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A week later…..World Rugby can now comment on referees decisions


Know it is not a nice thing to say but it felt somewhat good that England got a TMO decision on Saturday that cost them the game against New Zealand.

England flank Sam Underhill’s potentially match-winning try against the All Blacks was ruled out by South African TMO Marius Jonker.

Although World Rugby last week said after the Farrell tackle they do not comment on referees decision they decided this week that they can again.

World Rugby said over the weekend that the decision to disallow England a late try in their clash against the All Blacks on Saturday was correct.

According to the The Guardian, World Rugby has ruled that due to mitigating factors, Garces was within his rights to defer the final decision to the TMO and that the correct decision – to disallow the try – was made in the end.

World Rugby’s new TMO trial aims to give back responsibility to the on-field referee, and after the decision it was argued that referee Jerome Garces was wrong to allow Jonker to make the final decision.

It seems World Rugby decide on a weekly bases when they will comment in referees decisions and when they don’t.

“Ultimately however, the governing body believes a number of mitigating factors meant Garces was within his rights to defer the final decision to the TMO, chiefly the poor weather which made visibility of Twickenham’s big screens more difficult.”


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  1. I don’t know who runs world rugby but it seems to me it is very English-biased.

    This decision (i.e. Lawes offsides) was not even 10% as controversial as the Farrell’s no-arms tackle on Esterhuizen – particularly as it is world rugby who’ve just initiated a whole drive to penalise these tackles.

    What would be super-duper is an explanation from world rugby as to why this tackle was legal so that bokke can start using it from now on.

  2. Let’s then add the tackle on Kolbe…that was straight penalty try and yellow card to add as well, that is the rules. Do not see World Rugby saying this was wrong call by Owens and TMO.

  3. Yeah, I don’t like bitching about the refs, but imo it’s always been one set of rules for the Bokke and another for the others. It’s bullshit.

    The worse is this is an easy problem to resolve. Any decision in the last 5 mins with a score difference of 7 or less should go straight to TMO in a sound-proof room. And the TMOs should step in and overrule the on-field umpire in certain situations. This should definitely be the case in World Cup final and semi-final games. The TMO can review outside the heat of the moment and arrive at far better decisions. Even better if there are 3 TMOs for the really big games.

    These decisions are crucial and don’t need a long time.

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