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SA Rugby U18 Craven Week – Province XV surprise with win against Golden Lions

Photo by: Herman Watney speedshots.co.za

Western Province XV surprised in the final game of day 2 when they beat the Golden Lions. The Lions would be disappointed in their effort as they did not take plenty of points offered to them.

Province was able to defend for long periods of time to keep the onslaught of the Lions out from their line.

Province only needed 40 seconds to score their first try of the match through Meadon.

This gave them a 7-0 early lead in the match which put scoreboard pressure on the Golden Lions.

Photo by: Herman Watney speedshots.co.za

Johnson went over the line with the referee going up to the TMO. TMO agreed with referee that the ball was held up which gave Province a five meter scrum.

Province put some more pressure on the Golden Lions and forced a penalty which they kicked over to take the lead to 10-0

Province was really dominating most aspect in the game early on, specially the small battles on the ground.

The Lions hit back after a turnover in their own half with Tlome getting over for their first try of the match.

The Lions slowly showed more with ball in hand and pushed Province back into their own half.

A Brilliant move from the Lions saw Van Wyk getting into space to score their second try and the lead in the match.

The Golden Lions started to win the battles on the ground as well which gave them plenty of ball to play with from turnover ball.

Province hit back with a power run from Tshumanga who got over for the try and the lead of 18-14.

Photo by: Herman Watney speedshots.co.za

The Golden Lions was on full attack mode in the final minute of the half but some great defence from Province stopped them from scoring.

Province went into the corner but referee referred it to the TMO. TMO showed that the foot clipped the line so the try was awarded.

The two teams just could not get continuity going and left the rucks for turnover after turnover.

The Lions threw so many points away deciding to kick to the line and not for points in that second half.

The Golden Lions put all the pressure on Province but with 5 minutes to go still had nothing to show for their work.

Province kept the composer on defence keeping Lions out.


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