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SA Rugby U18 Craven Week – Griffons steal it at the end to beat Elephants

Photo: Herman Watney speedshhots.co.za

The Griffons had to fight back to steal the win away from the Elephants in game 3 of day 2, beating them 25-24.

The Griffons showed the early dominance playing all the rugby in the Elephants twenty two.

The pressure eventually was too much for the Elephants to handle as Jaime Heynes got over for the first try of the match.

This gave the Griffons a 5-0 lead after 8 minutes in the game. The Griffons added a penalty to take the lead to 8-0.

Photo by: Herman Watney speedshots.co.za

At this stage of the game the Elephants only tackled as they did not get their hands on the ball.

It was Smith that crossed the line for the Griffons next when they found space from a kick downfield from the Elephants.

This took their lead to 13-0.

The Elephants were able to put some phases together and used some vision on attack to get Malesu through the gab to score their first try of the match.

This reduced the lead to 13-7 after 24 minutes in the first half.

With a man in the bin for the Griffons the Elephants founded some more space and their attack looked much better.

Over eagerness cost the Elephants as they had some great opportunities to get more points on the board. The Elephants however kept the pressure on and stayed in the Griffons twenty two in the final minutes of the half.

The Griffons again received a yellow card after the referee had warned them for too many penalties in the red zone.

The second half saw the Elephants stretching their legs with the one man advantage when Hillary was put into the gab to score his try.

This gave the Elephants a 14-13 lead after 47 minutes.

Muller then found space after a turnover to extend the Elephants lead scoring in the corner.

The Elephants kept their pressure on the Griffons playing in their half of the field. This pressure resulted in Claassen getting over the line for another try.

The Griffons hot back with April getting over the line to get back into this contest.

The lead of the Elephants was now only 24-18

Photo: Herman Watney speedshhots.co.za

Morabe then just opened up the Elephants defence with power and speed which gave them the lead back at 25-24 with 5 minutes to go.

The Griffons got a penalty in the last minute which they took up the time and extend the final score to 28-24.


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