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Exciting Brits joins Boks


Schalk Brits who thought he retired from rugby after winning another Premiership Title with his English club Saracens have been called up to the Bok camp.

Brits bring s not just a world of experience to the squad but has also been on form this year art Saracens.

“We are busy with building experience, continuity and capacity towards the Rugby World Cup, so we want our young players rubbing shoulders with experienced players such as Duane, Vermeulen and Willie le Roux,” explained Erasmus.

“I want Schalk to perform a similar role, because he has extensive inside knowledge and plenty of experience from playing for Saracens in the English and European conditions. It’s a great way for our younger guys to learn the trade of international rugby from these guys.”

The Springbok team to face England in the second Test in Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein will be named on Thursday.

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  1. Good idea, great in fact. Although Bongi found his jumpers on Saturday, I think our other hookers need some serious coaching in lineout throwing. Some of them are abysmal if you take into account the caliber of locks they tend to throw to every weekend.

  2. Another good move. 37 is old but if Brits is still fit, then he can definitely play 50 mins. Very talented player will only strengthen squad in absence of Marx and Bismarck.

  3. @Craven:

    Akker VD Merwe has had no problem with he LO`s and he has a better overall game than Bongi. The same could be said for the Sharks first choice or even Strauss for that matter.

    Punters were up-in-arms when Matfield was selected at 37 interesting this sentiment has changed with Britz. The Bismarck sham is sacrilege and has been the past two seasons.

  4. Bongi had a bloody good game as far as lineout throwing, especially considering such a big test. But yeah Acker and Brits will add a lot in the tightloose

  5. “Bongi had a bloody good game as far as lineout throwing”

    Er yeah… I am not taking the game away from him, partcularly under the circumstance… however… LO throwing is but 1/5 of the requirements for a hooker in the professional era. LO’s, scrumming and then being another loose-forward on the front-foot, offensive-defence and pilfering. I am yet to see that from him in two seasons of test rugby and all but a few games in several seasons of Super Rugby.

    Just back on this article it omits an interesting part of the original.

    “”Last week, SA Rugby confirmed that Bismarck du Plessis and Frans Steyn had been withdrawn from the Bok squad due to unspecified injuries. While Erasmus was unable to shed any light on the mysterious matter, he said that the experienced pair would be missed.

    “The Bok coach explained that the 37-year-old has come in to play the role that was intended for Du Plessis.”

    ‘Schalk is in the same category as a Bismarck in terms of experience,’ said Erasmus ‘He knows a lot of English players well, as he plays against them regularly in the Premiership.

    ‘We can only learn from him – specifically, at the scrums, lineouts and in terms of individual players. That made the decision to bring him back easier, but then you have to remember what a quality player he is. He won the Premiership with Saracens a couple of weeks ago. So he’s still on the ball.

    ‘We all wanted to get Bismarck into the mix [for his experience],’ Erasmus continued. ‘The more the younger guys rub shoulders with him and learn from him, the better. There are small things that you pick up as a player, and it’s good to pass those on.”

  6. Brits soooooo overlooked by SA due to his unique talents.
    Like saying ” meh ” to a Lambo becuase it has “funny looking doors” not recognizing them as bitchin gullwings yo.
    This isn’t some one-off either. It happened as well with someone else we all know VERY WELL around here.

  7. @bryce_in_oz:

    “LO throwing is but 1/5 of the requirements for a hooker in the professional era”

    Can’t quite agree with you there Bryce. Set piece is uber critical in the modern game, and the hooker is one of the most important parts in scrumming and lineout. It is inexcusable if your hooker cannot find his jumpers at lineout time and you loose possession through that. The all-time great hookers have always been very good at these facets and added other skills to their repertoire, but their core functions linked to the number on their back should be non-negotiable.

  8. @Craven:

    I’m with you on that one Craven, John Smit is a perfect example of just that, he was first and formost a scrummer and a thrower, and the best at that, and will be always be legend of the game in time to come for just exactly that.

  9. @Craven:

    I am not underestimating the value of LO’s merely pointing out you and a few others sound more ‘relieved’ Bongi managed to make his LO throws which should be a given at test rugby level first and foremost along with his scrumming… the next three factors are what make modern hookers world class. (I think you relief is more being a Stormer’s fan than anything else lol… all of their hookers have been dismal in the LO department for several seasons now).

    On Smit punters oft underestimate the value of his quick hands rather than go-forward speed on attack, the huge hits he could put in and his solid mauling on top of the obvious.

  10. @bryce_in_oz:

    True that, Bongi has struggled in the past for both franchise and country when throwing into the lineout. The fact that he seems to have worked on this is great though. This is what we need from professional rugby players, when shortcomings are identified, they should go and work on those to rectify them, unfortunately it is more a case of guys relying on their other skills and not paying attention to their short comings.

    For instance, if Marx wants to become one of the alltime great hookers, he needs to find consistency with his lineout throws.

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