By: SA Rugby
By: SA Rugby

Argentina have reasons to be positive

The brilliance that was the Pumas must be acknowledged. Their development side managed to dazzle in the Vodacom Cup a few years ago and some of those performers excelled a few years later. They made history for their country and beat the mighty Springboks.

Their attitude was massive and they managed to beat a side that pushed Australia and New Zealand to the death of games. A simple attitude change can make a huge difference. They showed hunger. Juan Imhoff was playing Vodacom rugby in 2011 and was joint top try scorer with a certain JJ Engelbrecht.

Fast track four years and you have the same player looking set to be a regular in his Pumas team while JJ is an outcast in his country. a player that has had a peripheral role in South African rugby. This highlights the development the Argentinians have been doing and will continue to. It has been coming; this win over South Africa.

A draw in Mendoza a few years ago, scrapping home last year. They have finally managed to go the extra mile. Argentina continue to move forward and despite 11 changes will be happy to say this- They had that first win in the Championship, they manage to get not just a five-pointer against the Springboks but managed to not finish bottom.

They will take lots of confidence to playing at home next week but what they have at the moment is this- a solid scrum (illegal scrumming? The poor prop played to the referee’s whistle just like a certain Pocock did 4 years ago) and a reliable goal kicker something the All Blacks and possibly South Africa are lacking. Kudos to the Pumas for recovering from All Black and Australian hammerings.


Go back to the tried and tested then… and Meyer? Meyer must stick to the plan

Well the truth is the Springboks will always be backing the players in the system and we cannot afford to lose to the Pumas next week. I will not say impossible, but it’s unacceptable.

Meyer will need to fast track Willem Alberts, Fourie du Preez and then hope and pray that Duane Vermeulen returns with some form on the opening day of the World Cup. These man on their day would have offered you with some go forward ball on Saturday but also some much needed composure.

What I will say is Faf de Klerk could have been the best option this weekend considering the number 9 offers a spark and pizzazz when with the ball. Look at the games played yesterday. How important where the scrumhalf’s?

Aaron Smith was brilliant but also costly with that yellow card of his; the Springbok number 9’s both let themselves and the side down, Australia’s Nic Phibbs had a shocker but his replacement rescued him with Nic White showing how important a live wire number 9 can be and Argentina? Tomas Cubelli, their nine was really good and played a key part in realising Juan in many occasions.

Sorting the half back issue will be important and the trip to Argentina will remind us were exactly we stand.

Whether we will crash and burn or the Springboks will get a miraculous recovery and mount a World Cup challenge Meyer must not deviate from his plan. Its too late to change everything from game plan to even calling the likes of Jaco Kriel.

I think we need to offer the rest of the squad an opportunity. Meyer has very little option really, unless he picks the same XV to pick themselves up? He will get a hammering from fans whether he does that or anything else. From my understanding it was always part of his plan to use everyone in the friendly game. So will he deviate thanks to this snag?

I hope not. Meyer must show character and back his guns. What type of coach is he? Last I checked he was a successful Bulls-style of rugby coach and this must mean he must get the players that suit this rugby. Go back to basics and do a few selection shake ups.

Bring in a hungry bunch of players to turn the heat up. Pat Lambie, Morne Steyn, Zane Kirchner, Lwazi Mvovo, Warren Whiteley to mention a few. Let them go out there and redeem this mess they dished up this weekend.

The absence of Jean de Villiers, Marcel Coetzee and Willie le Roux is the perfect opportunity; with just Marcel in form it could be of advantage to the Boks. The only concern is playing someone out of position.

Captain is up for grabs once again with Jean de Villiers set to be out for four to six weeks. So will Schalk who showed some short comings as skipper continue or will they throw the armband toward Fourie du Preez?

One game to get some confidence going or even get better combinations in order. Heyneke Meyer will need to prove his mastery in the next few weeks.



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  1. I can’t believe Heyneke still thinks he is on the right track. In his comments after the game, he seems to have reverted to the “it does not matter if we loose games, as long as we do well at the world cup” mindset which is a lot of nonsense.

    Does Heyneke even know who would be in his first choice team? If he is really holding out for saviours to come back and believes all will be right, I am a bit worried to be honest.

  2. @Craven: I reckon he believes Craven. I hope he tries a few other options . Credit to Argentina but we need to have Lambie, Zane, Morne given a shot!!

  3. @BC:
    Not the Argies first win – they also beat the Ozmob earlier..

    Zane Kirchner? Are you out of your mind?

    I won’t have Alberts in my team if I could. Also don’t want to
    see MSteyn undo all the good backline work.
    I would also drop Habana if I had a better replacement. He’s a
    shadow of what he used to be in his prime.
    Beast as well.

  4. @Boertjie: this year hey; their first this year. What needs to be done is the getting of solid players that will do a job. Steyn and Zane do job IMO. Players that will execute the Meyer Game plan well. Plus these two are at home in the NH conditions.

    The other incumbents have been dire

  5. If this is a must-win game….It requires a ringer.
    Frank Steyn.

    If you go with Zane Kirchner you gotta go with Morne Steyn because you’re playing to make less mistakes & hopefully outlast the opponent on PKs.

    Works unless you are down by 7+.
    Then its “Goodnight Nurse”.

  6. & BC let’s face reality
    ( & also put a shot across the bow of other would-be BC interviewees)

    The odds are VERY HIGH no way Zane would have been name-dropped had he not given such a good BC interview.

    Membership has its benefits!

  7. @Americano: hahaha! Frank will not be available any time soon. He will need time to be with his family after a tragic loss. As for the Bokke? They need assured players that will do the job. Zane? Tell me when he made a costly string of mistakes for the Boks at 11/14/15/13 ? He is not flashy or “special” but he is reliable and efficient. We need to recover and NOT lose a second Test in a row.

  8. He hasn’t BC.
    Zane is a shut down 15. Only guy I think is more shutdown in his prime was Henny “Penny” Daniller.

    I like Zane & think he has taken a lot of unwarranted vitriol by passionate fans but Zane ain’t gonna unlock Argie defenses.

    If your gameplan is one of attrition ala WW1 battle of the Somme – Zane is your dude for sure.

  9. @Americano: Well he has played against them and never lost. He has the ability to be basic Americano and is safe hands. That is what we need this week. Safe display to try get some confidence back!!

  10. Hello BC
    I have thought it over more and have come to the conclusion you are correct.
    I actually can’t think of another suitable 15 for now so best to Zane & he better hurry before HM considers Percy Montgomery!

  11. @Americano: This game could be even more so important than any other game the Boks have played in recent years. A loss I believe could break all morale and belief in this team. We had a piece on mental aspect of the game a few weeks ago. This is when we see how much character these Boks of ours have!!

  12. @BC:

    Not to mention his almighty boot… cannot remember the last time the current Boks cleared the ball out from their 22 to contest a LO rather than a powder puff chip back onto the most lethal of opposition’s counter-attackers…


    Be very difficult to choose this week’s backline considering form and injury and fringe players that have had zero game-time… not to mention injured TH’s, loose-trio balance/injuries and the entire bench…

    As an aside with almost zero tall powerful loosies left… the form South African power-house this entire season… one that has been getting standing ovations after every game for his powerful carrying, tackling and menacing clean-outs… not to mention being capped… is not even involved anywhere… namely Jacques Potgieter…

  13. @bryce_in_oz: Exactlyy Bryce. We need that little bit of assurance. We need to be prepared for a hostile environment against a team that pumped us at HOME. the boot will be key in getting us to safe ground. I still wonder why Potgieter is missing from the Bok set up. I still believe it is for his comments lauding how he was transformed from just being a wrecking ball but a wrecking ball with brains and one that makes several PASSES by the aussies after the Bulls had snubbed him!!

  14. @BC: BC will you please post a link to that – mental piece a few weeks ago – here in this thread ? Thank you !

    And noooo I’m not lazy – just huge mission to browse RW site – at this time !

  15. We made some useless decisions at crucial times of the game and our tackling was poor when it counted. The ref was useless but we should be able to to adopt surely to useless referees and teams playing offside 99% of the time….

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