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Nabetragting – Springboks stun England


It was 18 minutes of some brilliant rugby in that first half to take a comfortable 24-3 lead.

At this moment I am sure most Bok supporters was thinking to start the braai early and give the remote to the wife and kids.

England was dominate in all aspects of the game and created space through simple game play first from their forwards to pull defence in and spread it wide where the gabs appeared.

Must say I was wondering about my statement earlier in the week where I said we have the best defensive coach in the world in Nienaber.

It took the Springboks twenty minutes to get into the game and play a brand we always wanted from them.

There was a few outstanding payers for the Springboks no one more than Willie Le Roux and man of the match Faf De Klerk.

The vision and control of both these players was just simply outstanding.

RG Snyman had the perfect test debut. The Lock from the Bulls showed us what a special player he really is.

He made 9 carriers, 49 meters, got over the gainline 3 times, made 9 tackles and stole that crucial last England lineout which took the game away from the visitors.

The other overseas player in the team that had a massive game was Duane “Thor” Vermeulen. The big man had a huge impact in the game and help captain Kolisi in leading this team.

He made 13 carriers, 51 meters, got over the gainline 4 times, made 6 tackles and got 2 crucial turnovers as well.

The hard work was done by the tight five after that first 18 minutes and one must acknowledge the midfield. They were found wanted in that period but came good for the rest of the game.

One aspects we always complained about the Boks in recent years has been there handling and skills, well they showed plenty of that and if this id what Rassie and his team can achieve with these players in two weeks think what they can do in the next few years.

One do not need to get ahead of one self here. There are plenty to work on and plenty that still need to be improve but hell this was a great start for them.

We need to touch on Willie Le Roux and Faf de Klerk. The impact these two players had on this team was huge.

Faf played as good if not better than when we saw him playing for the great Lions teams a few years ago.

The player had evolve and has become a great 9 and all the praises he got from his club in England was justified.

The most impressive part of Faf game was his game management and the way he started that fight back in the first half.

His serves was brilliant and his tactical game as good. He deserved the man of the match award and hopefully we have now the 9 that can take us to the World Cup next year.

Willie Le Roux was also the other player who was absolutely brilliant.

The way he commanded the attack of the Boks was something special on the night. He had a hand in all the first half tries of the Boks and was rewarded with one for himself as well.

On the wings Nkosi and Dyantyi had a good start to there Springbok career.

Nkosi had some lapses on defence in that first half but came back with two great tries to make up for it.

He almost always get over the advantage line and his speed is what we always wanted for the Boks.

It will be fun to rate the players this weekend but this is only the first test and there is long and hard work lying ahead for this series and the building to next years Word Cup.

Here is what the SuperSport guys had to say after the match with interviews with both coaches.

Here is what Siya Kolisi and Rassie Erasmus had to say




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  1. Yes, some will say this was at home, on highveld, against second worst team in 6N. But I will counter that it is nearly a complete new Bok team, with new management, with extremely limited time together, at an extremely low point in Bok rugby. So great win – with lots of promise. Looking forward to Bloem – hopefully Trevor is good.

  2. Whilst I am not going to wax lyrical about this performance the OS Boks must be commended. Faf and WDP showed exactly why they won pretty much every award there was. Duane too. Just such a pity Bismarck, Frans and Koche want nothing to do with the Bok because if you add them, Marx and the two locks and this side is instantly not a wooden-spponer in TRC.

    Always follow the bookies… they got every game correct.

  3. The Wallabies game was far more an eye-opener that the 7th team in the world against the Poms suffering the typical 3rd year seemingly coaching curse.

  4. There is not many teams that will show the character to come back from 24-3 and take the game, what I found out was that the Boks expected the Poms to
    play a kicking game which is why our defence was compact. Instead they played wide-wide straight to the trenches. They out-flanked us.

    It was brilliant from Eddie.

    But then we adjusted which is what many teams cannot do. Change structure

    I commend the whole team as rugby is played by 23 players not just three

  5. That was v interesting Jacques. I thought exactly the same thing. Jones and Rassie 2 of the best.

  6. @cab: Jones is a very smart coach and will have a different plan next week for Rassie and his boys but after this weeks test it is 1-0 for Rassie as he could counter Eddie’s plan and change his defence.

    I also have it under good inside information that Nienaber was not happy, Nienaber walked through the crowd in the hotel all laughing, singing, drinking, then went to the video analyst, downloads the game, takes his pc upstairs to start analyzing…

    He take that first 18 min personally.

  7. Good news – for the first time in 12 years we have a professional coaching team. No more farken geriatrics. Rassie also made it clear he will make big calls to build a team for WC – so always expect a few surprises from him. Maybe Esterhuizen for Bloem?

  8. @Bekke: Would like to see that but I do not see him change much on this team, maybe in the third. I also think we need to acknowledge Swys hand in this team. The attack was something special at times and the hand skills was also the best we have seen for a long time.

    Swys needs to be involved fulltime is my thinking

  9. Rassie…

    “Erasmus admitted that the players – more specifically leaders such as new skipper Kolisi and senior statesman Duane Vermeulen – were responsible for initiating the turnaround. By half-time, the Boks led 27-26.”

    Well done to Siya and Duane and just about everyone else who plays a senior role in the team. It could have gone badly for us in the first half. If we had taken 40 or 50 and lost the game, we would have been sitting here with long faces.

    ‘We thought that with Ben Youngs and three flyhalves in their starting lineup that they were going to kick all day. Tactically, I got it wrong and that surprised the team.

    ‘Credit to guys like Siya, who realised that and made the change in tactics. We started getting width on our defence and started attacking a lot more.


    Kolisi looked more than a little relieved after his first Test as Bok skipper.

    ‘I was very nervous going into this game,’ he said. ‘Luckily I had guys like Duane next to me, a guy who had been in those situations before. We took charge and got the guys to calm down.

    ‘We decided to take control of the game and play at our own pace. It really came together in that period [before half-time]. All the stuff we had worked on, it started coming through.’

  10. Yip with Coetzee id be worried about an under-performance next week, but I don’t think Rassie and Nienaber are the kind to rest on their laurels. Still early days but could be great things happening here. The thing I like most about this coach is he says when they get it wrong and he’s willing to experiment. Just a totally different mindset

  11. It’s good to here that those early defensive stuff ups were part of the plan, because it looked seriously amateurish for a bit there.
    Kudos to Kolisi for making the adjustment.

    England also helped by giving them the ball and letting them play at Faf’s pace. Being up 24:3 after only 17min is a very dangerous position to be in. It’s guaranteed to be a high scoring game and you have to make sure you keep scoring.

  12. Beating England: Great
    Coming back from 21 point deficit: Amazing
    Getting rid of hordes of suutgat keyboard doomsday warriors: Priceless!!!

  13. Conceding 39 points against the fifth kakkest side in 6 Nations at the strongest stadium where England have never beaten them and needing to do it with a desperate come from behind win when New Zealand put 50 past the team above you conceding just 11 and Australia beat the 6 Nations champs 18-9 scoring two tries to zip.


  14. The fact that we were down 24/3 is very problematic. We would never be able to come back from there against a team on form. The fact that we came back though is awesome, I was already seeing images of 53-3. So great stuff on changing defensive lines out on the field. It shows a willingness to adapt, which has been missing for years.

    Nienaber does not like teams scoring against us, hopefully we will be defensively much better next game. I put those first 20 minutes down to combinations still finding each other. Should be better next week.

    How good was Nkosi though, defensively strong and a real threat on attack, I wanted him to go eoyt last year, but he missed out. Dropping him in, in an inexperienced back three was a big call, that looked to have backfired those first 20, but what a turnaround. Both our wings were very good and Faf really impressed me big time.

    Off to a Bloemfontein test now, Rassie you have the hopes of a nation behind you. Show the Poms what SA is made off!

  15. @Aldo:

    Nkosi made 10 tackles, so nice to once again have a wing that can make his tackles after the last few years with the Rhule/Skosan/Leyds non-tackle performances.

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