test.




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  1. The reversion to old foreign Boks, sticking with underperforming players and out-of-form SA players and playing an outdated backward plan with no get-up-and-go is precisely why this guy must now go.

    Boks need best of the best (players and coaches), excellence not mediocrities. Let him go back to super rugby – doesn’t cut the mustard. Needs a brave innovative thinker than changes things up, not some domdoos consistent kak. Ill take disco Rassie any day of the week.

  2. This from the roar:

    One of the interesting aspects of Scotland’s famous victory is the part played in it by Australians, with some help from a couple of New Zealanders.

    The main New Zealander is Vern Cotter, the craggy, taskmaster coach who pulled Scotland from virtual extinction as a rugby power before handing over to Gregor Townsend to add the polish to a team that was no longer one of the easybeats of world rugby.

    A second New Zealander, Dave Rennie, the successful coach of the Chiefs recently, has been coaching Glasgow. A lot of the attitude of instilled in the rampant Glasgow team by Rennie has flowed into this Scotland side.

    Gregor Townsend himself, like Clive Woodward before him, spent some time in grade rugby in Sydney.

    A fine running number ten himself, Townsend has embraced the traditional Sydney style of running rugby ……….

    Townsend was helped in the coaching box on Saturday night by an assistant coach, Matt Taylor, who was the defence coach for the Reds when they won their Super Rugby title.

    The director of rugby in Scotland is Scott Johnson, a long-time Sydney player with a penchant for innovative thinking about rugby. Johnson had a period of time coaching with the Wallabies under John Connolly. But more recently he has been the brains behind getting the personnel in the coaching box and on the field to make Scotland a rugby power again, after a couple of decades of stagnation.

  3. “Allister Coetzee has laughed off suggestions that his future as Springbok coach is in doubt, states he is going nowhere.“

    With an at best 48% result for the season… not much more to comment on. The man is immune from KPIs.

  4. A second New Zealander, Dave Rennie, the successful coach of the Chiefs recently, has been coaching Glasgow.

    Only started in July/August… AFTER SR

    *cough cough*