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New Zealand edge Samoa!




By: Benedict Chanakira (BC)



Both sides scored one try with George Moala touching down for the All Blacks on debut, while Dan Carter kicked the conversion and six penalties. This was proper Test rugby and the depleted Al Black side, still managed to get the business done.

All Blacks_1

It is the lowest score by New Zealand in a test against Samoa, while the nine points is their smallest margin. It was a typical first-up performance by the All Blacks, who struggled in the conditions and against a determined home side. On wondes if they will improve on adapting to conditions.

The New Zealanders were inaccurate in a number of areas, especially with ball handling.
Carter’s successful goal kicking allowed the All Blacks to build scoreboard pressure in a tight first half before he produced a pinpoint cross kick for winger George Moala to score a try on debut to open a 19-3 lead after half-time.

Contrary to belief the first-five was exceptional at 10 for the Crusaders in the last few Super Rugby games and he managed to dictate the game against Samoa. If he could replicate the accurate goal kicking up North, New Zealand could very well defend their World Cup.

Samoa flyhalf Tusi Pisi slotted nine points for the home side, who put the All Blacks under pressure in the second half to get back to 22-16 after Alafoti Fa’osiliva’s try following two storming runs up the middle of the park. The All Blacks appear to have got through the game without any injury concerns.

All four debutants got time for the All Blacks, wing George Moala started, while prop Nepo Laulala, halfback Brad Weber and centre Charlie Ngatai came off the bench.

It is the first time the All Blacks have played a test in Samoa. This was the sides’ sixth meeting. Springbok fans will need to shiver just a little as this highlights how tough the Samoans are. There will be no time to use a weaker 23 against them as they could very well beat them.

The performance of Israel Dagg means he could very well be a tackle bag holder or replacement. It seems the fullback has his best days behind him.

8104 fans where in the stadium to watch history take place.

New Zealand won 25-16.


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  1. If Samoa were not the worst tactical kicking side in the the top 10 they could have come even closer.

    Looked more like an exhibition match than a test, some massive hits… but the AB’s were not really threatened with Samoans trying to run everything from their 22…

  2. IN 2014, NZ played a money-spinner sold out game v the USA in Chicago and critics pointed out the brazen chase of $’s by the NZRFU was poor when NZ has never played its Pacific Island neighbour on their turf. At last they corrected this today, Yes it was a weakened AB side without any Hurricane and Highlanders players playing in 30C tropical conditions, the crowd was small and the rugby was average by test standards but they repaid the country that is as close by plane as Australia is and which has provided some 50 All Blacks.

    Well done Samoa, the score says NZ won by 9 but you’ve won the hearts of those who watched the welcome you laid on and the never-say-die tackling that knocked the AB’s off their normal structured game. You have also given NZ a wake-up call showing a lack of depth at scrumhalf. Without Aaaron Smith and Perenara. the AB’s resorted to the Chief’s diminutive Weber once Ellis went off and he was blown away at the breakdown and slipped off the tackle leading to Samoa’s try and then kicked possession away when down in the Samoa 22. He is not the answer and opponents will take note.

  3. @out wide:

    “You have also given NZ a wake-up call showing a lack of depth at scrumhalf.”


    Andy Ellis and Brad Weber were not even in the training squad.

    The first choice half-backs are Smith, Perenara and Kerr-Barlow in that order…

    If Samoa can improve their tactical kicking game, and not try run everything from their 22 in NZ conditions… and the Boks are ‘still’ playing their poor break-down game… they will push them in the pool games.

  4. Love the way the usual gang whinge and whine about HM using Victor Matfield and Jaque Fourie and Fourie Du Preez but then have verbal orgasms when NZ uses even 2003 and 2007 veterans like Read, Ellis, Carter, Woodcock and McCaw.

    But oh no…

    When NZ does it then it is quite okay.

    But now they will sweepingly claim those players have “class”… like I do… I have class in archaeology and geography…

  5. Yes but David, that is not the same, because they are NZ and …. ag let me just leave it at that as I don’t believe a word of it.

  6. @DavidS:

    To be fair David, Jaque Fourie has gone home because he is fat and unfit. Du Preez has not played rugby at any level resembling test rugby since who knows when due to injury.

    So not the two greatest examples to bring across your point?

  7. @Craven:

    No they do fine. Conrad Smith and Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are also coming off long term lay offs, injuries and even a sabbatical from rugby.

    The only reason you would raise that is because you sit in the other camp and nitpick…

    Didn’t work did it.

  8. @bryce_in_oz: Yes, we know that and Kerr Barlow has been injured. The point is that #1 and #2 were excluded and without the Hurricane and Highlander contingent, the halfback and hooker department is by comparison to other positions rather bare.

  9. @DavidS: Wouldn’t resort to the sexual innuendos you love to use but yes, Carter, Read and McCaw did all have a good game -all above 6 in the player ratings for the game. If Matfield, Fourie and du Preez can last a test match of similar intensity and come out with similar ratings I am sure no one will mind HM putting them in the side.

  10. Whats with all these double last names?
    Kerr-Barlow, Small-Smith etc.
    Pick one already

  11. @out wide:

    Kerr-Barlow isn’t injured mate he is starting for the Maori this weekend… another example showing the benefits of 3 international sides…

    @out wide:

    Well Matfield is going to have to play at least 78 minutes this weekend with Mahoje covering lock.


    Gibson-Park another one this weekend…

    It’s the equality thang in the new millennium… many (including some mates) are taking both parents surname. Okay with shorter English surname like above… becomes a bit harder with Islander or Afrikaans surnames…

    Try saying Ratuniyarawa-Talemaitoga or Breytenbach-Van Vollenhoven quickly…

  12. I can just im,agine the outrage in SA if the stupid Heyneke sent a second string side to face Samoa and just sneak a win.

    Matfield was still close to the top in tackles made, played mostly full games etc, so I don’t think he is that bad in form stakes, but then again….

  13. @DavidS:

    Again you fail to bring your point across because your examples does not add up.

    Both McCaw and Carter actually did play games in Superugby and their first run-outs for the year will not be in a test, or heaven forbid at the World Cup.

    Why do you persist with bringing up examples that are not the same at all?

    Seriously, up your game man, you use to argue with facts, now I keep getting emotional outbursts littered with inaccuracies from you, what’s up?

  14. @bryce_in_oz:

    Bryce this two last name thing you describe is ridiculous.
    I don’t think its an equality thing.
    I think its a pretension thing & it also comes off to me like a Benny Hill skit.

    If you have 2 last names I wanna know what’s up – it just seems like the polite & curious thing. I hope BC instills this in his interview series.

  15. @Americano:

    I have two mates… Penny-Galloway and Kofkin-Hanson that have done it exactly because of ‘equality’…

    Needless to say I take the piss out of them every chance I get…

  16. But this brings up another dilemma….
    Which name goes first?
    I notice they are not alphabetical. So I assume that the better/cooler person that took their name hybrid goes into the first spot – the pole position if you will – of this mess?

    What about the second name? What did that person fail at to make for their name being taken as the caboose?

    These are all questions I would pour into mightily if I met someone like this – I actually have once before. He took on his step dad’s name as the caboose. I get that – certainly seems more sensical than the stuff you reference – I can only imagine the reasons for that lol but I will tell you this….

    Were I the guy’s real dad & he hypenated me in with his step-pop……ke=id would get a big fat zero in inheritance. For damn sure.

    This should serve as a warning to all – your name should just be that & it oughta flow. If you are going to go out of your way to confuse someone from the get-go with your name…..
    Just think of how much of a pain in the ass you’re going to be on othe things that come up in life !!!!

  17. @Americano:

    Hahaha… it’s the new lefty world… it must fall under which combo sounds the coolest… as neither of the above are males first nor in alphabetical order…

  18. I’m not being judgy as much as I’m seeking understanding.

    I want these individuals to have their answers ready because many will have questions. At least curious sorts – & it is a huge opportunity for them if they are thought out.

    I have issues trusting someone with two first names as their first & last ( ok I am being a bit cheeky with that one) but the hyphenated last name….exponential difference!

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