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Should Kwagga Smith make Erasmus Springbok squad?

Photo by: Jorina Raath @speedshots.co.za

After a massive game over the weekend Lions Kwagga Smith would be the first name you write down for the Springboks if the Springboks were selected by the public or maybe more so the Lions supporters out there on social media.

Though it was a good idea to look at Kwagga who has been impressive all of this years Super Rugby.

He is ranked second in the competition for tackle turnovers which is one of the aspects of his game which showed a huge improvement this year.

Also one of his standout contributions have also been turnovers he has won which he is the third best in the whole competition after 16 rounds of Super Rugby.

The man has played 775 minutes so far and has given his all in every single second of those matches.

If you put him and say, Siya Kolisi next to each other they give you exactly the same except when it comes to turnovers. But then we must also not forget that Kolisi plays a different role than Smith for his franchise.

If you take Du Toit game against Smith you see that Du Toit takes much more carriers on attack. The two are even on their defence, with Du Toit slightly stronger in that department, but as with Siya, Smith is in a class of his own when it comes to turnovers.

Kwagga is a player that likes the game more loose and the worry with Kwagga has always been when the game gets tight like in test matches if he will fade away.

Competing with the likes of Springbok captain Kolisi and Du Toit also does not help as both being establish Springboks who has not really had a bad game over the last 12 months for the Springboks.

It may at the end just be a questions for Rassie on how many loose forwards he will take to the World Cup but we know that Erasmus will not change much on his squad from last 12 months, which may make some Lions fans a bit upset.

I do believe in todays game it is that players are picked more to fit the game plan of the coach and his desire to get combinations in his team.

This sometimes leaves quality players out of national teams just because they do not fit into one or both of those criteria.

I have a feeling Erasmus will use Kwagga Smith in the Rugby Championship but if he can crack the World Cup squad we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Kwagga is quality – why not as backup for Kolisi?

    There isn’t a real openside ‘fetcher’ in the squad – Dunno if Kwagga is one if you watch him play but sounds like he does based on the stats you give. He does need to step up more in tests but he’s been given limited opportunity.

  2. Agreed Cab. He’s been steadfast for Lions and is an X-Factor given his 7’s past & prowess.
    This view is nothing new. I stopped my Kwagga trumpeting when he was capped.
    But don’t think he’ll make the cut.
    Let’s face facts, he’s kind of ugly.
    Physical aesthetics plays a part in Springbok selection now (unliike any other team in the world) so chances are very slim


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