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Nabetragting – Running out of words to describe poor


Let’s be honest for one minute, the Super Rugby has been crap yet again from our South African teams and although the Lions are the best from the Republic, I cannot see them winning it this year.

It is just another weekend of poor performances so lets get it over quickly and move on.

Here is the current log standing after round 15


After 15 rounds of rugby the Sharks still are unable to hold on to the ball.

If the handling of the Sharks team has not been bad enough their defence has been as poor.

Unfortunately it seems to be a trend in the South African teams this year.

What makes the poor performances from the Sharks so hard to take is that they have some quality players who have not been performing close to their potential.

After 15 rounds of rugby I can only come to the conclusion that our coaching in the franchises are poor.

When things get tough we go back to our old boring ways. Players seemed not be able to think outside the box and play like robots.

Once this team will start playing what is in front of them will be the day they will be able to actually win something.

One want to be a bit more lenient when it comes to the Bulls as they are busy with a rebuilding phase but you can only take it so far.

There can be plenty of excuses like had to travel back from Argentina, losing some key players but at the end of the day or rather at the end of round 15 their cannot be excuses.

Professionals need to act professional like all of us has to be in our jobs every day.

What the Bulls dished up this weekend are just not good enough.

The worst part is not the lost but they way that they lost.

Still cannot get my head around the fact that the Brumbies got a red card with 20 minutes to go and with the Bulls in the lead they still find a way to through the game away.

The Bulls looked flat on attack and defence the whole game. Part of being a good team is to be patient on attack taking it through the phases.

Like I said about the Sharks, it seems non of the SA teams have any idea on defence and are only going through the motions.

To loose at home against a poor Brumbies side makes this lost even worst.

Here is my problem, the Lions is suppose to be our best change at the title right? Well what they have given us not just in this game but throughout this season is not what you see from a championship team.

We spoke about the lost of Ackermann in the beginning of the season and we can now say after 15 rounds that it has been one of the major reasons for the Lions poor performances.

Yes they had major injuries to key players like Whiteley and Kriel but the Lions from last year are long gone.

This does not make Swys a bad coach suddenly but he is no Ackermann and still have to learn more in being the main man for this team.

To scrape through against the Stormers is not good enough and if they still want to male a third final they will have to take a nice break hope Whiteley is ready after June and play the rugby we know they can play.

I have said enough about the Stormers this year. From the poor coaching the administrators and the poor form of the players that suppose to lead this team.

WP Rugby and the Stormers are at a cross road financially and with the team and coaches.

The time has come for this once proud union to step up to the plate and make some hard decisions.

Attacking is non existent and the only defence this team gets in training seemed to be to defend themselves against the angry supporters.

The fact that the Stormers were in the game till the end does not really makes it any better. They had a good lead in the first half which they just gave away.

The pig on the spit turning around last night at the farm was more exciting than watching this local derby.

Here is the other results of the weekend…

Crusaders 12-13 Hurricanes
Rebels 40-13 Sunwolves
Chiefs 39-27 Waratahs
Reds 15-18 Highlanders
Next week the Aussies and New Zealanders are the only teams playin in Round 16 and here are the fixtures:

Friday 1 June

07:35 Highlanders v. Hurricanes

Saturday 2 June

05:15 Blues v. Rebels
07:35 Chiefs v. Crusaders
09:45 Reds v. Waratahs

The only good thing about round 16 of Super Rugby is that no South African side will be losing.

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  1. So there is one massive breakthrough this weekend, we don’t have to watch our SR sides for at least 4 weeks. We still have to watch the Boks, but still!

  2. All ‘flash’ (without the skills) and no substance.

    I have only seen one game of proper offensive-defence and that was Sharks vs Canes. The Argies are the only team in the conference with a rounded game and awesome offensive-defence and pick-n-go/breakdown prowess.

  3. I sense a feeling of lethargy and non caring pervading throughout our rugby

    I sense it dying.

    I see it in primary schools where parents don’t take kids to provincial and regional “proewe” because no matter what their boy does he will not get selected.

    I see in high schools where the same happens. In some cases certain high school coaches even tell parents not to bother.

    I see it in Varsity Cup, in Supersport’s turgid “Cup”

    And in the presently useless SR… Most of our players are playing to protect themselves and win contracts in Europe… heck even in third league Italian they will be valued for their abilities and not the amount of melanin in their skin.

  4. @DavidS:

    Indeed much like last year in the tests… and it is going to get worse at every level leading into next year’s increased ‘count by numbers’ and ‘pencil tests. There is no way to gauge the level/effect it has on both camaraderie and mental synergy.

  5. @bryce_in_oz:

    Our netball team is now challenging Uganda for the best in Africa title… they used to challenge Britain and Australia and New Zealand for best in the world.

    Rugby will take longer… but same result…

    We better watch out saying that… apparently “indirect racism” and “perceived racism” are now a thing.

    CEO of Imperial nailed for calling a woman an “employment equity appointment” even though she was… big fat damages award.

  6. @DavidS:

    Yep the world of identity politics has gone mad in the West too. One big competition to see who can be the most offended weekly.

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