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Free State High School Association – Pay up or you can not come for trails


It is nothing less than disgusting to have learned that Free State High School Association has made a decision to instruct rugby players and schools to pay R500-00 per player if they want to participate in the high school trails.

According to Netwerk24 this decision was made because the Association can not afford the cost. They failed to secure funds last year which means parents wil have to cough up.

Roelf Meyer, the chairman of the Free State High School Association, players in the past did not pay to attend these trail weeks and now it is up to schools and parents.

Meyer claims this is normal practise from provinces that kids must pay their own way.

This brings up serious questions on what happens to those poor households who just can not afford R500?

Although some people will not believe it, there are plenty of households who only have that kind of money to live by per month.

Is this what we have resorted to? If you are not rich enough or come from a school like Grey College you will not be allowed to play the game?

How can associations be allowed to do this?

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