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Springboks end tour with poor performance


It was the end of a long season for Rassie and the boys and it showed on Saturday when Wales beat the Springboks 20-11.

If Rassie wanted a video of what not to do in a test match the he just needs this match video to show his players.

Wales was definitely up for the match and they gave the Springboks no inch on attack. They were able to knock the Boks back and that is were it started to go wrong for the Springboks.

Without dominance upfront and forward ball the back looked average on attack. Their passing game was well below standard and Pollard will be the first to tell you he had a poor game.

At one point it looked like players was standing in each others way with too many forwards in the midfield which gave the Welsh turnover ball.

With the win Wales have made it a clean sweep for the November series with nine wins back to back.

The Springboks was fast out of the block and had Pieter Steph Du Toit over in the corner early on but he stepped out and the try was not given.

For the first 10 minutes the Springboks were all over Wales with all the ball but they could not finish.

Wales started to get more ball and Jenkins got through a Marx tackle to send Francis over for the first try of the test.

Wales quickly extended the lead with another try this time through Williams stepping pass the Boks.

With 14-0 down the Springboks was always going to play catch-up rugby and they found it difficult against a good defensive Wales side.

Pollard did put the Boks on the board from a penalty which was the only points for them in the half.

The Springboks camped in the Wales twenty two in the last ten minutes of the half but was unable to get over.

Kriel did went over at one point but the TMO and referee could not see the ball on the ground and no try was given.

Kriel crossed the line in the second half after a strong carry from Duane Vermeulen and quick hands from Willie le Roux in the build-up.

The Springboks kept attacking but they could only show another penalty from Jantjies for it. The game was close before

Dan Biggar had replaced Anscombe by then and in the 69th minute he punished a Bok infringement at a breakdown when he slotted the resulting penalty.

There was some controversy at that breakdown as the referee did not pick up a Wales player going off his feet on a player on the ground.

And in the 72nd minute, the Boks strayed offside on defence and Biggar added his second penalty which gave his side a 20-11 lead.

The game’s closing stages was a frantic affair as the Boks tried desperately to haul in their hosts but it wasn’t to be as Wales’ defence held firm.

It was not a test Rassie and the boys want to remember and with a 50% on the November series the Springboks did not achieve what they set out to do.

A lot of work lies ahead next year before the world cup and our players have to get our skill levels up by them.

The scorers:

For Wales:
Tries: Francis, L Williams
Cons: Anscombe 2
Pens: Biggar 2

For South Africa:
Try: Kriel
Pens: Pollard, Jantjies

Nick Mallett sums it up nicely

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  1. The handling skills in protecting the ball at the breakdown through phases has got better under Erasmus (was terrible) but the Boks are still dropping and spilling balls right at the key 5th or 6th phase before they score the bloody try.

    PsDT player of the season for me – phenomenal but his hands need work. Dropping key passes.

    They got to work on this – get their hands good. Take bullett passes the works – don’t drop the thing.

    Also, I dig Aphiwe but must work on his defense. Kolbe is phenomenal. He needs to start whether on the wing, fullback or 13. Game breaker strike runner end of. Great selection by Erasmus.

    Boks got a problem at scrumhalf – schreuder needs to be tried. Faf also needed, but both need to give quick service (not this kick-pray rubbish) to get momentum.

    Pollard a beast with ball-in-hand and great flyhalf, I’d like to see even more of it. Take it to the adv line. Boks looked so dangerous in opening 10 minutes.

    I was wrong on du toit and esterhuizen, both very good. Du toit and Koch made fantastic replacements – with Beast and Louw in the mix – that is great depth.

    What has been missing on this tour is Kolisi’ explosiveness with ball in hand. It gets the Boks over the adv line. Yster, Vermeulen and Marx and Kitshoff have the power but too slow to give that explosiveness. I like Kolisi agreession in the heat of the action, but I’d like to see him run the ball and smash through tackles even more. Dunno if alberts and brussow are too old (go-forward and fetching), but both could add options that the squad doesn’t currently have.

    Bongi outstanding – in your face, energy, clears out rucks, dead sharp throwing. Marx at breakdown is brilliant – more of it, improve throwing it will come.

  2. Boks will win this World Cup.

    Coach needs to stay brave and innovative. If becomes conservative, they will come up short again – much like this tour.

    Get rid of box-kicking, win the collisions, retain ball and attack.

  3. Boks have been pretty average this tour, which, looking at the rest of the year, makes this year pretty average too.

    We had two reasonable games against England at the start of the year and then two good games against the ABs. This Rassie era has not been as good as we were told to expect.

    Things that bugs me is that just when you think they are making progress they dish up crap like they again did on Saturday against Wales and also did against Argentina earlier in the year.

  4. Also don’t get our strategy, bring on Jantjies which is one of the better distributors we have in this country and then instruct him to kick up-and-unders all the freakin time. Why Rassie why?

    Why can a casual sitting on his couch at home see it is not working but a technically astute coach like Rassie seems to think if we keep doing, even if it is not working, it will eventually come good.

  5. @Craven:

    We always forget that we play against another team, with Professional players and coaches who want to win just as much as we do and analyze the opposition just as much as we do etc etc.
    Bokke were playing against arguably the best midfield combo in NH rugby if not World rugby on Saturday. 2 of the top wingers and one of the most exciting fullbacks in world rugby in Liam Williams. Welsh pack is regarded as one of the stronger packs in the NH and their loosies are awesome….
    So how bad was the bok performance? We had opportunities we screwed up, did not take 3 points when on offer on more than one occasion and got the rough end of some ref calls.
    All in all I was disappointed we did not get the win but can not take the effort away from Wales for putting in a good shift.

  6. @Craven:

    Contestable kicks are one of the best ways to breakdown a solid defense. I think SH fans have been lulled into a state of watching Super rugby teams run through and around defenses with ease scoring try after try. NZ vs SA – NZ scored 6 tries and we scored 5 tries and won the game and yet the game was praised for the Bok defense – WTF?
    NH tour showed up our (SH teams) reliance on scoring tries to win matches. NH showed us patience and doggedness will win you games. At the RWC it is about the win not the 4 try bonus point or the razzle dazzle running rugby. Good learning curve for the Bokke and NZ this NH tour. We will all be better for it come RWC.
    What the razzle dazzle super touch rugby does bring us is it teaches us to take the opportunities when they arise especially in broken play from turn-over.

  7. @Oupa Joe:

    We’ve been around this block a few times here on Ruggaworld, I agree on the contestable kicks, but then you have to give yourself a decent chance of getting the ball back, not just handing possession over to the opposition.

  8. @Craven:

    Then it comes down to execution and not tactics. Best at the box kick trick was FdP but Faf/PApier and Ivan need to perfect this and they have not yet been able to. The Chasers need to get their act together as well. FdP had JPP and Habana…
    The new guys not bad so a lot to look forward to. I think they all know what needs to be worked on…

  9. @Oupa Joe: Our guys seems EXTREMELY fragile in catching any high ball. Aphiwe and Nkosi just seem to go for a slap 99% of the time – so our “contestable” kicks usually just result in opposition gaining metres with ball in hand. But that is not stopping us for soing it again and again and again…

  10. @Oupa Joe: Could be – but why are our players so fragile? Marx is another example – he recovered well with his throw-ins, but again on Saturday it was so obvious that he was shaking in his boots at the one lineout – the one which we lost as a result. Seems we need to invest in a psychologist rather.

  11. @Bekke:

    head dr always a good idea – our Bokke look more afraid of failing than hurting themselves… Maybe the Bok fan are the problem. If they win the oppo are k@k, if they lose the Bokke are K@k. We are never satisfied. When we won the RWC we were bitching that we don’t play pretty enough. When is enough enough?
    Maybe the last few years of crap results will put it all into perspective but I doubt it. Bok fans are the worst, we never give the oppo the due respect (Not all but plenty!).

  12. @Oupa Joe: Ja – being in the UK now for nearly 7 years I finally realised that smile. For SA fans rugby is somehow personal – and a loss by the national team (or your provincial team) is taken as a personal insult. This seems to be in our DNA – even commentators and media suffer from same illness.

  13. @Bekke:
    well put – personal insult indeed diablo
    At the end of the day it is only a game – 30 grown men running after a weird shaped ball bashing each other for 80min… how stupid is that? And yet we love it! drinks

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