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Déjà vu – The ‘Super’ is no more in Super Rugby


Déjà vu, as I know I spoken about the same thing at the same time last year on the standard of Super Rugby and after another 13 rounds of the so-called ‘Super Rugby’ we can say for a fact that it is the worst rugby competition in the world.




Maybe there is truth in the myth that the number thirteen is unlucky because we most properly have seen the worst weekend of ruby so far this year.

There will be some that will try and convince me that with scores like 45-13 at Loftus and 33-0 at Canberra that I do not know what I am talking about.

There will be some that say, but look how closely congested the log is after 13 rounds with shows that from team number three on the log to team 13 only 8 points separate the teams, but if we look closer we will see our game is in serious trouble.

Let’s start with the referees. You can not expect the game to improve if the people that is suppose to control the game can not firstly be consistant across the field and secondly actually know the laws.

The biggest frustration for any supporter for any team is when they feel that their team has been hard done by.

In every single game we see different interpretation of the laws which is not just a frustration for supporters but even more so for the players.

At one stage in the Lions v Waratahs game players did not know what they are allowed to do anymore in the rucks and mauls. In almost every breakdown and maul referee Egon Seconds had a different interpretation to the law.

Blatant forward pass that let to a Lions try and eventually helped them winning the game was not even referred to TMO. This was when Seconds was running inline with the Lions play in the lead up to this try by Skosan.

He then calls a maul near the end of the game when the Lions are driving forward just to demand to Waratahs off the ball once the maul went down.

In New Zealand an assistant referee judge a ball that looked to went dead in field which led to the Chiefs scoring a try and turned the game around for them against the Sharks.

Now I have a great debate on social media with people that saw it the same as me and some that said the assistant referee was right in his decision.

You make your own judgement.

I do not think we can complain much about why World Rugby have picked more referees in the North to go to the world cup. This year so far we have seen that the quality of officiating in Super Rugby has been poor.

We have not even touch on the fact that referees do not look at a number of other aspects that is killing the game.

  • Scrum feed under the locks feet
  • Cleaning at almost every ruck from the side
  • Players not on there feet at rucks
  • Forward passes
  • Offsides
  • And the worst of them all, teams given cynical penalties away in their own twenty two because they know referees will warn then 6 to 8 times before dishing out a card.

The worst part is that SANZAAR have not even tried to come out and speak to the public about this. As the biggest stakeholders in the game the least they can do is to explain themselves and what they are doing to get this right.

The referees are unfortunately not the sole reason for the poor standard of play.

You can add poor coaching to this list as well, and maybe that is only towards our South African sides but it all adds up.

I do not even want to mention the nepotism by the Sharks coach concerning his son and Curwin Bosch.

Bosch may not be the top ten right now but what he has done since he got the start at ten for the Sharks shows just how much wrong Robert du Preez was this year in favouring his son.

Franchises needs to follow the European clubs example in getting the best coaches in the world to coach our Super Rugby franchises.

Development of coaches should not happen with coaches getting head coaching jobs at this level. Development should be done at SuperSport Series and Currie Cup level.

Robert Du Preez got the head coach job coming from a Varsity team. Robbie Fleck got his job coming from U21, bypassing a successful Currie Cup coach in the process.

The poor standard of our coaches is reflected in the results and in the quality our teams show week in and week out.

There is not one SA team that had played consistently for two weeks in a row after 13 rounds of Super Rugby.

There is also not one single franchise that have been able to consistently implement a game plan of any sorts in 13 rounds.

We have serious problems and we do not have serious people that are fixing it.

the way things are going on now we will just see our game going from bad to worst in the next few years with more of our top players moving up north to play in better conditions and better circumstances than what they are getting here now.


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