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Match Report – Jaguares end tour on high against Reds


The Jaguares has put some distance on top of the South African conference after beating the Reds on Saturday 34-23.

It was a tough old match and they had to work hard for the win with the Reds having had opportunities to steal a victory in the final minutes before a last minute intercept from the visitors.

It was the Reds to put the first points on the board in the 13th min when Kerevi broke the line to send Feanuai-Sauntia over the whitewash.

The Jaguares as we have seen all season hot back immediately with a penalty from Joaquin Diaz Bonilla penalty.

Hegarty cancelled it out again with a penalty for the home side.

The Jaguares got their first try with a great piece of counter-attack with Santiago Carreras getting over for the try to make it 10-8 for the Reds.

The Jaguares followed that up with another try just before halftime with Ezcurra crossing the line which gave them 15-10 lead.

The Reds got a final penalty to make the score 15-13 at the break.

The Reds went back into the lead just after halftime with a penalty from Hegarty but the visitors responded with try from Montoya.

At this stage the Jaguares led 22-16 with 25 minutes still to go in the match.

Another try from the Jaguares by Kremer took the lead to 29-16 leaving the Reds to chase the game.

The Reds answer the call and scored through Hegarty to reduce the lead to 29-23.

The Reds was on the attack in the dying minutes of the match trying to steal the game but Carreras got an intercept to raced away and seal the win for the visitors.


Reds Reds  23  34 Jaguares Jaguares

Reds: Tries – Feauai-Sautia, Campbell, Conversions – Hegarty (2), Penalties – Hegarty (3)

Jaguares: Tries – Carreras (2), Ezcurra, Montoya, Kremer Conversions – Diaz Bonilla (3), Penalties – Diaz Bonilla

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  1. Argentina superrugby experiment known as the Jaguars took their sweet time but are now FINALLY gelling when it counts, just before the WC. Very cool to see how this will manifest at WC time. They could still show up there and fall apart but cool to see what happens.
    Also, don’t take Phil Kearns seriously in his comments about them needing to be banned due to unfairness etc. Why should’nt you? Because he certainly doesn’t. Kearns is an ENTERTAINER . He threw that bone out there to get there to get some howls from the crowd.
    Who knows maybe ARU asked him to? Lord knows people aren’t talking about Aus rugby prospects. When it comes to Rugby Union in Aus the topic is either the Izzy Folau drama or…….
    You get the picture.
    Now its should the Jags be banned from superrugby or not lollol.


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