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Our loosies according to the numbers


Looking at the 6 flankers in our Super Rugby teams who has played the most games we can see some interesting stats.

Must remember they did not all played the same number of hours this year, so we are not compare apples with apples here…


  1. Siya Kolisi – Ball Carriers so far 71, Ball Carriers (Meters) 517, Tackles made 130, Tackles missed 17, Tackles dominant 17, turnovers won 3, minutes played 887,
  2. Kobus van Dyk – Ball Carriers so far 21, Ball Carriers (Meters) 113, Tackles made 106, Tackles missed 7, Tackles dominant 10, turnovers won 2, minutes played 555


  1. Roelof Smith – Ball Carriers so far 27, Ball Carriers (Meters) 208, Tackles made 105, Tackles missed 15, Tackles dominant 3, turnovers won 10, minutes played 620
  2. Tembelani Bholi – Ball Carriers so far 52, Ball Carriers (Meters) 281, Tackles made 67, Tackles missed 10, Tackles dominant 11, turnovers won 2, minutes played 520


  1. Jean-Luc Du Preez – Ball Carriers so far 85, Ball Carriers (Meters) 467, Tackles made 97, Tackles missed 8, Tackles dominant 10, turnovers won 1, minutes played 564
  2. Jacques Vermeulen – Ball Carriers so far 33, Ball Carriers (Meters) 128, Tackles made 71, Tackles missed 11, Tackles dominant 8, turnovers won 1, minutes played 485


  1. Kwagga Smith – Ball Carriers so far 88, Ball Carriers (Meters) 671, Tackles made 150, Tackles missed 31, Tackles dominant 10, turnovers won 8, minutes played 821
  2. Cyle Brink – Ball Carriers so far 37, Ball Carriers (Meters) 202, Tackles made 95, Tackles missed 9, Tackles dominant 11, turnovers won 4, minutes played 623
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  1. Thanks Bunny! Very interesting that Kolisi’s stats is far better than what I have experienced from watching nearly every Stormers game. Looking at stats per minute played, Kwagga and JLdP are keading the stats, with Kolisi and Bholi in 2nd Tier, and rest distant 3rd Tier. Maybe Kolisi is better than I thought (or maybe just dead tired). I never thought Bholi would be close either. Knowing that Rassie us a stats-fanatic, I think Kolisi and JLdP will be the 2 open siders then.

  2. Opensiders primarily play to the ball and do turnovers, with blindsiders carrying and linking and of course tackling.

    You’re loosies need to hunt as a team.

    The combo of Brussouw, Juan Smith and Spies comes to mind. Each of these was a specialist in his own right, but would be totally ineffective if played on the wrong side.

    We’re looking at Opensiders, not blindsiders.

    JLDP is a classic blind sider in the Juan Smith mould.

    Kolisi is neither, he is more of an in between who can do a bit of both, an ideal bench option.

    As specialist Opensiders, we can only really look at Kwagga and Roelof Smit, who aren’t either of them up there with the likes of Brussouw, Hooper, George Smith.

  3. Why isn’t Marnus Schoeman from the Lions mentioned, or Marco van Staaden from the Bulls, who have both been really good at blind side when played there?

  4. He is as bad as you thought Bekke. He has far more gametime than any other flanker mentioned. That is the only reason those stats look so good. In his defense though, he is the wrong player with the trio WP picks. Much like Kwagga, he is really good when the rest of the trio give s him opportunity to play wider. Also WP use both him and PTSD outwide in most of their games. Him on the left and PTSD right. It allows for good attacking play, in the right trio and with the right game plan. Sadly Fleck hasn’t picked the right trio, nor used the right game plan.

  5. If you look at it, only kwagga comes close in minutes played, yet outshines him in almost every department. Defensively Kolisi is better though

  6. Apples and Oranges indeed.

    Kolisi has been selected all season at open-side yet plays on the wing, stifling back-line ball, dawdling over to the breakdown only if he has to… and finding himself at the tackle zone when on the wing. Kwagga Smith has the same tendencies albeit a much higher work-rate.

    Smit has not had much game time nor been used at opensider but he can easily play that role and is the best in the land there other than Kriel who has moved on OS. Nick Mallet rates Van Staden as the best there is currently as a specialist.

    Rassie will have to include Kolisi in the starting pack to make up numbers and with so many specialist form open-siders he will have to play him at 6. I would have him off the bench at best for his versatility in an impact role.

    The only positive the Boks had the past two seasons was the Marx/Kriel dynamic at the breakdowns…

  7. All that said I believe every single player from 1-23 should be able to turnover-ball, clean-out, counter-ruck, slow-down ball at pave and with vigour should they be in the tackle-zone.

  8. @bryce_in_oz:

    As you said, every player should be able to make those turnovers, but I personally subscribe to the viewpoint of a specialist stealer or even 2 (BdP and Brussouw or Marx and Kriel) in a forward pack, where a pilferer hunts with a tackler, the tackler obviously makes the tackle, and the specialist pilferer follows in to slow down or steal, with cleaners following to clean out en mass.

    Once the ball has been poached, restructure quickly for the attack. You can only score points with the ball in hand.

    Those combos need to be drilled in as part of a game plan and structure, and a specialist openside flanker is paramount in my opinion.

  9. @Welshbok die Brandwag:

    Add counter-rucking and cleaning out… another long lost Bok trait along with the pick-and-go… all the focus is on ‘attractive’ rugby.

    To me ‘attractive’ rugby is not losing a game.