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Referees – SANZAAR does an Ostrich


So Sport24 has done the effort to call up SANZAAR after weeks of outcry on referees who is either busy with their own match-fixing or just to incompetent to be in charge at this level and all they got back is that they have no issues with referees.

To do the ostrich thing and put your head in the sand thinking this will go away is a mistake not just by SANZAAR but also World Rugby.

But they have even gone a step further by appointed Lyndon Bray again for a New Zealand v South African game, this time Sharks v Chiefs.

The fact that almost everyone (including New Zealand Media) can see that there is something wrong every weekend with either the referee, his assistants or the TMO and ignore is a big problem in our game today.

A few weeks ago New Zealand’s Jackson was in the spotlight for both the matches he took charge in SA. Last weekend Mike Fraser  got a mouth full from Nick Mallett in the SuperSport studios.

Director of Rugby at Western Province, Gert Small joined in when he said he will write to SANZAAR after some decisions Mike Fraser  made in their match against the Chiefs.

Previous weeks the Bulls coach and Sharks coach have complaint about the same but all that we got back from Bray is that he has no issues with the officials.

The problem is also not just one or two referees. We have seen throughout Super Rugby in every single weekend referees who had shockers and then we do not even want to go to the TMO’s.

SANZAAR has been under huge pressure not just from a referee perspective but also on the game and the rumors that South Africa wants to bail out once the contract is up for renewal.

If we think that this is also only a SANZAAR problem then we are misguided. Similar conversations are doing the rounds in Europe as well.

Supporters is not stupid, and the days were talks around referees was just seen as backing your own team are long gone.

This is s serious problem in World Rugby and needs to be tackle by all organisations including World Rugby.

We have a world cup next year and what is suppose to be a show pieces of the sport can turn out to be a nightmare.

Referees can destroy the game with the game getting into more problems if people like SANZAAR Referee boss Lyndon Bray does not do something about it.

For him to put his head in the sand and think the game’s stakeholders (the fans) will just expect it is a huge mistake.

Former referee Jonathan Kaplan also believe there is a problem.

With stadiums that keep getting emptier by the day nor SANZAAR, nor World Rugby can ignore the outcry from the fans and media.

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  1. Perhaps we at RW could take a game tape. Look at refereeingin a neutral game. Say what the rules are and then point out the errors. For instance the Jaguares v Crusaders game refereed by Marius VD Westhuizen would be a great place to start…. The Jaguares…. to paraphrase Austin Powers should have changed their name to SHaguares….

    Because they got SHAGGED senseless by poor refereeing decisions.