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Ackermann in talks with Gloucester


Gloucester have moved to replacing Laurie Fisher by approaching Lions boss Johan Ackermann, the South African admitted this week.

Ackermann is highly regarded both in South Africa and beyond after guiding the Lions to Currie Cup titles and the Super Rugby final in 2016.

The former Springbok discussed the approach from Gloucester ahead of his side’s meeting with the Reds at Ellis Park.

“I have been offered an opportunity to go there and I am in the process of examining all the pros and the cons,” Ackermann said.

“I will make a decision sooner than later because I don’t want the team to be distracted. We have a tournament to perform in, but I will obviously make the call when the time is right.”

Asked whether he had set a deadline to make a decision on Gloucester’s offer, Ackermann revealed one was not in place.

“I don’t want the players to be in two minds and worry about my future. I want them to focus. For now, we have got a Reds game to win,” he added.

“If you put a timeframe to it, then the players will start guessing – Is it this week, is it next week?

“At this stage I can only say there is an offer on the table and it is something I am looking at.”

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  1. This guy should be coaching the Boks.

    If I was SARU, I’d be v worryied about this move. I dunno if it’s Ackerman or sway or both who are the brains, but they the only coaching staff in SA that are worldclass.

    Rather than losing this coach, The entire lions coaching staff should be coaching the Boks. I think saru need to move fast here. Coetzee is totally useless and saru going to be in with a massive problem when they realise that in 3m time.

  2. Also dunno if this is a good move for Ackerman. I think he could do great things at the lions (like win the super15) and Boks. The money might be good, but not sure Gloucester will suit him. The guy is potential the hottest coach out of SA in a long time.

  3. Ackermann’s approach to life and coaching, should make him successful anywhere as a coach. It would be a pity though, as he is Bok “A” team coach. SARU must do everything in their power to keep him.

    Can’t say I blame him if he leaves though. Take his family with him. Quality of life will be much better.

  4. Things change mighty quickly. A string of bad results for Gloucester where you not the messiah and all of a sudden you looking to pull all sorts to get out of a contract. He has a v promising career in SA and for the Boks. Needs to think carefully here.

  5. @Aldo:

    Exactly, quality of life for his family will be better and working in a setup where playing successful rugby will be the only criteria for performance, makes this kind of a no-brainer.

  6. Tell me when Heineken came back from Leicester and goosen came back from the french tronk what happened to their quality of life – Ackerman entering a totally different gdam ecocosm.

  7. @cab:

    You are kidding… straight from the beginning to end… HM was castigated from pillar to post from every angle for everything from ‘transformation’ (despite selecting more POC’s than his predecessor) to his win-ratio (despite being second only to Nick Mallet) to his RWC performance (despite being better than his predecessor) to his angst in the coaches box (which is telling in itself). And that’s before we even bring up the socio-economic problems of daily life in RSA.

  8. Bryce – I’m talking about HM cutting Leicester contract short. Once you sign up its not so easy to just decide you don’t like the decision you made. You’re committed. Of all the coaches, HM was given an easy time by sa public versus the rest.

    Aldo – I’d be happy to. Doesn’t phase me either way. But my training in Europe, they won’t allow me to flip burgers in sa. What I’m saying is the grass is always greener (but seldom so in practice) and a guy like Ackerman is in a fantastic position in SA. once he leaves sa I don’t think he’ll be made Bok coach, whereas at the moment he is the obvious successor over next year or so. But totally up to him what he wants to do. just don’t moan when you get what you want.

  9. Contracts are something the Poms take real seriously. I think at this point Cab is right, stay in SA for now. At least until Comical Ali is fired and Ackermann can get a look in.

  10. @cab:

    He ‘cut his time short’ as his wife contracted breast cancer. Only White had a harder time than HM and that was in his final year.

    Ackerman would be at the least be doubling his wages in a far more professional league and without the constraints of race based targets… it’s virtually a no-brainer.

    And who says he wants to coach the Boks? Nobody else in the rest of the world of substance wants near the current Titanic…

  11. @asteroth: I can’t recall Ackerman breaking any contract, so don’t think that would be a problem.

    Other than wanting to keep him at the Lions, why would it be a better choice?

  12. Yip, best time to go is NOW. With the Lions he will struggle to better last year – and 2017 will not see a change to Bok coach anyway (neither would 2018 and first half of 2019…). So if he performs well in new environment, and get some decent development as an international coach, 2019 will be perfect for him to take over the Bok job. He must just make sure that his contract has a clause that he can exit if appointed Bok coach – and enjoy Pounds for 2 years!

  13. Sounds like a v sensible dude and he’s family is happy in SA. Look I think he’ll learn a lot. It’s really up to him, but I’m not sure he’s quality of life will be nearly as good.

  14. Brycie
    Cab’s sister is a liberal airhead who lives in Killarney and pretends South Africa is a “melting pot of diversity” and all successful like and everything 100% hunky dory and beautiful and “the weather” makes it the best place on earth to raise kids.

    he has no idea how in the suburbs school kids get robbed by knife wielding maniacs, how school bicycles get jacked, how school stabbings are a thing, how race numbers at school level are simply made to fit because that is the instruction from government regardless of any talent whatsoever, how every day you leave home could be your last, how today there were two attempted hijackings in my neighbourhood and on Saturday our local Spar had an armed robbery and two weeks ago it was our local burger joint but it is such small news nobody even reports on it in anything but the town’s local paper.

    Because cab is a fucking moron who sits in Paris and tries to preach about how good life is in South Africa based on his school life in Benoni in the 1990s…

  15. Sister twice the man you are. If you knew what’s just happened to her you’d huil like a baba. Fool got no clue.

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