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Injured Springboks may just work for Rassie


It is never good news when your key players gets injured at this stage of the competition and even worst when they are key players in the Springbok setup in a World Cup year.

But and this is a huge BUT, it may just work out great for Rassie Erasmus.

On the injury list we have Pollard, Kriel, Whiteley, Kolisi, Vermeulen, Du Toit and Bongi at the moment. They are all key players for Rassie come the World Cup and a few weeks rest may just be what the doctor ordered.

As it is we aways complain every year that our top players are getting over played and do not get enough rest during the season.

Well this is maybe to gods out there way to assist Rassie that he has some fresh players when he start preparing for the World Cup from mid June onwards.

All these players will be back on the field from now to about six weeks give and take which means the bodies can rest and provide us with some freshly rested players going into the Championship.

I think at this moment Rassie is smiling more than being worried about the current injured players.

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  1. If these upcoming games actually mattered – like soccer stars writhing in pain, someone would come out and use the “magic spray” on them ant they would miraculously recover – FIFA Lazarus Style (TM) – and go on to play more.
    Only thing that matters is Japan.
    Rugby Union fans are ok with this. Pote Demon? Probably NOT.


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