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Still hard work ahead for Springboks


To think that all is now suddenly well with Springbok rugby is as much an far fetch idea as electric cars saving our planet.

Although we can be proud of the way the Springboks came back last week against England and the way they play on attack there is much work to be done before they can compete week in and week out against the best.

For the Springboks to get better they need to evolve in every game they play.

Grow and learn is the words from assistant coach Proudfoot. The forwards need to improve for this weekend. All was not well with the pack in the first test.

Wilco Louw struggled in the scrums and only when the replacements came on the Springboks got some kind of ascendancy

Erasmus said he will take calculated risk in team selection, this may see some changes to the team that beat England in that first test.

There is a bigger picture than just this series for Erasmus and his players and he will not shy away from getting this team ready for the World Cup next year.

“If you understand Rassie’s philosophy and his leadership to us coaches and the team. He wants us to grow and get better each week. There will always be change,” Proudfoot explained.

“And every week we will change and we will grow. That has been our focus, not so much on England but where can we improve and where can we change.

Rassie wants us to be a dynamic side, he wants us to understand that there will be changes in the team and that is the way we operate.”

Rassie wants players to start thinking like coaches rather than a game plan that has been blue printed to them.

“It really depends what the opposition gives you on the day. What England gave us on Saturday was space out wide, which the players saw. It wasn’t the all-out plan that we went out to that game and said that was where we wanted to exploit them” said Rassie.

“I think the players saw the opportunities when we were under pressure on defence and they saw the opportunities on attack.

Defence was poor to let so many tries in on Saturday and that is not something you want to do against New Zealand and Australia.

It will be interesting to see what game Rassie and his team play on Saturday and who he will pick for the second test

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  1. Yep the more I hear the better it gets. Where has The Messiah been?

    Might very well be the best coach we had since readmission. This is what you want from a coach – brains, open-mindedness and willing to take risks and try new things.

  2. Still loads of work to do getting the pack to hunt together at the break-downs, upping the pick-n-go at pace… the entire team tackling more offensively… the wings and their positional defence… more synergy between 10/12/13 on attack and defence… and far more work on exit-kicking particularly from the back three.

    I am still not buying the 12/13 axis… DDA is shite there is no hiding the fact… Am too is troubling when there is anything other than front-foot ball with space the sooner Esterhuizen comes in the better… or otherwise Kriel must be revisited at 13 too… if only off the bench where he covers 13,14,15 unlike Gelant who albeit it was only for a few minutes was nowhere.

    I would like to see Malherbe/TDT in place of Louw (for a break), preferably starting over Trevor. JLDP must be given another start as a specialist… I do not want to see our equivalent of Itoje (well just) PSDT starting being used as a blind-sider and then as rumoured JLDP off the bench as lock. Specialists only. Notshe has no place in that squad for mine… whilst he can be quite dynamic at SR every third game… he is too weak for test rugby’s defensive lines. The Brits dilemma is also interesting. I do not rate Bongi at all as world class… but it would be harsh to drop him and just as hard to drop Akker.

    What more can we say about the blood-nut Kitschoff… every time he comes on his impact is immediate every single test he has played.

  3. @cab:
    You can remember several years back when Rassie Erasmuswas doing his roving coaching consultancy or whatever…..
    Basically –
    I think Morne is thick as theives with Erasmus. I think Erasmus takes a gander at Ruggaworld – A LOT – just to have a snort & remove himself from the sycophants ( aka journalists LMAO ) that hover like schoolgirls.
    So, accepting the above – he’s been SOAKING in TOP SHELF advice on how to turn this team around ala Messerschmitt/Brits/Snyman etc.
    Why him and not Coetzee?
    Because he backs himself in that he really knows ( & feels ) he has ZERO to lose. Post-WC the dude is minted so live large.

  4. SA rugby journos are out on their feet.
    Now is the time to as EJ HARD questions.
    Such as:
    How is it that in a country that basically INVENTED red-heads – SA has one on their team & England has….ZERO?
    Foment & exacerbate discrimination much EJ?
    I think so & I think EJ should be forced to go on record given this GLARING contrast between teams.

  5. @Americano: I think Ireland is the country of the ginger. That is why they are not welcome in the English squad. They are afraid of being infiltrated by the IRA

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