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WPRFU Vice President Njengele cleared of racism charges


Western Province Rugby Football Union Vice President, Mr Gerald Njengele, has been cleared of all charges of racism following an appeal.

Njengele was originally charged in January with uttering racist remarks during the HSBC Cape Town Sevens at Cape Town Stadium in December.

The matter was referred to an investigative panel consisting of Judge Robert Henney and Advocate Yvette Isaacs.

Initially the investigative panel decided that on the basis of the complaint, Njengele could have transgressed the WPRFU code of conduct by bringing the game into disrepute.

Mr Njengele then appeared before a disciplinary tribunal which found him guilty and suspended him from all rugby activities for four years.

Njengele appealed the finding of the disciplinary tribunal and the matter was then referred to an appeals tribunal which subsequently cleared him of all charges. Mr Njengele will resume his WPRFU duties with immediate effect.

WPRFU President, Mr Thelo Wakefield, said that the union is confident that due process was properly followed in this matter.

“We take matters such as this very seriously, which is why it was important that the correct procedure was followed at every stage,” he said.

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  1. Was there any explanation given for overturning he original guilty verdict? How is :F**k you white people, f**k the coloureds. I’m a clever darkie, I don’t need your f*****g money.” Not racist? Only in SA, well and Europe, America, Aus, well globally, because it is okay to be racist to white people.

  2. @bryce_in_oz: Not surprised, I would have to be a self loathing Liberal for this to surprise me and even then would find a way to justify it.

    Just really irritated by shit like this

  3. This is from the country where a guy pretended to be a scholar and sent a fake report to a fake news service which then published his fake news as a scholarly work which was fake, admitted it was fake and false and was intentionally written to elicit discriminate and prove news services discriminate by saying white men should be disenfranchised from voting and a media tribunal found them “not guilty” of publishing inflammatory and hateful news.