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Nabetragting – Final Springbok test of June


There were a few great moments this weekend in the test matches and some really ordinary ones.

Unfortunately most of the ordinary and poor things came from our Springboks when they played England on a wet Newlands pitch.

Although the team had its moments they were outsmarted and outplayed by England in all aspects of the test.

Erasmus made a few crucial changes to the team for the final test but as he said afterwards the changes did not made the mistakes and did not gave away the penalties.

It was more a case of individuals’ game management and mistakes than the system that Erasmus and his coaches have implemented, which immedately raises questions over whether he will be making the same excuses in TRC.

The halfback pair in Faf and Jantjies did not have the same impact as Faf and Pollard. Jantjies had a test that he will want to forget.

There was not the dominance in the set pieces as we have now come to expect from this team and England dominated the collisions.

Giving away 14 penalties against a side with the boot of Farrell never works on a day like the one they got at Newlands and they will punish you. However that counts both ways as England had to play in the same conditions in all honesty.

England had it to easy to get the scoreboard ticking over and once the try from May was scored the game was too far ahead for the Springboks to catch up, just like the first test.

They had their opportunities but they were not clinical in their execution although England was much better as a unit than in the first two tests.

Some of the players that Erasmus brought into this test did not can like tooked their chances.

The battle was lost up front and this was particularly evident at rucks where England were able to turnover ball almost at will.

The Springbok kicking game lacked the accuracy just like the previous two tests and with poor chasing just gave the ball back to England, where England was putting a lot of pressure on the Springboks with their tactical kicking.

Hard lessons would have been learned from this test and Erasmus would have also seen how some players reacted in these conditions.

From a players point of view we missed the attacking confidence and ability from Le Roux. His organisation on defence and attack was missed.

Pollard manages the game much better and this may have been Jantjies last chance as he looked more and more average at this level.

I know I am gonna get a lot of comments on this but De Allende power in the midfield was missed on a day like today. Esterhuizen did not have the best of opportunities with the wet conditions but he also did not make any impact.

Chilliboy also did not do anything to suggest he is the third best hooker for the Springboks. He gave away silly penalties and had no effect with ball in hand.

All in all it was a disappointing performance but one that the squad will have learned from.

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  1. How the hell does the “Springbok squad learn from this” if this is not the first choice squad…

    How long has Erasmus been a coach again to be able to understand how wet conditions play?


    And as a player?

  2. @DavidS: They learn by this with their coach after only four weeks together as a squad, your negativity is noted David.

    These lessons are important for the individual mistakes that was made for players to grow. We have the best back three in years. Midfield still needs tweaking we know Pollard is better than Jantjies. We know in Faf we have our best option at 9 and we have a pack that will become feared again.

  3. @Jacques: Not one of those “lessons” would have resulted from this test Jacques. You’re pretending the Stormers, European based, Lions, Sharks and Bulls players and the coaching staff have never played international rugby and never played in rainy conditions and this is the first time they’ve ever played after four weeks of playing rugby…

    Thanks for playing.

    Negativity se gat.

    Who told you to believe that? Ryan Vrede?

  4. @Jacques: Agree. I think if Rassie is such a good analyst as many people seems to suggest, then he will know we have major defensive problems with Aphiwe. Just too often he was not even on screen when there was a move on his side (apart from once when he did some sort of intercept). Was also ibvious from the English try that the defenders in the corner exluded MIA Aphiwe.

  5. To think there are still “kenners” who think Bomskok De Toit should not be a flanker! All moron Du Preez could do when he came on was (1) “offload” to Kitchoff’s head and (2) kicked a lose ball sideways into an English hand!!!

  6. @Bekke: I’ve been a PSDT is a 7 fan for a long time, but I don’t think he is the best 7 we have in the country. At the moment I’d have him as bench option. He was very good yesterday and if allowed to play only 7 for a season, I’d have him starting. He reminds me of Pakslae in his versatility. Let’s see if Fleck continues playing him at 7.

    As for the rest, Jantjies can’t play Int rugby, granted it was difficult conditions, but he doesn’t belong at that level if he can’t manage a game from 10. Our back line also looks extremely poor with him at 10. Again it was difficult conditions.

  7. @DavidS: clearly your negativity (Trump syndrome) block anything anything anybody else say that is against your opinion. Not everyone is out to get you

    I wish to ignore that

    The third test was individual errors, penalties conceded and players included not stepping up

    It is your right to differ from me and anyone else but I coose to form my own opinion, right or wrong.

    What Rassie did in short space of time is remarkable in my eyes

    I am looking forward to the journey

  8. @Bekke: as I said to David, it is a progres which I am please with

    Defesive structure is said to take 7-8 test to prefect I hear the clever dudes say

    Nienaber is the best there is and he take defence personal they will all get better

  9. @Jacques:

    If you want to live there do so…

    The Springboks played together for the first time ever and Rassie Erasmus coached for the first time ever and it was the first international games for the Springboks ever…


    Dude you need a brain enema.

  10. I simehow expected a few people to start posting again after the loss, with an “I told you so” attitude. Fact: we won the series against all doomsayers’s predictions.

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