Day 2

Challenge Trophy quarter-finals

Canada 10-5 USA
Wales 17-24 France
Argetnina 26-7 Uganda
Spain 31-0 Russia

Cup quarter-finals

South Africa 26-10 Samoa
Fiji 35-24 Scotland
New Zealand 14-12 Kenya
England 26-19 Australia

13th place semi-finals

USA 21-31 Wales
Uganda 17-12 Russia

Challenge Trophy semi-finals

Canada 21-28 France
Argentina 12-14 Spain

Fifth place semi-finals

Samoa v Scotland
Kenya v Australia

Cup semi-finals

South Africa v Fiji
New Zealand v England

World Rugby’s 2017/18 Sevens Series kicks off in Dubai on Friday and will continue til tomorrow when the Dubai champion is crowned.

We will keep up to date on all the happenings at this years Dubai Sevens and the first few matches have already been played and scores have been coming in.

Dubai Sevens Pools are as follow

Pool A: South Africa, Canada, Kenya, Uganda
Pool B: England, Scotland, France, Spain
Pool C: Fiji, Australia, Wales, Russia
Pool D: New Zealand, USA, Argentina, Samoa

World Rugby’s 2017/18 Sevens Series kicked off in Dubai on Friday, with South Africa, Fiji, New Zealand and England topping their pools.

All four teams finished with three wins from three records and will face Samoa, Scotland, Kenya and Australia in their respective quarter-final.

South Africa entered Dubai with their most experienced side ever and forward Chris Dry says they’re going to start from scratch on day two.

“We’re very happy with the outcome today,” he said after Day One. “There are a few things we’re going to work on and a lot of things we can rectify ahead of tomorrow. We need to cut out some of the mistakes, but it has been a good day. We’ll bag it and start from zero tomorrow.”

In the Trophy quarter-finals, Canada will tackle rivals USA, Wales meet France, Argentina take on Uganda while Spain will clash with Russia.

Day One Results

United States 14-22 Argentina
New Zealand 24-12 Samoa
Australia 38-7 Wales
Fiji 50-7 Russia
Canada 15-29 Kenya
South Africa 19-10 Uganda
Scotland 24-14 France
England 28-0 Spain
United States 14-26 Samoa
New Zealand 21-19 Argentina
Australia 47-0 Russia
Fiji 21-7 Wales
Canada 22-17 Uganda
South Africa 48-5 Kenya
Scotland 26-21 Spain
England 14-12 France
Argentina 12-22 Samoa
New Zealand 22-12 United States
Wales 29-5 Russia
Fiji 26-19 Australia
Kenya 29-14 Uganda
South Africa 28-0 Canada
France 12-14 Spain
England 29-0 Scotland

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