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Junior Boks suffer more England agony


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  1. Another poor start much like their seniors.

    Two missed conversions was the difference. Coetzer should have taken at least of them. He made all the difference suddenly being brough back into the team since they beat England in the friendly’s.

  2. @Aldo:

    You must have missed the first 30 mins starting with the very first scrum where the locks heads went right up the two props arses lol? But their catch-up rugby was almost good enough. Reminiscent of the 30 missed tackles in 15 minutes against France.

    Makes me think about the first half with the Senior Boks… was it just shit ‘deer-in-headlight’ defending… or was that some of the best rugby we have seen from England before they fizzled out showing up Eddie’s decision to train in Durban?

    One thing is for sure… having a shocker first 30 minutes is not going to be good enough against teams that will not let you play ‘catch-up’ rugby. That Aus/Ire game was brutal test rugby at the breakdowns and defensively. And well… NZ never really had to defend after the start of the second round.

  3. Piss poor coaching, no shape on attack with backs and only played with forwards, was wet but coach has now shown two years in a row he is at best a Varsity coach

  4. @bryce_in_oz: yeah sure we struggled in the forwards at first, but after that the junior Boks were all over the English, especially the last 20, we all but bullied them.

  5. Yip, first 20 was England, next 40 (both quarters before and after halftime), Boks were better and then last 20 England again. The English are in a really bad space if they can’t win after leading 24-3, but then I think the yellow card was harsh and I think a couple of calls went our way that shouldn’t have. I’m glad we managed to change game plan on the field, that shows a thinking team and good leadership, also really glad we were able to make a comeback, but I’m not going to start singing our praises just yet. Too many false dawns and raised hopes over the last couple of years.

    With the come from behind win, we will be going into the game confident, but I have a feeling the Bloemfontein game will be a lot harder.

  6. Chean Roux is not a quality coach, his association with Jurie has ensured him countless opportunities which have all lead to failures.

    Can we now have a proper coach in at Junior Boks?

    David, surely it is a bit ingenuous blaming Willemse if he did not even play?

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