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World Rugby ignores blatant headbutt from Kolisi


World Rugby has been at their best again after this weekend test matches in Europe with another blind eye turned on the incident where Springbok captain Siya Kolisi blatantly headbutt Horne on the ground.

Horne was holding Kolisi on the ground before the Springbok captain reverse headbutt Horne.

The Citing Commissioner has 24 hours after the final whistle in which to cite any incidents – which would’ve been around 21:00 on Sunday.


The Commissioner determined that it wasn’t a red card offence due to mitigating factors – the player was being held and the “moderate force of the strike to the side of the head”

This comes after World Rugby has been getting a lot of cretic in this International windows with a few controversial decisions by match officials.

The lack of officials to act against dangerous play has been the most disappointing and to add to that, World Rugby not making any effort to protect players.

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  1. Should citing commissioner have cited Kolisi? Well he was cited and given a caution which equals a YC.
    His headbutt was not a direct hit to the head of Horne and nothing happend so I agree with World Rugby. If however Kolisi got a red and banned for a game or 2 I would understand that too.

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