This week may be the most definding week for Springbok rugby as the fate of Allister Coetzee will be determine by the review of his 2017 season.

2017 Has not been much better for neither Springboks nor Coetzee and his team as they slumped back to six on the World Rugby Ranking and Coetzee can only brag with a 44% win-ratio. There are not many Pro-Coetzee people around anymore and even those hard core Coetzee fans have turned against the Springbok coach.

The facts are that Coetzee could not beat the Aussies and All Blacks twice this year and against a second string Wales side, he also lost against Ireland and the only wins came against a poor French team in June and November and Italy.

With Rassie Erasmus as the Director of Rugby we could see SA Rugby and the Springboks moving into a new direction not just with the Springboks but also how Nationals teams will go forward from here on end.

Coetzee will have a chance to explain himself this week and I am sure it will be taken into consideration but for many Coetzee has failed in all aspects of being the top coach in South Africa.

Selections, game-plan and his communication to the biggest stake holder in SA Rugby, the fans have been poor and that is putting it lightly.

Many supporters have lost total trust in Coetzee and his ability to make a difference with less than two years till the World Cup in Japan. Many South Africans thought it was funny to see England not making the play-offs in 2015 but the reality is now that we are heading the same way.

To once two time World Cup winning team have become the laughing stock of world rugby.

Although many would have believed that Springbok rugby could not get lower than the lost against Japan in 2015, Coetzee have managed to take them even lower.

Now there will be plenty of excuses from Coetzee and kie but at the end they have shown that they are simply not good enough and the stats shows it.

To come after the tour and state that you made mistakes in selections and game plan shows that you should not be their in the first place and SA Rugby cannot get rid of Coetzee faster if they want to save Springbok rugby.

The only thing that can ease the pain of the dying Springbok supporters will be to see Coetzee disappear in the December light never to be seen close to rugby field again.


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  1. The fact they are stalling makes me think there are going to be two possible outcomes.

    They carry Coetzee with Rassie and Nienaber in charge… or they replace Coetzee with someone like Davids and we are back to an inexperienced newbie learning the ropes under Rassie and Nienaber.

    I want neither of those outcomes… simply cut the worst performing top tier coach in the history of the game never to have been sacked after two seasons and Rassie and Nienaber can do a hatchett job whilst they try to find someone up to the task to add to their team.

    But now we are going in circles as is SARU style.

  2. They can clean out all the boardroom passengers whilst they are about it. They should be taking every bit as much flack as Coetzee.

  3. @bryce_in_oz: The one that did all this and blocked Rassie to do the right thing two years ago was Hoskins and he is out.

    I just believe the general public do not know really what has been done behind the scenes by SARU and they have been given the flak from the shit Hoskins did for years.

    Anycase any job in SA is not just a clear cut fire and hire especially when it comes to a BEE appointment and the fact that Government always get involved in SARU affairs as well.

    The best outcome for me is that Rassie takes over, get the next coach who will take over in 2019 in now and get that person started with the process. We need to plan our coaches for the next 8 years atleast and we need to have backup plans.

    Picking a coach has always been an emergency, it should not be it should be a planned process with backup plans as well.

    Just my thoughts

  4. @Jacques:

    I agree with most of that… except the head brass chose to stick with Coetzee after the worst ever year in the history of the Bok and humbling after humbling.

    They should carry the can for that with him after yet another abysmal season.

    As for Hoskins… Rassie left SARU… when it was obvious Coetzee was going to get the job. And you cannot mention Juries Rox`s name with a straight face… the guy is one of the biggest spivs around after his Stellenbosch swindling.

  5. @bryce_in_oz: Nothing proven in Stellenboch, so I do not judges if he was not even taken to court yet.

    Coetzee was always getting the job not Rassie, Rassie left because of Hoskins.

    Coetzee had nothing in his first year contract that would have allowed current SARU to fire him, again thanks to Hoskins.

    The win % was only put in place after first year review.

    I don’t think we realized how much Hoskins screw SA Rugby

    Look I am with you if the SARU management is not good for the game get rid of them but it should start with the wrongs that Hoskins did.

    I think they will offer Coetzee maybe to stay but under instruction of Rassie but what I gather is that Coetzee does not like to be dictated to and don not know if he like Rassie as a boss either

    I want the idiot out, he has been useless with WP and Stormers and for some reason I gave him a chance when he was appointed but soon realized that I should stick to what I believe…He is useless.

  6. It would help, but the problem is that like South Africa’s government it is captured.

    The moral corruption and political meddling ineptitude is ingrained at all levels.

    The interference from government unstoppable.

    Nothing can fix South Africa’s national rugby team ever again.

    The cancer will now spread to the SR franchises slowly… slower but it will get there.

    The rugby schools are slowly starving for talent. Dying.

    And with them rugby as an internationally competitive sport in this country will die too. I see our women’s side lost to Uganda in the African champs… son it will be our men’s team too. Even today at high school level coaches are saying that talented white kids must hope they get spotted by overseas scouts from the UK and France and Australia and the US. Boys being inculcated with the belief that there is no future for them no matter how talented they are.

    The future Bryan Habanas and Schalk Burgers and Victor Matfields will play for France, England and Australia

  7. And what else did you expect? The admin team knew what they had to do – but it seems they only reviewed his actual contract over the last week! Farken bunch or moronic inbreds! With Teflon Hurie the biggest!!!!