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Match Build-up: Glenwood vs Maritzburg College


On Saturday 6th April 2019 Glenwood will be ready for one of the biggest and much anticipated rugby derbies of the year

By Alex van der Merwe( Alex is a Glenwood Staff Member)

It is safe to say that Glenwood takes their rugby very serious and based on the games already played, Glenwood is ready for an exciting running rugby show. These boys aren’t scared running a ball from their own try-line, with ample success.

Glenwood will host one of its oldest rivals, Maritzburg College on the legendary Dixons.

This Derby was introduced in 1921 when the Green Machine won the first derby with a score of 5-0. Saturday’s fixture will be the 170th time these two schools face each other.

Throughout the years it was a relatively see-saw battle between the two teams with victories on both sides.

And then in 1948 came Maritzburg College’s legend First XV coach, James Mervyn (Skonk) Nicholson, who revived rugby at Maritzburg College. He coached the First XV for 35 seasons until 1982.

Glenwood could only manage 8 wins and 3 draws during this period. He sadly passed away in 2012 but left an incredible legacy for Maritzburg College. A legend who will always be remembered.

Nicholson’s record as coach was immaculate as Maritzburg played 504 games, won 403 of them, drew 49 and only lost 52 games.

For the past 15 years Glenwood’s rugby has improved dramatically and they dominated with a couple of big victories. The two teams played 169 games during the period 1921 and 2012, with Maritzburg College victorious in 109 games, 17 drew and Glenwood won 43 of the games.

The biggest victories for these two teams were in 2015 when Glenwood won with 57-12 and in 1995 Maritzburg College won the game with a score of 61-13.

Both teams had plenty opportunities during the pre-season to prepare their combinations, analyse the pre-season games to address specific issues and iron out any mistakes made by the teams. Both teams kicked off their seasons

Maritzburg College played Vryheid at the Sarel Cilliers High School Tournament with a victorious 52-24. The next game was against Voortrekker in the Night Series hosted by Voortrekker where they won again with an impressive 42-0.

Northwood was next in line as their first official fixture of the 2019 season but unfortunately Maritzburg lost 26-30. Their last match was against Noord-Kaap where they again lost 24-34.

On the other hand, Glenwood played 8 pre-season games and was triumphant in all their games.

At the Night Series Glenwood played Sarel Cilliers and won 40-0; Weston Agricultural School was next with an emphatic win of 65-0; Hilton College challenged Glenwood a bit, but their victory was a sweet 27-17.

Glenwood then played Westville in their first official fixture with a hard fought 22-7 win. At the Wynberg festival, their game against KES was spectacular with Glenwood ending in a 48-36 win.

Glenwood then tackled the San Isidro team from Argentina with a nail-biting win of 33-31. Off to the World Schools festival, Glenwood then took on the boys from the John McGlashan College in New Zeeland and again triumphed with a 32-17 win.

The last game was played against the Africa Pacific Dragons where Glenwood raked in the last win of 33-10.

Glenwood and Maritzburg have some tough fixtures and teams to play this year. But the Glenwood Green Machine is ready to offer their supporters the same exhilarating rugby we saw in 2018.

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