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Nabetragting – What a load of crap


What allot of nonsense from our South African teams this weekend yet again.

After yet another weekend of the same old same I decided to rather have my 5 minute bitching session than yet again try to get positives out of the nonsense our teams dish up week after week.

The Lions look like the Lions of 2012, the only reason the Stormers v Bulls clash looked somewhat exiting  was because they played each other and although the Sharks beat the Highlanders this time around they will most properly play like a school side next week again.

Skills in our South African teams are as rare as rain in Cape Town.

The only thing worst than watching our South African teams weekend after weekend are the referees in Super Rugby.

Super Rugby has fallen so far since the glory days of Super 12 that even the New Zealanders are being pulled down to our and the Aussie level.

There is one reason for Super Rugby fall over the last few years, SANZAAR serving Mammon. They are so desperate to put money above the game we love, that there was even talks in the media this week that they are looking to add an American conference.

The problem with Aussie teams are simple, they are crap, the problem with South African teams are we have crappy coaches who should be coaching at school level, because the talent are there.

Add the referees of today and you get a competition that is the biggest oxymoron in world sport which they call Super Rugby.

I struggle sometimes to even call it Rugby.

Rassie should be able to pick 30 players that are good enough to compete but how will the mindset of these 30 players be when Rassie eventually gets them.

Then throw in the BEE of 50% which Rassie must have by 2019, for this year he needs to have 45%.

Rassie does not get much help from the Super Rugby coaches in this regard as well. They can and should do more to give these players more game time to develop but we have spend enough time on this subject.

The fact remains we have serious problems and not Rassie nor any other coaching team in the world can wave a magic wand and fix this.

The Lions have had some critical injuries this season which can be use as an excuse but players like Mostert, Jantjies, Janse van Rensburg, Combrinck, Coetzee and Cronje(when he played) have been poor.

Without Warren Whiteley they looked leaderless and without direction, add to that the fact that Kriel have not played 1 minute this year so far and you have the current Lions team.

I also believe not many people realized how much Ackermann as head coach mend for this team.

One of their biggest disappointments has been Jantjies. At this stage he is maybe our forth best 10 in the country.

The Sharks are just all crap, just when you think they have sorted it all out they reminds you that they are the Sharks, everyone knows about them but nobody really cares.

They are like Finding Nemo  you only cheer for it because you feel sorry for them.

The Stormers have too many problems to waste my time on and I am sure because of the win yesterday against the Bulls their supporters will write all their players into the Springbok team.

They need a total redo from their President all the way to their coaches.

The Bulls are busy with a re-building phase but after 10 games you need to starting making progress and not make the same mistakes every weekend over and over again.

For most South African supporters they surely live in the land of Narnia where they believe we are world beaters but in fact we are a laughing stock.

Then we still as why our stadiums are empty and unions on the brink of bankruptcy.

Here is the current log after round 11

1Boland Cavaliers00000

If we go on this way we are just keep on fighting a loosing battle.

Here is what some people call Highlights, don’t ask me why?

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  1. LOL – Jacques not happy.

    Respect your opinion but I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. Even the sharks playing some damn good rugby. Those 3 du Preez bros are potent and should be in Bok squad. That whole backline looks good. Acker van der merwe and ruan Botha not far off Bok level either. I don’t think any of our teams has really got it all, but they all got some damn good players – collectively with 1 or 2 key foreign players , rassie can pick a moerse good squad.

    Biggest problems are injuries to Yster and Marx. Best in the world.

  2. Trying to find positive from this crap every week is getting to me maybe…time to go home and see my wife and kids may also help, but I am worried

  3. @cab:

    Stop talking kak and go screw your plastic sheep…

    Every single team was universally kak this weekend.

    There is no way Rassie can make up a competitive Springbok team.

    The doom and gloom pervades every part of rugby.

    Our Valke school coaches have to pick teams with eleven black players in the starting lineup. Firstly there are hardly any black schools playing rugby. Secondly those that do are so kak they have to play in leagues of their own because every time they play Afrikaans boys they get a 100-0 spanking. Come Valke selection… eleven in the starting XV….

    So guess what… Afrikaans parents are not sending their kids to selection games for Craven Week because they know it’s a fucken joke. Their kids play for their school and maybe the clubs…

    Parents of girls just don’t send their girls to these selection games anymore for the same reason. I have a parents friend of one girl who insists on going, playing as badly as she can and seeing whether they will pick her…. and she and her friends do this as a joke, because the teenage girls know schools selections are a fucken joke.

    The descent to Uganda is now accelerating.

  4. Stop saying “we have the talent”

    WE DON’T

    The talent is gone.

    The good coaches are gone.

    The good players are gone and going.

    At the previous world cup there was South Africans playing in teams as diverse as Romania and Japan…

    Stop thinking we “have talent”

    Talented people go where their talents get appreciated not numbers games of 11 in the starting 15 and 45%

  5. I disagree with you David, we do have players but they do not get develop due to piss poor coaching.

    On the Stormers v Bulls game, people have a misconception about this game. You can not judges the Stormers on this performance…they will still make no impact against any of the teams that will qualify if they do make the top eight.

    The Bulls still have some way to go….

    It is scary that people now suddenly want to believe the Stormers are contenders or that they have fixed their poor gameplan and the non existing coaching that is in this setup.

    There has been no consistency in any of our teams throughout the SR. I do believe Rassie can pick good enough players for the pommies but he will have to get the Overseas players involved.

    I am seriously worried about the captaincy if Whiteley is not available.

    Everyone on social media are raving about our depth at 10, None of the 10’s are international ready. Pollard can not put two good performances together, Jantjies have seriously lost his form. Du Preez is not there yet and Willemse should be kept out of Springboks for another two years.

    I will bring Lambie in as he is the only consistent 10 so far this year but worry about his injury stats.

    At 9 we have even bigger problem, so Faf or Pienaar our only option.

    Midfield we need to have Steyn at 12, no other option and we need to get Le Roux back at 15.

    Without Marx we have serious problems at hooker….I hear people say Bismarck is not available don’t know why but if that is the case we are in shit.

    We have plenty of props so no issues there and the same at lock.

    Loosies we need to pick right…players on form must be picked and not players with history.

    Even with a second string England side I see problems in June

  6. Give Mitchell a tight 5 of:

    Kitshoff Louw Yster PSDT and he’ll win a championship easy as.

    Bulls don’t have one player of this quality. That is talent the rest of the world can only dream of all in one provincial tight 5.

    Then you got the 3 Du Plessis bros who would make virtually any test team.

    Also for once, we have at least 5 different playmakers and flyhalves to choose from. When was the last time you remember any SA side having the likes of Willemse, Goosen, pollard, jantjies, sunking.
    There are at least 5 world class centres to choose from (and DDA is playing bloody well) and a host of dangerous new wingers along with some of the Best hookers in the world.

    We got talent to burn at present , just conservative Bok coaches making excuses.

  7. @cab:

    Methinks you have an over-inflated or out-of-touch opinion on a fair few players you deem ready for test rugby or in-form at all…

  8. @cab: cab, Louw and kitschoff were handed their asses by Schoeman and Nyakane at Loftus, of all three Du Plessis brothers, only one should be in the starting 15, Willemse and Goosen is nowhere close to form and in the centers we really don’t have a 12 bar Esterhuizen doing really good, although it seems DDA has finally added passing to his game, but I don’t trust him just yet. We really only have Marx, Bismarck (who has been reported as unavailable for the Boks for June tests) and Strauss only recently, who are anywhere close to Bok level players. Plus that team selection of your looks a bit white for the likes of our politicians. So no, we are nowhere close to being world beaters.

  9. @Jacques: Nonsense…

    I read the same crap on Zimbabwean and Namibian websites… and Samoan and Fijian ones… “we have the talent”

    No… you don’t.

    Bulls have a way to go…

    Stormers sinking

    Lions sinking

    Sharks sunk

    Boks struggling against Italy and 6N sides…

    Get it through your heads.

    We are on the way to Tier 2 status…

  10. And when I am at Craven Week selections and afterwards hear fathers say their kids will never participate ever again because they cannot look a son in the eyes and explain why he was not selected when he is the best player then you MUST realize in how much kak rugby is.

    This has been happening in every sport. Even netball and hockey and tennis.

  11. Maybe overinflated maybe not, Pick him, give him a go, then come back and tell me, told you so.

    I far rather that than the usual conservative skop and defend kak. Just look at the willemse carries the ball. Only in SA do we wait for these precocious talents until they 95. Gaffie was the type who needed nurtured, not willemse – he ready now.

  12. 1. Kits (Beast) 2. Marx (Bismarck) 3. Louw (Koch)
    4. Yster 5. PSDT
    6. Kolisi 7. JLDP 8. WW/Thor

    9. Wright 10. Willemse
    12. Serfontein/DDA
    13. RjVR/Steyn
    11. Aphiwe 14. JP/combrink
    15. Gelant/sunking

    Best side in the world easy, just need a snappy 9 who doesn’t kick everything away like duvebhage.

  13. @cab:

    Seriously mate…

    Bismarck is not available… he has had enough of Bok rugby
    Strauss has retired from test rugby
    Marx is injured… nuff said
    Yster is injured… nuff said
    Beast has had one good game this season, this past weekend
    Serfontein is injured… nuff said
    DDA still cannot tackle for shit, zero kicking game and disappears when his pack is on the front-foot (which never happens away from home)
    Willemse cannot tackle for shit nor show any semblance of calm in a losing side.
    Jantjies has one good game then one shite game and how many more tests does he need to show he cannot make the step up
    RJVR has been woeful all season and playing second choice to Vorster
    Steyn will more than likely not be back
    Gelant has been woefully inconsistent

    With all due respect, now with that in mind… try penning a world-beating (even a top 3) Bok ’23’ and do not forget to come at least close to the require 40%/9 players of colour.

  14. Bryce

    No Strauss needed, acker v d merwe also fine.
    Beast is still a monster, along with Kitshoff, both worldclass. We got 4 worldclass props. 2 on either side of scrum, haven’t had that in decades.
    DDA and Willemse with Serfobtein / RjVR / Kriel will be dangerous as all hell.
    Is Gelant not least try-scorer in Super Rugby
    Goosen voted top player in pro 14 just before tronk/retirement.

  15. acker v d merwe also fine

    Can’t get a start ever.

    Beast is still a monster

    A monstrous pile of steaming crap yes

    DDA and Willemse with Serfobtein / RjVR / Kriel will be dangerous as all hell.

    DDA can’t pass
    Willemse cannot tackle… third choice flyhalf at Stroompies
    RJVR has been kak since return
    Kriel is still kak

    Gelant runs like a dray horse

    Goosen has done fokkol