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Nabetragting – Referees still crap, teams not much better


Time has run out for some teams as they are not likely to make it anymore to the play-offs.

Round 13 had it’s surprises when the Sunwolves finally got their first win of the season against the Reds.

From a South African point of view we had another loss from the Lions who somehow believe that you only have to play the last 50 or so minutes in a game to win.

The Stormers that still live in the era of Coetzee where they believe you just have to defend to win and don’t need an attacking game and the Bulls and Sharks that think changing their game to touch-rugby will win this tournament.

Here is your log standings after this weekend games….


The frustrating thing about the Lions have been that they have lost their shape on attack.

With the fact that they seemed to take between 30 to 40 minutes to wake up these days does not help as they are always playing catch up rugby.

There so many quality in this Lions team with Mostert leading from the front but you can only bring the dog to the water, you can not make it drink it.

I do believe that the Lions are missing the combination of Whiteley, Cronje and Jantjies. This is for me a major reason for the poor play at the back not just on this tour but also this year.

It is a open question if Whiteley will play any rugby before the June internationals but the Lions atleast know that Cronje is back in the picture.

Groom was poor over the weekend trying to many fancy stuff and could not do the basics right. He was slow behind the pack as well and we all know the Lions are at their best when they have fast ball to play with.

Marnus Schoeman have been having the time of his life at the Lions. He is an out and out fetcher and playing some great rugby in this pack.

Robbie Coetzee also had a good game in the absent of Marx.

At the back we still have Jantjies making some poor decisions and his kicking game has not been good at all yet again.

The Lions will be happy to e coming home and we can expect them to be way better in the next few weeks which still see them win the South African conference.

As if we do not have to try and sit through these Aussies games every weekend we had to add the Stormers this weekend as well.

The Chiefs did not do much to improve the quality of this match as both teams tried but failed to succeed.

If I was a spectator at the ground I would have demanded my money back.

As I mentioned last week the Stormers have been a one week or two week team who are incapable of being constant enough to be a threat in this competition.

Last week the Cape Mafia was writing all the Stormers players in Rassie Springbok group and after this weekend you will not find any of them promoting any player.

Poor is not even the right word to explain how bad this Stormers side have been coached this year.

The fact that a poor Chiefs sides was still able to beat this side speaks volume of their dismal season under Fleck and the rest of the overrated couches in this team.

I tried but could not find one player to even mentioned of having a good enough game.

The fact that we have incompetent referees does not help but this one is all the Stormers, not even the poor referee can be blamed for their performance.

Stormers supporters must actually being hoping now that this team does not make the playoff(not that they will) because it will just be a major embarrassment to see them get hammered in the playoffs.

It was day and night difference between the Sharks v Bulls game and the Stormers v Chiefs game.

Not that it was a good thing though….

The first half was like watching Barnie teaching kids that all is good when you do the right thing.

I get the spread it wide mindset and try and play attractive rugby but there must be structure to it all and at some stage in that first half it almost felt like Under 9 Bulle’tjie rugby at Loftus.

I was looking forward to some major match ups which just never happen.

Pollard game management was again good for me but he still have some issues with his passing and in the midfield none really stood out as I hoped.

The one player that I believe that have grown allot this season is Bosch at fullback. Not that I will get him in a Springbok side now but he is getting settled in the position.

Lood and RG Snyman has been as good as the whole season and must be Rassies front runners to start against the English.

Another player that have impressed me allot from the Bulls the whole season has been Marco van Staden. He has been impressive with ball in hand and his defence has been good as well at eight.

He is ranked third so far this season for turnover won as he keep on improving his game.

Gelant keep being a danger from the back and his ability to read the game just put him in a class of his own.

His defence has been great this season only missed 4 tackles up to now.

If I was disappointing with the Stormers shape attack then the Sharks took it to a whole new level, but we are used to that really.

They have still not work out that you need to have a plan for teams turning you around with tactical kicks.

I saw this week in the media an article that said the Sharks are our best change for advancing, hope that sentiment has been answered.

Other Results this weekend.

     15                                                                             36
The Blues could not get the same intensity in there game as last weekend when the Hurricanes outplayed them to win 36-15.
The season can not be quicker over for this struggling Blues. The Hurricanes is a quality side and in my mind they will be there at the end.
Although the Crusaders are in front of them on the log I still believe they are the team to beat this year.
      63                                                                             28

The Sunwolves surprise most on Saturday morning when they got their first win this year against the Reds.

It was not just the win that was impressive but the way they did it beating the Aussies 63-28.

There was just one team on the field and they have shown us that they actually can play the game.

The Reds must be puling out their hair as they one week beat or are being competitive against top teams then come and loose badly against the worst team in the competition.

      31                                                                           29
The Crusaders got an almighty scare from the Waratahs on Saturday but produce one of the classics fight backs we have seen for a long time.
With nothing working for the Saders and everything going for the Waratahs they put up a lead 29-0.
But 29 points is not enough to keep a championship side like the Crusaders from winning a game.
It was only in the 35th minute of the game that the Crusaders started their fight back but it was enough to get an important win.
      24                                                                            27
Next week fixtures….

FRIDAY 18 MAY 2018

08:35 HURRICANES Hurricanes   v   Reds REDS


07:15 SUNWOLVES Sunwolves   v   Stormers STORMERS
09:35 BLUES Blues   v   Crusaders CRUSADERS
11:45 WARATAHS Waratahs   v   Highlanders HIGHLANDERS
15:05 SHARKS Sharks   v   Chiefs CHIEFS
17:15 LIONS Lions   v   Brumbies BRUMBIES
23:40 JAGUARES Jaguares   v   Bulls BULLS
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  1. Sharks are a funny team. They always lift their game and pay brilliant rugby against NZ teams but then fail to flatter against lower ranked teams. I really thought they’d be front runners in our conference, but they need to see every team as NZ oppostion it seems.

    The Bulls, while they clearly look fitter and they clearly do have a gameplan, have some issues that makes it clear they are also rams and not contenders. Depth in the front row, a captain that really does not impress in his play are but a few. Scrumhalf is another, while van zyl is okay, he doesn’t bring anything special and Warner is just slow. Wonder how long a player like Papier has to wait for his opportunity. We still let in really soft tries. It was always going to be a rebuilding phase this year, but frankly we’ve been rebuilding for ages and buying young stars but not giving them good structures to shine in. Hopefully this will come to n end and we are seeing the start of something special.

  2. Don’t even get me started on refs. The waratahs have real reason to feel aggrieved. They squandered a 29 point lead and that is on them, but the first crusaders try should never have been. Plus Moody should’ve gotten a red. That changes the whole game. And then right at the end the waratahs should’ve gotten a penalty that could’ve won them the game but the ref refused to have a look. Bekotsenswaardig how poor the refs have become.