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One swallow does not make a summer


As one swallow does not make a summer, one lost for the All Blacks does not make them suddenly vulnerable against a team who is ranked 9th in the world.

For some reason the world has suddenly gone mad, because the Springboks manage to beat the All Blacks at home with two points.

Argentina did manage to beat the Springboks and Australia in their last outings but that was against two poor performances from the Boks and the Aussies to be deadly honest.

And although Argentina rugby has been improving in the last twelve months they are not now suddenly capable of beating the All Blacks even if it is at home.

Just looking at some stats so far from the two teams you will see that they are worlds away from each other…

Ball Carries Meters: All Blacks 4464 Argentina 2973

Ball Carries: All Blacks 651 Argentina 464

Linebreaks: All Blacks 42 Argentina 24

Tackles Break: All Blacks 52 Argentina 26

Tries Scored: All Blacks 24 Argentina 12

I actually feel sorry for Argentina because they are going to get an All Black team that have lost against the Springboks at home which would not have sit well with the management nor the team.

In test rugby that first forty minutes are mostly a close affair, and it may as well be so on Saturday, but the quality teams normally pulls away after that and the All Blacks are 100% quality.

Since the World Cup in 2015 only Ireland, British & Irish Lions and the Springbok were able to compete against the All Blacks for the full eighty minutes. I struggled to see the Argentina team do what the Springboks were able to do in Wellington.

The All Blacks made a lot of mistakes against South Africa through a lot pressure from the Boks defence and I do not believe the Pumas have firstly the players and secondly the stamina to do the same come this weekend.

The one thing we know about the All Backs is that they would have looked at the Bok game, and made the necessary changes to make sure that they do not fall into the same trap.

Will make a prediction now, that the All Blacks will beat Argentina with more than 20 points this weekend and take another Championship with one test to go against the Springboks a week later.

The gab between the All Blacks and the rest of the world is still huge, and the other nations still have a long road to go to be able to beat the All Blacks on a regular base.

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  1. That home game at loftus is going to be one of the most interesting tests in many years. Anything could happen. ABs will want utu, big time with a big score, but I don’t think this Bok span going to be beat easily at home.

  2. @cab:

    ‘Anything could happen’…

    The same could be said in PE against the worst ranked Australian side in history to front the Boks… despite the bookies having them at $4-1 rank under-dogs.

  3. All very true, bunny but you fail to mention that the Argentinians can run rampant at home. When that Latin blood gets pumping in front of those passionate crowds anything can happen. A weakened and humbled AB’s side will be wise to treat the Pumas with utmost respect.

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