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All Blacks best in the World for 8 years and counting


If you where living in space the last 8 years or been in a coma then it will be news to you that New Zealand All Blacks have been the number side in the world for eight straight years now witha ranking of 93.99.

The closest ranked team after them is the English with 90.87. More than 10 ranking points seems to be a fair reflection on the gab between the All Blacks and the other

They moved into the number 1 spot in 2009 taking it from the Springboks

Over the past eight years as the number one team in the world they have taken two World Cup titles and from the 109 test they played they only lost nine and draw three. The brag with a avarange points difference of +2111 and average 4.4 tries a game.

The All Blacks have clearly been the best side in the world for almost 10 years now and still counting.

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  1. @bryce_in_oz:

    You make it sound like the ABs avoided England on purpose. They actually tried to fit in a game against England on this tour but was denied. They then had to play the Barbarians.

  2. Farken boring – but it is not their fault. Still by far the best players (individually or as a team), no matter how many replacements they drag in. Sometimes I think they lose on purpose (apart from making a bit of money on sidebets, they just want to introduce some challenge themselves).

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